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  1. Looks like 0.3-0.4 qpf after the column is good.
  2. I thought he was going to mention ‘93 with the triple phase. There is going to be a big storm as that pattern starts to shift. It’s exciting especially in Nina
  3. Long duration dream run for extreme SE VA.
  4. Nam more progressive at H5....very different look at the surface compared to 6z.
  5. Thursdays front doesn't get as far south and east as 6z. Or just slower to clear.
  6. Its certainly an improvement from 6z.
  7. 3k flips the city over between 7-8 with mod snow.
  8. Sure hope all those that cancelled are happy
  9. 69...much slower than 18z. H5 back in southern Illinois compared to the Indiana ohio border.
  10. 54 heights are higher in response to the further west dig by the NS. Definitely better than 18z.
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