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  1. Try wx.graphics for some prettier model pages...They also have decent UKMET maps as well!
  2. Power flickering here the last couple of minutes has me worried it won’t last though the night...
  3. If you just want the euro....save your money and look at Wx.graphics. It even has very readable UKmet maps. All produced by Ryan Maue. Very excellent site with more to come.
  4. Those small islands are pretty unique compared to here. I mean, you are only talking about 10s of thousands of people in most cases. I lived in Vieques, PR for almost 2 years and not only would they shut down the power, they would also cut water off as well from the main island. It was my understanding that with potential for live wires to be down and that their infrastrure is not comparable to ours, it makes clean up both safer and cheaper. I think emergency officials are not worried about being rude when it comes to safety.
  5. Right over philly at 210
  6. Not much reflection if any of the Gulf TC...looks gone on 12z
  7. Yeah after toggling to see what it was....I noticed that as well. Either way, should be purdy.
  8. Already at 929 at 114...Can't wait for the GEOS 16 images on Irma
  9. I'm the A in Arlington and have hail and some pretty good winds.
  10. Not really a bust in the truest sense....but...I have lived in this general area my entire life. The one year that I moved for work was the winter of 2009-2010 to Alabama. Horrendous.
  11. Also small hail.
  12. Very cool shelf here in Indian Head, MD, due east of Quantico. Moving to quick to get a good pic.
  13. Temp down to 33 as the snow has become less noisy....some areas on the road starting to whiten
  14. I think for us near the cities, we will need the WAA to over perform. I think thats key. the NAMs all seem to have a pretty uneventful WAA and we are stuck waiting for the deform when temps crash. That to me is a recipe for disaster.
  15. Still hanging tough at 105....pounding