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  1. Storm just east of Culpeper looks interesting
  2. Me neither. If that energy out of WV doesn’t start honking soon i think we can put the threat to bed for south of DC folks.
  3. For what it’s worth. We have had tons of sunshine and heating south of DC. You can almost cut the air with a knife.
  4. Just had Giorgios a few nights ago. They do it right there.
  5. The training effect may get you there. I’m like 20 miles from you and we are at 0.0. But it looks like it’s coming this way
  6. No rain yet in Montclair. But the lightning show is worth the price of admission
  7. I kind of blame fear mongering on the cone itself. Once the system is no longer classified as at least a tropical storm it seems the cone is unnecessary. Otherwise, why not have a cone for every low pressure system. That would get confusing lol.
  8. The next wave looks a little more robust on radar. A nice soaking so far here in Montclair
  9. Those may verify next week, but that image was a 10 day forecast starting around May 11 if I’m not mistaken.
  10. Another hour of sunshine and we might hit 70+
  11. I’m guilty too. Sun recently popped out here, but not sure it ever got above 60 today. It was a beautiful late winter day lol
  12. Totally agree. If we get a prolonged period of sun in the back half of May it’s hard to imagine not hitting the 70s.
  13. Sorry it was meant to be sarcastic. I am sick of the May disaster as well. Looking forward to some warm days. And who knows maybe the Models are out to lunch and the boundary sets up farther north.