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  1. Low of 62 this morning. 66/65 currently. Heading out for a hike soon then stopping by Stumptown brewery in Davis. And we’re going out to the Garrett County Rodeo at the fairgrounds tonight…yeehaw!
  2. Happy 4th of July weekend all! Excited to head to @jonjon’s brewery tomorrow afternoon to finally check it out.
  3. Had dinner and drinks along the water in Old Town Alexandria. 10/10 weather and a great sunset to boot!
  4. Is that almost fixed? There was zero construction activity on Sunday coming back from Deep Creek…seems like they should have crews rotating seven days a week to get that fixed.
  5. Such a great game 5 going on for the Stanley Cup final. Hockey is by far the most underrated sport.
  6. It was remarkable looking to the nw and seeing blue flashes light up the sky as transformer after transformer blew as the line was pushing through.
  7. Absolutely pouring with T&L. And a long train of storms behind it. Definitely think the flood prone parts of Alexandria will Be flooding.
  8. Amazing evening to sit on the patio, grill, and enjoy some cocktails. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!
  9. Got down to 42 at deep creek. 54 in NJ.
  10. Up in NJ visiting family. It’s 61 degrees here in central NJ. So much for the pool party.
  11. Sigh, yep. Would have been great with us. So happy he scored that game winner. I forgot he’s only 24!
  12. That was a great game 1 of the Stanley Cup last night
  13. This weather sucks.
  14. Got some blue skies poking out. Come on sun!
  15. 0.3” yesterday/overnight. Over 0.6” the last 48 hours.
  16. 0.37” for the day yesterday.
  17. Off and on rain since this afternoon. Another downpour right now. Wasn’t expecting this much rain.
  18. re: Bark Scale, it must be spreading around this area unfortunately. Noticed five crepe myrtles over the weekend in the area with it.
  19. Wow, over 7” for stations around me on that. I hadn’t realized it was that wet in May.
  20. A+ day today. Sunny/78 for the high. Went hiking, lunch lakeside, and hung out at Honi Honi to listen to the band with some beers. 65 currently. Hanging out on the deck right now with a glass of wine. Thinking of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, God bless the USA.
  21. Low of 52, currently 53 and sunny. Beautiful day ahead!
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