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  1. Yeah, I saw that as well as a better front orientation before checking the surface. Hence why I put "Snow" in quotes. It's more than likely the "precip depiction" maps doing their normal thing showing snow once the front clears.
  2. GFS has "snow" into the cities by 6z Wednesday. Front has a more E-W orientation.
  3. Icon looks to be moving closer to the follow up wave for next week.
  4. Overnight EPS was a little more favorable for the Dec 11/12 follow up wave compared to the OP. The GEFS mostly agrees with the OP that there is potential for a 1-3 after the front clears. EPS Above has a stronger push of the -EPO than 12z, resulting in the TPV stretching and pushing further south into the OH valley. GEFS has the stronger EPO ridge but doesn't stretch the TPV as much, but notice in south TX as a piece is left behind from the cutter that precedes it. I like these tables below because it tries to show clustering. This is the "best look" so far that I have seen from them for the Dec 11/12.
  5. Lol, trouble is I did and still messed it up. Unfortunately with the limited Ukie maps it’s hard to tell if there is much follow up after 144.
  6. Here are the precip panels and temp panels from the Ukie. Seems like it still has some work to do.
  7. Here's the EPS. Like you said, have a little more ridging or slow that NS SW down some and its a nice look. Like the +PNA almost in the perfect spot poking up through Idaho.
  8. Was just going to post this. A perfect track Miller A but the High is already off the coast by the time it approaches us. Let's NOT do this, haha.
  9. Basically what we have been seeing. High pressure scooting in tandem with a southern low. 0% chance that is has that nailed down at this point but still nice to see. Unfortunately as many have stated, without blocking there will be numerous run to run changes depending on timing of the artic highs and different pieces of energy flying around.
  10. Nice looking setup on the EURO through 168.
  11. Ice storms in the SC foothills are usually good for us....lol
  12. Euro going to tease us again around day 8.
  13. I agree that I was a little underwhelmed by the eps H5. It looks similar to the OP but the TPV bullies out of Canada prior to the supposed window. I don’t think you are a deb at all, I just am an optimist and obviously still learning a bunch. This also jumped out at me. Consistent signal for a precip event but little to no snow on the means (all caveats about ensemble mean snow aside.