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  1. Wisp reporting 16”. Light snow still falling but it won’t accumulate much here.
  2. Definitely a big step towards a Euro like solution.
  3. Even if the ICON showed a flush hit, I’d still ignore it. Same with the NAM (which sht the bed for this weekend’s event).
  4. These wild card games have sucked for the most part. Hopefully divisional round is more exciting.
  5. Glad you chased for this one! Definitely a memorable storm.
  6. Earlier today - like how you can see the wind swirling the snow off the roof.
  7. I’ll be honest in that tonight is the first I’ve looked at this but thats another solid jump from 12z scrolling back.
  8. I’m waiting for warm nose to chime in before getting invested
  9. @DDweatherman and @Fozz need to chase to Garrett County for every storm…y’all brought the mojo I guess and helped us boom even more than I thought we’d get here.
  10. Yeah, actually had an hour or two where snow stopped and sun broke through the clouds late this afternoon. Winds picked back up the last two hours and back to SN/SN-. Such an awesome storm.
  11. I’ll have to trust yours and mdhokie since its impossible to get reliable measurements with the wind. I have 12” on the driveway but that’s after compaction and with the wind blowing it off to drifts on the side so that sounds about right. Yeah its literally another world here. Friends visiting still are in awe when they cross the border into the county on 68 and conditions immediately change.
  12. Pure CO powder out there. If conditions are like this here with near blizzard conditions, I gotta imagine Jon Jon and Chris21 are getting hammered at Canaan with the higher elevation that cranks out the upslope even more. Such an awesome storm for the mountains. Fozz is getting treated to ideal ski conditions right now — we decided to just chill at the house by the fire lol. A few pictures from outside shoveling a bit ago:
  13. Curious how it is too - we’re on the fence about skiing today with these insane conditions.
  14. Winds howling into the 40s (had an earlier gust to 54). Midnight high of 26 before winds switched out of the NW. Currently 20 after a morning low of 18. Upslope kicking in - hopefully another 3-6” today/tonight which would push totals into the 14-16”+ range. I love the layering of the snow up against the slider. Heading out later for a walk and will take some pictures.
  15. I’ve got pixie dust snow and what sounds like iced flakes/sleet against the window. We will switch back, don’t worry. Upslope tomorrow should crank.
  16. We’ve had the house for five years and this is a top three storm for sure so far. The rates, wind, and cold are unreal. Flake size has decreased down to SN- right now.
  17. This is why I love Deep Creek in the winter! Looks like we just got a high wind warning too.
  18. 15.7 with blizzard conditions at times. Impossible to measure but I’d guess 7-8”. Huge flakes coming down.
  19. 15 degrees, mod SN. Enjoying how the snow is shimmering.
  20. You picked a good storm to chase - stop by Firefly Farms in Accident if its still open. One of our favorite places out here.
  21. Yeah, this is legit. Pouring snow and definitely the best winds of the day - a mix of pixie dust, smaller flakes, and dendrites. Temp is still only 12. I’d say 5-6” is a safe bet - if upslope meets expectations, we’d easily be on the upper end of the 12-18” forecast.
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