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  1. Up to over 4” here since midnight
  2. Over 3” since midnight. Absolutely pouring.
  3. First time I’ve put pumpkins (or a garden for that matter). They’ll probably be ripe by August hah.
  4. 12z euro basically has nothing for next week. Keeps all the rain in NC
  5. All you would need is one of his famous snow maps
  6. Maybe the corridor can get a light show as this rolls by to the west.
  7. My home station says my dew point is 76°. I think it’s high but it’s gross out.
  8. They are here!
  9. I remember the brood 9 when I lived in Fredericksburg in high school. The badminton racquets came in handy.
  10. This year...at least in VA https://vtnews.vt.edu/articles/2020/05/CALS-periodical_cicada_2020.html
  11. Definitely my first storm “damage” at my house since I moved 4 years ago. That’s an 8” maple branch. I’m just happy me and the kids were not out playing!
  12. 33 here in Arlington. Not sure if we tickled freezing earlier.
  13. These New Belgium rotating IPAs I’ve been going through are pretty nice. The Space ranger is also good.