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  1. Good morning. LR/WW. Well done on a summation of the probabilities for a Mid Atlantic cold season. As always ….
  2. I’ve absolutely have no science skill regarding climate. Just thinking, though, could the fact that one pole is a landmass and the other an ocean have anything to do with it? As always ……
  3. Good morning Mappy and noted. My daughter has two pugs. They’ll eat anything but are non violent chasers. If anything the late groundhog may have chased them around the yard to their mutual enjoyment. Stay well, you and the family. As always ….
  4. Good morning Lava Rock. Jackie Mason, May he Rest In Peace, could have developed another hit one man show from your (FB) post. When all is said and done, one way or another, we all end up ‘poked’. As always ….
  5. I only heard what sounded like a mournful lonely one in the sycamores, this past Tuesday. For that little ones sad song, cicada and celibacy will have to rhyme. As always …
  6. Your point is made. I neglected to turn on the backup boiler switch after having the boiler serviced. The cold shower, this am, that I endured at 74+, is neither necessary or desirable. It did jog my memory about the back up switch. Have a good morning anyway and hope the family remains hale and hearty, as always….
  7. Good morning Ginx. Living in the NYC Brooklyn UHI enhanced sub tropics, I was wondering if Boston’s anomaly was due to a similar UHI cause.?. As always ….
  8. Early Sept 64 Unc.? I was a college Freshman and remember the NYC temperature dropped into the 40’s. As always ….
  9. The WWE and WCT ……. I’m not surprised. As always ….
  10. Good evening Rjay. If a picture is truly worth a thousand words …. You’ve already done well …. As always …..
  11. Good evening, DR, UMB. Phineas fears neither needles or needling. However moving to his present location may have been due to a fear of enduring another snow challenged mid Atlantic cold season. I personally detest needles, even so, I’m a fully initiated member of the Pfizer alumni and will probably join the booster club when/if the opportunity presents itself. Will it make a difference? I leave that to the author of my eulogy, if any. Besides, regardless of opinion, one side will always have the good old four word phrase to fall back on..”I told you so”. As always ….
  12. Good morning, Phineas. Still this person was beautiful/attractive and accomplished. A tragic loss, just the same. We are left with ‘there but for the grace’ …….. As always …..
  13. Good morning Phineas. Actually you could have stayed in our forum. What’s an ocean between friends and lemons, whatever their state, are plentiful on both sides. As always ….
  14. Good evening folks. The current Olympic host country actually has a penis festival. Thankfully the events categories were not expanded. Considering the fire/ice climate/geology and icicle development, a museum in Reykjavik sorta makes sense, As always ….
  15. Good evening forky. It’s good that you believe. As the old saying goes, “He who laughs last, laughs best” . For many of us, you included, I’m sure it will be karma. As always …..
  16. It has 11697 zip, Queens County. As always
  17. Yes A cabana development on a leased government land beach. As always ……
  18. Fine photo capturing the majestic beauty of cumulus. Then there’s the three headed city version taken from a cabana near Riis Park. As always ….
  19. Good evening Nibor. If this isn’t photo enhanced I may have to start re-reading the Book Of Revelations. As always …..
  20. Good evening, Rjay. That means that the best of us were wiped out by an errant rock 65 million years ago. As ye sow ….. as always ….
  21. Thank you for the fine summary. It seems the best that can be said for the NWS regarding the CPK ASOS is to use a, Daniel Patrick Moynihan phrase, “benign neglect” is their action and reaction. Sad, very sad. As always….
  22. Good morning, Maureen. As producer or actor? Perhaps both. The premise two decades ago was a bit of an outlandish fringe scenario. Reviewing recent weather events it becomes increasingly plausible and topical. If you haven’t read it you might want to give it a digital look. I enjoyed the split narrative structure employed by the authors. Unfortunately the “Day after Tomorrow, which was based on it p, did not do it justice. Not unusual to find a written take better than the screen version. Stay well, as always ….
  23. Good morning BW. Unless I misinterpreted him, the Conservancy director will take action on an NWS recommendation for ASOS flora maintenance.after an ASOS assessment. Do any of our forum regular or red tag members have a contact within the NWS? Has the NWS ever done an ASOS evaluation since it’s activation? Is forkys solution the only viable one, move the ASOS? As always …..
  24. Good evening, Rjay. I understand and agree. At least you have your avatar, in place, for emphasis. I’ll just re-read some 20 year old disaster Sci Fy by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. I bought it when hard cover was still in fashion. Somehow the premise does not seem as implausible as it once did. As always….
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