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  1. Not that it means much on a 10 day OP but for the sake of content I am seeing the same issues with this week as next weekend...Where is the cold air? The vortex over Alaska is still planted there. The main "shot" of cold air dumps west before east but look North of us. Above normal anomalies. Maybe the -NAO will help more in this case but for now it looks more of the same. The EPS from 0z did show some ridging into Alaska that helped bully that vortex out of there, so that's more promising than that op run. (Doesn't help that the 850 anoms look like they are giving us the middle finger, lol)
  2. Too much ICON talk but this was the panel with the "Slightly East and Weaker Comment". I know I am pretty much dead at my location but folks west and north certainly are in the game.
  3. ICON with a step back form 6z. Slightly east and weaker.
  4. Better heights out in front, less dig to the SW on the Euro. We will see how much improvement, if any, it will make.
  5. Euro through 72 has some light snow into SW VA from the NS. Quite different than 0z that had a more substation SS SW and storm off the SE coast at the same time.
  6. Our German friend keeps hope alive for this weekend. Also shows a dusting to an inch on Thursday, favored west.
  7. I just going to forget this Euro run...not much to like.
  8. Safe to say that the euro won’t be close. Southern SW gets left behind and squashed.
  9. Yeah it’s all pretty messy. We don’t do messy well.
  10. Light precip makes it to EZF but it’s a miss East. This is going to be a long week.
  11. 168...SLP near obx. Temps look fine but not sure if it will get pulled up the coast.
  12. Math was never my strong suit...or something like that.