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  1. This is a VERY tasty one from Port City.
  2. Not overpowering for this IPA I picked up at Total wine. Had never heard of the brewery but it’s very good. Thin Man Brewery in Buffalo.
  3. It mixes well when you use thyme, oregano, parsely, basil when you really want to get a good Greek flavor. Not on the smoker, but I cut chicken breasts into strips, grill them, then chop and toss them in the skillet with olive oil and the mix and it makes a mean Greek flavored chicken. Get some good NAAN with the taziki, hummus, cucumbers and tomatoes and its a crowd pleaser.
  4. Black pepper, salt, paprika, thyme, oregano, garlic, onion powder and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I didn't use any wood this time but the bird drippings provide plenty of smoke without it(family complains it gets too smoky) so its just charcoal at 275-300 for 3 hours. Think the key is to pat the bird down with a paper towel then coat the whole thing in butter. It's kind of a mix flavor between a greek style versus Peruvian but we went with plantains and rice instead of Taziki and hummus this go 'round. I use Hardwood Hickory Lump charcoal.
  5. Still one of my favorite things to do on the smoker. Whole chicken, brined in salt/sugar water then covered in butter with spices that are almost Peruvian like. Fried plantains and rice on the side.
  6. The one and only time we get death banded.
  7. Don't worry, the WAA piece is drying up but the transfer to the coast will save us. Euro said so.
  8. Tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers are coming along nicely for a first timer.
  9. I saw a good quote about him. One play he looks like a hall of famer and the next G league. I enjoy watching him play but I really think the addition of Gafford has propelled them.
  10. I can confirm that the so called sun is out and it’s hot, high clouds are no match.
  11. I’ve noticed Aslin has been getting some beers in the local Safeway here recently. Always been a fan of their stuff.
  12. Had my second Moderna yesterday morning. Some soreness at the shot sight but nothing until about 10am today. Feels like I ran a marathon yesterday.
  13. Haha. This variety pack is good with or without a straw!
  14. If you want the look, you got to take the kids with it.
  15. Only time I had my hands off of it was for the pic.
  16. 80s here. Feels good.
  17. We splurged when the work from home started last year and bought a Nespresso machine. Just black and those are sooooooooooooooooooooo good.
  18. Magoes, especially picked right from a tree. When I lived in Puerto Rico I could eat a whole one for lunch then chop one up and juice it and mix it with a clear rum for dinner.
  19. Not going to lie, having your birthday around March Madness every year is pretty awesome. Enjoy and happy birthday! Drink an IPA for all of us.
  20. You take that horrible take and walk right out the door. No Hootie slander in here.
  21. Yeah, I wasn't ready to fire 28 dollars for 4 of them lol. I had just seen people in here talk about the KBS and different flavors but had never seen this one before.
  22. @CAPE Saw this at a local place last night but couldn’t pull the trigger. Had this one before?