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  1. I’d say we are busting the drought today. Would be nice if we can wrangle our way into another rainer early next week too.
  2. Sunny outside. Seems ripe for a giant rain storm. Check the gulf of Alaska for hints. (Ode to Chuck)
  3. Seems very cool. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Heavy frozen in Arlington
  5. Explaining to people the difference between government restricting speech and a private weather board restricting speech should be easy lol
  6. Lol but if we aren’t going to get 70s and sunshine then I’m rooting for the JB3 GFS to score a coup!
  7. Legitimate snow falling in Arlington. Not sticking but already better than last week lol
  8. My light snow grains in Arlington are working are to reach the ground before melting. But i saw flakes so I’m taking this as a win
  9. Yep and your point about the national outcry over the Foster signing vs the Hunt signing with the Browns is spot on. I mean Foster was accused by a verifiably crazy woman and Hunt was on video actually assaulting a woman. Tells me it was more of media hit on the skins then anyone actually caring about violence against women. 12-4 season coming up this year baby!
  10. Honestly i got sick of listening to local radio talking heads about what a mess the skins were this year. We had two quarterbacks break their legs in freak injuries. I loved the Reuben Foster pickup and wished we had gotten our hands on Kareem Hunt. All these high and mighty people acting like they are irredeemable. I wouldn’t want those two dating my sister but I’d like them to play on my football team lol
  11. I am not a casual Redskins fan. I hope this works for us. I predict 12-4 at the start of every year. I’d like to see Colt have a chance to earn the job in camp and draft a young guy. At the end of the day i think the competition with Keenum gives us two viable QBs while we build toward the future
  12. This storm is kind of like trading for Case Keenum. If no one shows up at thestadium to see the dumpster fire did it really happen?
  13. Reminds of the old joke about what happens when two engineers collide on a weather forum for snow weenies lol
  14. One more storm in mid March then i would like a dry warm stretch of about 6-8 months please
  15. Have you ever seen those two in the same place at the same time???