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  1. Need the primary to not get so far north. Great transfer location though…3 months early
  2. I'd enjoy the commentary of this image as NY got blasted while we waited for it to sink south.
  3. Owners will protect their own. I seriously doubt anything bad will come out from the report on him unless it gets leaked to the papers again. That dirt is buried.
  4. It’s been pretty remarkable from our weather to the tropics.
  5. DCA: 11/15 IAD: 10/25 BWI: 10/26 RIC: 11/14 1.90"
  6. 1.40” and still pouring.
  7. Storm blowing through Arlington almost blew over my lamp post.
  8. Maybe not the entire winter, but definitely Christmas week.
  9. First coffee on the deck in a long time in the morning and Hokie football tonight. A great Friday!
  10. Tried to get a good luck at that cell across the river. Maybe a wall cloud?
  11. Couplet on the cell just west of Parkton
  12. That cell north of towson really taking shape.
  13. Got tighter now. Shocked its not warned.
  14. Surprised no warning on the cell near Dunkirk. Too broad?
  15. Pretty decent cell just west of Middleburg moving NE
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