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  1. I find it hilarious that people say "I don't want snow" when everyone knows that if there is a legit threat, it will be like it always is, no matter the month. Just got back and look at past years and those threads fill up.
  2. With how wet and gross its been, this is nice to see for once through at least a week.
  3. If they don't love someone in the Draft, I'd take a flyer on Marriota. He had some decent years in Tn before injuires/Tanehill explosion. The David Carrs, Winstons Trubiskys should be a no go and i don't think they can pull off the mega trade for Watson or Wilson.
  4. Kyle Allen. While Alex Smith is a great story, he was pretty mediocre. Free agency and the draft still to come. The cap hit alone with Alex is enough for anyone to move on.
  5. East of Jax. A step back from 0z.
  6. D for me. To many close calls of "what could have been" even though it was incredibly wintery here in the burbs of DC. I have successfully had my fill of 30 degree "wintery mix". Not 1 clean snow event is also a downer. The "2 wave storm" really sealed this winters fate with 5" both 30 miles North and South of the area. That snow total map will forever be burned in my memory.
  7. I had a Mikes Hard Lemonade too! But was 13 during the ‘98 finals Bulls Jazz.
  8. Anybody start doing any Gambling in VA(not sure if MD is available) but I really like FanDuel even though I am not a good gambler (except it made me cheer for the Terps today!
  9. Have started to more. I wasn’t fully on board with shipping wall but Westbrook seems to be hitting his stride now (and now Houston’s tanking). Beal is special and if they could find a true third scoring piece, they’d be dangerous. Only 2.5 games out of 4th in the east!
  10. According to the GFS, the weekend looks pretty awful. Rain Saturday-Monday.
  11. I thought this was an awesome graphic by NWS Boulder. It can’t really be done here but still one of the better ones they have developed recently.
  12. GEFS saying pack it in, EPS saying one more shot of glory. Obviously just a ten day snapshot but the EPS looks more conducive to trying to keep winter opportunities around.
  13. Finally got my MIL an appointment too here in Arlington! See the link below for Safeway’s up here if your in VA and over 65 or know someone who is! https://mhealthcheckin.com/covidappt
  14. I should clarify that I was in Fredericksburg at the time with much more tree coverage than here in Arlington but my wife said they were pretty rambunctious when she was here during the 2004 brood. I know my 6 yr old is plenty excited for them to come (he’s kind of a bug nut).
  15. Fauquier is already closed. I was in High School. I carried around a badminton racket in my yard and just went to town. They fly into your cars, hair, everywhere.