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  1. I’m there Thursday night to Sunday. I was there for a week after Christmas. A couple of the days it was like 60 degrees. I did see some grappel one night lol. So I’m hoping for 6-12 out of this storm and I’ll be sound as a poynd
  2. Looks like a good weekend to be in Canaan. Which just happens to be my plan. Wouldn’t mind a WSW event to materialize while I’m there! Sure beats praying for a miracle to see a sloppy inch in Montclair lol
  3. 32 in Montclair. Impressive CAD even if we flipped to ZR and plain rain early this afternoon.
  4. Weenie rule #368. Radar returns in SW VA are a good sign.
  5. 31/13. Bring on my .25 inches of precipitation and may it all be frozen!
  6. Now if we can just get that same look for 4-6 consecutive hours tomorrow morning we will be in business lol!
  7. Maybe they like reading our storm threads and figure if they post an advisory it will improve morale in the thread.
  8. Sitting at 37/12 in Montclair. If we aren’t getting to 40 i doubt anyone els in the DMV is outside of DCA (probably around 70 there lol)
  9. Considering I’m not expecting much frozen, if any, the models today at least keep me interested up until now cast time. That 1048 High and CAD are going to keep it colder than the models are predicting IMO. If we score any action down here, the N and W crew could do real well.
  10. Do better. Make it snow! Just kidding. The write up was excellent as always. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your analysis. I always look forward to reading your posts. Hopefully in the next couple weeks the we can get some write ups about why we all need to stock up on milk and toilet paper lol!
  11. With 96 hours to go that map at least keeps us in the game. Obviously it could trend into a Quebec special, but a couple hundred miles south over 4 days amongst friends is doable.
  12. If the Canadian is warm it might be safe to say we are screwed to use a non-technical term
  13. GFS knows. I’m riding the GFS until the Euro beats it into submission
  14. What feature do we need to work in our favor to soften the ridge in the Midwest and flatten the track of the low pressure? Asking for a friend.
  15. As noted on the long range thread the Euro does tend to over amp storms at times. It will be interesting to see if the EPS plays follow the leader. Lock in the cold air depicted and weaken the low pressure just a bit and 2-6 inch snow/sleet to dry slot/drizzle is still in play.