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  1. forky’s next avatar? As always….
  2. Good morning Will. Take care of the feet, better that than hoof and mouth disease …. which generally does not become active until the cold season. As always ….
  3. Good morning BW. It might even be south of that with NOAA/NWS CPK 12:51 thru 04:51 showing 9 out of 17 hours with a light rain observation with only .01 accumulated. Stay well, as always …
  4. Rob you inspired me I looked and believe I have found the perfect Irish prayer for Julian. “May the leprechauns dance over your bed and bring you sweet dreams.” As always ….. (please send them to me when Julian’s done with them.)
  5. Good morning Will. I wouldn’t laugh unless the hot girl and barbecue were somehow involved. Stay well, even if not celibate. As always.
  6. Good evening Rob, Nibor, Bx, Rjay and Will. By far this string of posts have been the most entertaining hands on sensitive approach, without avoiding the meat of the subject. Unfortunately some of us are only left with the roll. As always ….
  7. An ironic juxtaposition to the emblem on his jacket. As always ….
  8. I fear many will turn their backs on such a lesson. Their faith will be in the rebuild call by the greatest of Gods, the almighty $. Stay well, as always….
  9. Good morning Liberty. I wonder when/if, on our present trajectory it will take blocking in January just to get to 0 C in the inner city. Stay well, as always …..
  10. Good morning Julien, Rob. Ref NOAA/NWS, CPK … 1.11” between 9 and 11pm. The event was relatively calm, no winds to speak of. Julien the light show was over the postage stamp. I’m going out now to clear the drains of acorns or Red Hook fruit. Stay well, as always ….
  11. Thunder and a present downpour in RedHook. As always ….
  12. Good evening Will. As long as it was only “hi”. As always …..
  13. I can match that at any temperature. Stay warm Rob. As always …
  14. Good morning Liberty. That impact crater in the lower portion looks relatively recent. I hope the NASA test to change a space rocks trajectory is successful. Sadly all the destruction plans are still on the table, self and outside. Stay well, as always …..
  15. Good afternoon Rjay, Brian. That should give and take care of the woodies on the South Shore, stay dry, as always ….
  16. Good morning Rob. It looks to be a challenging cold season in our sub forum. Stay well, as always …..
  17. Good morning Anthony. Considering it’s scope and beauty ….. Autumn is New England. Stay well, as always ….
  18. I can just picture forky joining in at the cauldron in scene one during act 4. As always …..
  19. This winter? As always ……
  20. Good morning Anthony. I’m just trying to keep track of your avatars. Stay well, as always …..
  21. Good morning Rob. Ref; NOAA/NWS CPK total overnight .95. For the time beginning 12:51 pm yesterday 1.54. I leave the barred yard windows open during the night. I figured something happened when while walking to the head I wondered who was nice enough to wash the kitchen floor in the middle of the night. Stay well, as always …..
  22. Good morning Hitman. Ref NOAA/NWS; the CPK rain forest received .59. Have a good week, as always ….
  23. Rob, you sound like my barber. As always …..
  24. Good evening idub23. I will pray for you …… for far better reasons than stated. As always …..
  25. Fornicate? As (I wish) always ….
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