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  1. Looks like the remnants of Zeta are a little further north than forecasted yesterday. I’ll take some breezy downpours.
  2. Both NAMs and GFS painting a very widespread 2”+ for just about everyone. Below is euro precip from last night. Couple of very raw days on tap.
  3. Don’t get me wrong I HATE Brady because he always killed the Steelers. I was a big Warren Moon guy growing up.
  4. What an incredible talent he is. Say what you want about him, but he is the greatest QB and still producing in his 40s.
  5. Maybe this will finally kick some of that into motion, finally. It's been 2 months of at home learning. I don't think this with have an every lasting effect on kids. They are malleable and will adapt and some will even thrive with at home learning. I have seen more kids playing outside this summer than at any point since I moved to Arlington. I'm not saying all will be good but I don't buy that this will change and hurt them forever.
  6. I agree with almost everything in your post. The rural areas should be doing more in person instruction. The numbers do not justify having kids be virtual everyday (I have a Kinder in Arlington and man that is not school but its at least something). I do believe (and my wife is an admin in FFx county so I have seen some of the behind the scenes stuff) that schools are set up to fail no matter what they do. One direction unfortunately can't fit all. The country has asked for public schools to change the entire curriculum in 3 months. To the bolded above, why are teachers the only profession being forced back? No other occupation is demanding someone to go back to work and the certainly don't get paid to be essential. There is increased risk as well to the nature of in person school with 15 ppl in one room for up to 7 hours a day. Most of that is against all CDC guidelines. One of my biggest issues is that schools have to set up "isolation rooms". If a kid has any of the symptoms of Covid, they get sent into an isolation room inside the school until their parents can come get them and someone from the school has to be in there with them. They have not been given N95s or any other kind of PPE to protect them and have to supply their own. They are not doctors and shouldn't have to be exposed like that but that is just my 0.02. There needs to be a bigger effort from above the school level for this to work and unfortunately the current administration all the way down to the local school boards has failed and that is why we are where we are. Look at other countries where they have sent kids back. PPE, thermometers (Her school had to buy thermometers for every room in the school with their own money), and testing is in place to support schools. Rant over and possibly this will be deleted but wanted to have a convo about it! Lets hope it snows soon.
  7. BWI: 10/27 RIC: 11/3 IAD: 10/26 DCA: 11/4 Tie: 80F
  8. A storm like that would double our total from last year.....I need some more colors for 4 sleet pellets to 50 and rain.
  9. For the past year or so I've been getting my feet wet with ArcGIS for work and just through about messing around with some snow maps this year (guaranteed to be more weenie than the new GFS!). Let me know what you think. Obviously i have some kinks to work out still as I am learning more and more but figured it would be a fun change of pace to try it.
  10. Was last year the decent pattern in Nov? I am definitely not the best when it comes to remembering past winters but I feel like we had a great pattern in Nov that provided all the head fakes of decent winter around these parts. I’m sure there isn’t much correlation between any of it but at least it’s something different!
  11. At home station said 44/39 this morning as my lowest. Chilly
  12. 58 here so far this morning and the coffee outside hasn’t tasted this good in a while.
  13. Cell NE of Frederick has some broad rotation and is starting to get that “look”.