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  1. Those may verify next week, but that image was a 10 day forecast starting around May 11 if I’m not mistaken.
  2. Another hour of sunshine and we might hit 70+
  3. I’m guilty too. Sun recently popped out here, but not sure it ever got above 60 today. It was a beautiful late winter day lol
  4. Totally agree. If we get a prolonged period of sun in the back half of May it’s hard to imagine not hitting the 70s.
  5. Sorry it was meant to be sarcastic. I am sick of the May disaster as well. Looking forward to some warm days. And who knows maybe the Models are out to lunch and the boundary sets up farther north.
  6. Before jumping off the ledge go enjoy the next 4 days of nice weather. Go on a bender from Sunday to Wednesday and by that time it will be warm again. Cheers!
  7. Today may be the the perfect weather day. Light breeze. Temps heading toward 70 under brilliant sunshine. Of course i consider a HECS a perfect weather day too lol.
  8. Frost advisory tonight and might tickle 90 on Friday. I am really appreciating the cool breezy weather because this may be the last truly “cool” air for about 4 months
  9. I say bring it on! Hard to believe next weekend is Memorial Day
  10. Common refrain from daughter is “that looks like fun to do when the virus is over”. Breaks my heart every time
  11. We will definitely set up play dates and do sports. But it’s just a matter of what the landscape looks like. We had a play date with a good friend who is militant about the social distancing. It was miserable for my kids. She was yelling every 5 seconds not to get close and it was not healthy for the kids at all. If school is going to be like that i can’t see putting them through that.
  12. Our kids are starting kindergarten in the fall. Unless they are allowed to go to school with no restrictions we are going to home school. Not putting them through wearing masks and not being able have recess and social interaction etc. That’s literally the entire point of kindergarten.
  13. Best winter scene of the year for me in person. When i was up here during “winter” it was 60 degrees lol
  14. The Jeb drive up to Canaan tonight was excellent. But I’m more looking forward to playing Canaan Valley resort on opening day Next weekend.
  15. Driving up to Canaan tonight for the weekend. Usually i go this time of the year for some mountain golf. But a May snow chase is nice too!
  16. Seems a bit premature to cancel a summer outdoor league. It may be the right call. But it seems like that call could have been made closer to the end of the month depending on what the Covid landscape looks like. Sorry to hear about the kids disappointment. That sucks.
  17. I think that describes this past winter in a nutshell. Still shaping up to be one of the top 5 events of the year even if it’s just cold rain lol
  18. Some things never change lol
  19. I think they will be playing games on schedule. It may be without fans at first, but by late summer I’m sure the league can get testing in place to ensure the safety of the players.
  20. Probably a speakeasy or two opening up around the country.
  21. You have extremely poor reading comprehension. I mean really bad for such a prick on the subject. Please read my post again and identify the “lie”. I posted an opinion. And social distancing is not equal to shut downs and stay home orders.
  22. We deal with it. Like we deal with all other viruses. We wash our hands, we search for therapeutics, cures and vaccines. We make decisions personally about our safety. If you determine that leaving your home for anything but necessities is what is best for you and your family more power to you. If you own a restaurant and want to open to customers more power to you. Flattening the curve was a noble experiment that had never been tried before. But at some point people have to be free again. And i believe the time is now.
  23. I’ve seen the economic devastation and the emotional devastation of the virus and weighed that against the cases and deaths and heartache caused to those affected by the virus. I believe the unprecedented whole society quarantine was the wrong approach. Nursing homes and the elderly at high risk should be advised to self quarantine indefinitely. Most hospitals are losing money and reducing staff hours or laying off staff. The main concern in Mid March was that the hospital system would be overwhelmed. If there are are any counties/cities with overwhelmed health systems that should be taken into account in their reopening decision. I also believe the virus will spread much slower during the summer months and follow a more traditional cold/flu season pattern. Your questions are reasonable and i appreciate a good, friendly discussion.
  24. And your an authoritarian fear monger who is rude and obnoxious. But I’m still glad you are free to be the way you are.
  25. I think all outdoor activities should be allowed. I’d start there. Playgrounds, outdoor dining, pools, golf courses, outdoor sports (like basketball, soccer, etc). I would do that tomorrow in VA. Then I’d phase in retail stores over the next week or two. Then by Menorial Day i would recommend opening sit down restaurants and bars.