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  1. Does anyone know if Gio Renya is hurt/or in the doghouse? I know he can’t play striker (Sargent had some moments today) but he has to find a place in the game. Along with Aaronson.
  2. Good news certainly. Let’s hope it holds.
  3. That's a pretty strong looking -NAO for a day 14 mean....
  4. BWI: 18.5" IAD: 21.2" DCA: 10.4" RIC: 7.8" SBY: 6.9"
  5. 34 in Arlington when I left for work.
  6. Get that transfer a little quicker and we will be in business........
  7. I was more focused being on the "right" side of the track for severe weather, but yes, 240 out.
  8. This track might even make @Eskimo Joe giddy....
  9. Over 0.7” here in Arlington from this mornings rain. Kinda hoping it stays crappy out today to justify staying in and watching football.
  10. Some pea size hail. Winds nothing overly impressive.
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