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  1. Got 1.93 inches of rain from the line and another inch from the complex overnight....Wet
  2. Pea size hail and some pretty close strikes...tons of water as our sump backed up and had to shovel water out....only one memorable gust in North Arlington
  3. Pea sized hail in Arlington
  4. Sweet shelf coming into Arlington
  5. April 7-8 snow event

    Looks like it follows the boundary that is pushing through during the day. Perhaps than can get hung up a bit to allow it to come North some before out to sea.
  6. April 7-8 snow event

    He 36 on the nam is awfully close...Nighttime too
  7. April 7-8 snow event

    More energy in the second wave..keeps it consolidated and it’s slower
  8. April 7-8 snow event

    Looks like a great hit to me after 12z
  9. April 7-8 snow event

    Icon looks like a good hit with slower onset though
  10. April 7-8 snow event

    Well, for those wanting to snow...lets hope the NAM is just being the NAM. Still rain at 15z saturday for the cities. 6z had the 850 0C line south of EZF at that time.
  11. April 7-8 snow event

    All NAM disclaimers aside, 12z 12k will be North of 6z. Cold not pressing as much through 57.
  12. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Thats the best news with this earlier onset. Now I know that it's still April and it will struggle relatively speaking. Couldn't ask for much better. Where is everyone?! Good 12z suite all around for Saturday.
  13. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Its the best chance for us down here. The soundings on the 6z GFS are silly. ~32 degrees at 18z on Saturday on April 7th? Thats a serious airmass and if we could sneak into the heavier snow, I wouldn't be suprised if its a few tics colder. It would be a fun 12 hours overnight and the best part, its all vaporized by noon on Sunday.
  14. April Banter

    My main goal is I want it far enough North so it doesn't screw up the weather down in Augusta this weekend for the Masters!