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  1. I went there last weekend. Pretty nice place. The "Silk" stout is a bruiser but it is quite delicious. Doesn't necessarily drink like a 12%.
  2. BWI: 10/28 DCA: 11/15 IAD: 10/20 RIC: 11/22 Tiebreaker: 7.3"
  3. I can agree with the first three, kind of. March, April, and May got Doolittle killed when not a single other bullpen piece was any good and the only option they had was Doolittle. I have a feeling when it comes crunch time in the playoffs, Davey will make the one mistake you can't make and this year will end like all the others, I hope I am wrong though. Hopefully Grace gets DFAd once Elisas is back. I wish they could play Suzuki more but at 35, he would be dead if was catching more games than he is. The offense is better than years past so hopefully that shows up in the playoffs. Weather: It's too hot.
  4. Just flew back in from vacation and I return to a 9pm temp of 90° when I was here for two weeks....
  5. This was a pic tonight at Columbia Pike and George Mason. Some of the heaviest rain I have been in this year.
  6. Tightening up a bit on the cell west of Columbia MD.
  7. Scary situation just to the north side of Scranton. Lots of my wife’s family is there and a couplet moved just north of them. Whew.
  8. Can you promise it won’t be 22-16 at half? That’s the only reason I’ll pray! JK as a Hokie, I’m rooting for a good game and a TT win for my bracket to win.
  9. Man, it is going to be a kick in the teeth to see that Greenland block move in mid April for more than likely more 40-50 degree rain storms. I bet we get a good FV3 fantasy blizzard out of it though.
  10. Good looking storm if it were jan or feb.
  11. Sweet mammotus clouds!
  12. Amazing!! Pounding graupel/hail.
  13. Wait...you didn’t believe the 12z GFS going from 70 to the upper 20’s in 12 hours? Lol