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  1. Need the primary to not get so far north. Great transfer location though…3 months early
  2. I'd enjoy the commentary of this image as NY got blasted while we waited for it to sink south.
  3. Owners will protect their own. I seriously doubt anything bad will come out from the report on him unless it gets leaked to the papers again. That dirt is buried.
  4. It’s been pretty remarkable from our weather to the tropics.
  5. DCA: 11/15 IAD: 10/25 BWI: 10/26 RIC: 11/14 1.90"
  6. 1.40” and still pouring.
  7. Storm blowing through Arlington almost blew over my lamp post.
  8. Maybe not the entire winter, but definitely Christmas week.
  9. First coffee on the deck in a long time in the morning and Hokie football tonight. A great Friday!
  10. Tried to get a good luck at that cell across the river. Maybe a wall cloud?
  11. Couplet on the cell just west of Parkton
  12. That cell north of towson really taking shape.
  13. Got tighter now. Shocked its not warned.
  14. Surprised no warning on the cell near Dunkirk. Too broad?
  15. Pretty decent cell just west of Middleburg moving NE
  16. That cluster moving just north of Richmond needs to be watched. Starting to get some kidney bean shapes.
  17. Sun starting to break out here in SO MD.
  18. Another tornado warning for VT. Confirmed damage is what I have heard as well from the first.
  19. Being a geology major and on an airplane during this as I flew to Puerto Rico for work only to miss Irene after was a real kick in the rocks (pun intended). I've had some horrible luck as I missed the '09-10 winter living in Alabama (the only year I didn't live "here").
  20. I’m no expert but here looks like straight line wind damage. Uprooted trees and such. I had never seen the wind come “up” my street from the south though.
  21. Upgrade is very nice! Any word on the tornado surveys in Arlington yet? Driving around the neighborhood is quite impressive with debris just about everywhere. Saw several large limbs on parked cars.
  22. Holy f that was legit.
  23. Does the Euro have anything for the Caribbean system this weekend? Flying to St. Thomas Saturday and seeing the GFS with something the day we fly in has me a smidge nervous.
  24. About 1.7" last night on my station in Arlington in a little over an hour. Trashcans were a complete mess last night floating down the street. Running out with the constant flashes probably wasn't my best idea.
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