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  1. Can’t see the line, can you Russ
  2. Sleet in Montclair. Maybe bodes well for the northern crew. Maybe last frozen. Of the season down this way.
  3. Freezing drizzle in Montclair at 29 degrees and the sun setting. Going to be a skating rink
  4. I believe ripping, puking, pounding would all apply at the moment. Hold strong column!
  5. How much did temp drop Down to 28.5. Maybe about a degree and half since onset. SN bordering on SN+
  6. I didn’t want to miss the heavies for fear we mix before i wake up lol. Heavies commencing in Montclair and its glorious. Also cold!
  7. quick quick dusting in Montclair. Awaiting the better returns to the Southwest
  8. And hopefully some snow too
  9. WAA Snow waits for no man...or model
  10. Reading comprehension meets Snowgolfbro lol
  11. Assuming you are at 34.8 in lake ridge? 35 in Montclair
  12. As long as we can avoid cloud cover until 7 or 8pm I think most of us will dive back into the 20s pretty quick. Obviously the favored areas may already be there but more referencing the fall liners. The dry airmass is stout.
  13. The teachers will have Ji’s head if this verifies
  14. We are like 12 hours from first flakes lol. But don’t worry 18z will be different. Hoping for a last minute positive trend! Reverse bust!
  15. I think this is the model’s attempt to factor in banding. So that signifies a heavy band through PWC at hour 30 that is just puking snow which cools the climb just enough!