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  1. Next weeks MIA at BUF game will be good
  2. We’re going to see Walker Hayes tonight at the Frederick Fair….I’ve been hoping they cancel but no such luck. I’ve really enjoyed today’s weather - breezy with some good gusts and bouts of mod/heavy rain. Good weather to put up fall decor inside today.
  3. First drops of rain here. Really enjoying the wind with the windows open. First time with no AC in months.
  4. I would appreciate this in the winter.
  5. The weather doesn’t take breaks. Who do you think you are?
  6. What a complete cave by the Euro.
  7. 00z 12K NAM drops 2.5-3”+ area wide.
  8. 10/10 at Deep Creek. High today so far is 66, currently 65 with a DP of 52 under sunny skies.
  9. Spent the evening at a beer garden in Del Ray Alexandria. Can’t beat this weather.
  10. That really sucks about Rogers, would be great to see him come back another season. I really like the guy.
  11. What a call by you! We were out in Del Ray for dinner and it was a stunner.
  12. Acorns are growing on our mature oak trees in the front of the house. Last year, the tree didn’t produce any acorns — and we had no snow. The year before that, we had lots of acorns and wound up with an 11” storm. #winteriscoming
  13. Yeah, it’ll depend on temps next month, especially the lows. There should be some color but yeah, peak is usually around the 3rd week of October.
  14. First sign of fall here in McHenry. Goldenrod is blooming.
  15. 270 is a joke. Amazing that MD refuses to expand that or add express lanes.
  16. Canaan is basically Maine. Amazing climate for the area.
  17. GFS OP (day 10!) has a major hurricane hitting Key West riding up the west coast of FL then curving NE to make another landfall around OBX.
  18. Sorry to hear that but glad you had a good visit. Egging cars is the least of DC’s crime problems.
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