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  1. LP08

    August Discobs Thread

    I’ve been watching that one....still not signs of rotation on scope but that’s a healthy storm
  2. LP08

    July Discobs Thread

    I’ve picked up .9 in the last 30 minutes here near Westover
  3. LP08

    July Discobs Thread

    Tornado warning for the Baileys Crossroad area...looked tighter a few scans ago but yikes
  4. LP08

    July Discobs Thread

    1.85 for today so far in N. Arlington....only 66 degrees!
  5. LP08

    June Banter

    Was also downtown and agree with the fearing of the crowd. We were able to slip into La Tascas and watch the 3rd there. WHAT A NIGHT!
  6. LP08

    June Banter

    I have the 60 in the fridge for the Caps tonight!
  7. I was suprised as well after just glancing through stuff. I keep hearing "widespread" but like you said, seems like it will look like most of the other days.
  8. Got 1.93 inches of rain from the line and another inch from the complex overnight....Wet
  9. Pea size hail and some pretty close strikes...tons of water as our sump backed up and had to shovel water out....only one memorable gust in North Arlington
  10. Pea sized hail in Arlington
  11. Sweet shelf coming into Arlington
  12. LP08

    April 7-8 snow event

    Looks like it follows the boundary that is pushing through during the day. Perhaps than can get hung up a bit to allow it to come North some before out to sea.
  13. LP08

    April 7-8 snow event

    He 36 on the nam is awfully close...Nighttime too
  14. LP08

    April 7-8 snow event

    More energy in the second wave..keeps it consolidated and it’s slower