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  1. Some pea size hail. Winds nothing overly impressive.
  2. This was pretty decent and one of the scarier storms locally for me 1 year ago. FullSizeRender.MOV
  3. Me-“Nam is looking way more amped!” Smart people-“No it’s not and wait for the run to finish”
  4. For the millionth time.......I have missed: 2009-2010 Irene The earthquake! (I'm a geology major) Derecho I hate everyone as well . Maybe I'll leave this winter to bring some Mojo back.
  5. Not only did I miss the winter of 2009-2010, I also missed this while at the beach. We did eventually get the line of storms down in OBX but much weaker. Our townhouse at the time didn’t lose power on Columbia Pike so we had friends stay there until theirs came back on.
  6. Very close to my total. 1.74 yesterday through midnight and .48 after.
  7. Up over 1.6” here just east of you.
  8. Never had much luck with catching catfish but today was a good day.
  9. Sleeting here in Arlington at 34°
  10. Did you see his contract? The specifically reduced his salary in Year 1 so that he won’t lose as much money during his probable upcoming suspension. He signed the highest contract ever, before ever playing under his most reason contract extension. Maybe Baker goes to the Texans and tears it up. Wouldn’t hate to see it.
  11. Down to 28° here in Arlington with snow and blowing snow.
  12. Ground white with mod snow and very windy in Arlington. Kids are glued to the windows.
  13. Will Bennett adjust his style? Seems like he has had so much success playing the pack line and having pros do the scoring.
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