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  1. @psuhoffman hey man...I think your Twitter was hacked or something...unless you really want me to see a great deal for ray band’s
  2. Well yeah of course not. I meant mostly restaurants, bars, ect. that are staying open but enforcing the 10 person limit. Good luck.
  3. Pretty surprised by the response from the VA governor. Everything stays open but limit to 10 people? What does that even mean. I know its only a matter of time before everything gets shutdown but that was a weird press release.
  4. I watched the 2006 Big East Championship yesterday. That Gerry McNamara run was something special.
  5. 3k Nam on board with the IVT
  6. Bless the GFS. This is the ONE!
  7. NAM just hits us with the SS SW...no need for a tricky phase.
  8. Maybe having snow south of us will help with the next cutter to bring that cold snowpack air instead of warm air?
  9. I've been following since my brother lives down SE of RDU so I'm currently living vicariously through him (sad I know). Both the Euro and Ukie have been suppressed throughout this week with never any kind of "hit" anywhere in NC with the American models showing more potential. I clicked back through the previous runs and by far last nights 0z was the best. Could you imagine what would have happened to our board had the below happened at 60 HRs before the storm? lol
  10. I certainly wouldn't say it caved per se...however, the Euro had virtually zero precip at 12 z yesterday for anything north of RDU and only about 0.05 at RDU with basically no snow in the entire state of NC. I don't believe the 1" QPF totals the nam is spitting out but I see that as a pretty big miss by the Euro at 60 hrs.
  11. I have a rooting interest and have been following since my brother lives a little southeast of RDU. I’m trying to wrap my head around basically everything improving except the euro. It would be a pretty massive fail if it moves towards the other models.
  12. I am really enjoying the New England style IPAs. My absolute favorite is the Solace Partly cloudy (Herndon Area). I have a 6 pack of the Sam Adams New England (I’m a cheapskate with 3 kids now!) but it’s still delicious.
  13. All in until something better comes (which it won’t)
  14. @WinterWxLuvr don’t look now...but a CLIPPER!