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  1. I guess Tom’s not doing a winter outlook I checked his website and it is shut down
  2. And this was its prediction last year for December January February
  3. What about the -PDO
  4. That’s not true if it was more east and There was blocking this would definitely be snow And then hence that’s why I Said January the odds of it being colder are a lot greater
  5. It’s funny how we’re all rooting for closer to the coast but we all know damn well if this was in the middle of January we would all be on Suicide watch
  6. So another words put a fork in winter already
  7. Amen to that brother I just locked into a year contract at $3.08 a gallon compared to last year which was $2.25 a gallon
  8. Conversation ECMWF @ECMWF We have just added more than 50 new products to our #OpenCharts catalogue! These forecast charts are free for anyone to access, redistribute and adapt - even for commercial applications - part of our open data Strategy for 2021-2030. Dive in & explore... https://apps.ecmwf.int/webapps/opencharts…
  9. I’m Starting to keep my eye on the stratosphere at this present time some of the models that I saw have The stratosphere relatively week until roughly the beginning of December and then have it strengthening which if it does come to fruition would not be good for blocking down the road if the PNA is negative you could keep your shorts out in the middle of January
  10. I believe we are at 105.2 for the north Atlantic
  11. Just by looking at the animation if I were to guess A hi end cat 4 possibly cat 5
  12. Sam is definitely going to be bumping up the ace that’s for sure
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