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  1. About 1.7" last night on my station in Arlington in a little over an hour. Trashcans were a complete mess last night floating down the street. Running out with the constant flashes probably wasn't my best idea.
  2. Tomatoes and green beans coming in nicely.
  3. Loud enough to hear in the house. Flying and falling everywhere.
  4. Best chance is for game one. Sixers haven’t played a meaningful game in over a week.
  5. Embid is going to get his no matter who is guarding him. They need all the scoring help they can get. Make the rest of the Sixers beat them. Maybe Embid will get bit by a mosquito or is dealthy afraid of cicadas and misses a few games. LOL
  6. Len still started but Gafford played way more than against Boston. 5 blocks! Hopefully he and Lopez get the majority of minutes vs the Sixers.
  7. It’s getting quite loud here in Arlington.
  8. Wizards fans....can we start a petition to not play Alex Len as many minutes (or any) and have Gafford/Lopez do a rotation. Thanks, Management
  9. Down the street from me....it’s happening.gif
  10. Definitely seeing the first flying swarms of them today. Had the son in the backyard with a badminton racket trying to swat them.
  11. Son was able to collect double digits and bring them home. A noticeable uptick from previous days.
  12. First adult in the yard.
  13. This is a VERY tasty one from Port City.
  14. Not overpowering for this IPA I picked up at Total wine. Had never heard of the brewery but it’s very good. Thin Man Brewery in Buffalo.