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  1. I saw a tweet about it being a Nina….maybe start a 25-26 thread.
  2. DCA : 22.6" BWI : 28.7" IAD : 33.4" RIC: 12.8" Tie Breaker SBY : 11.2"
  3. Storm just south of Warrenton getting that look too.
  4. Just drove over the bridge at National harbor…here is the Ferris wheel.
  5. Without the block it would be congrats Billings lol
  6. EPS looking very similar to my amateur eyes to the OP. Slower, stronger wave out west resulting in the mean SLP in the Midwest.
  7. I'd imagine our GEFS snow mean will be much improved.
  8. What an absolutely wild set up. Blocks/5050s can do crazy things. Let it play out.
  9. I picture the WB frog EVERYTIME "WB" is in a post
  10. Trust tree but can we talk about the incoming HECS on the euro….woof
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