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  1. Have to go back to the 1990’s to find those kind of wet Januaries.
  2. I am going with 3.5”. It was one of the tougher moderate snow events to measure.
  3. Made it up to 33° for two hours overnight. Now back below freezing here. Barometer bottomed out at 29.01”
  4. Heavy snow now. 0.25 mile visibility. 16/13. Winds picking up as flake size increases. 2.5”
  5. Clear moonlit skies. 14/1 Static electricity is off the charts. Barometer at 30.36” and steady for now. Maybe sub 29.20” tomorrow night.
  6. LWX dropped the forecasted low temperature tonight to 5°F for Hagerstown and Martinsburg.
  7. You should get some great snow drifts out that way. Enjoy !
  8. The ECMWF continues to be the wettest model for this area.
  9. Interesting that the models aren’t depicting much sleet near the rain/snow line.
  10. It’s a PDF file. May need a reader if your browser doesn’t open it ?
  11. Discussion of the models’ performance (with some 20th century maps) leading into Jan 1996, from pgs. 19-30 https://www.weather.gov/media/publications/assessments/bz-mrg.pdf
  12. I never emotionally invest in a storm… until RuggieWx is on board.
  13. I’m kind of expecting a big snow in the Carolinas out of this upcoming pattern.
  14. Light freezing rain and 30°. Glaze on car tops and some elevated surfaces.
  15. High of 27 for the second day in a row. Barometer crested at 30.66” this morning. I rarely see higher pressure than that here.
  16. 5.5” with moderate snow. Looks like another hour or so before the good stuff cuts off here. Should easily pass 6”. Overperformer for sure for the season’s first snowfall.
  17. I was inside the Beltway in College Park at ~300’ elev. Got way too much sleet. Only time 19” ever felt like a let down lol.
  18. Didn’t see it mentioned but this is the anniversary of the Blizzard of ‘96.
  19. I think Evan Kuchera’s formula just uses temperature at various levels of the column to determine ratios. Don’t believe wind is a component but maybe one of the pros here knows better.
  20. Maximum fluff factor with this one. With no wind, have had some really large agglomerates here for most of the event. Even so, pretty sure I’ll end up with more liquid than any model’s forecasted QPF.
  21. Interested to see that myself. Have two 4” gauges in different spots in the yard. I’ll post the LE when it ends.
  22. 4.5” on the snow board with more to come. Between heavier bands at the moment, but still a steady snow falling. down to 29°.
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