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  1. Good morning Liberty and thank you. There may be hope for my UHI after all. As always ……
  2. Good morning forky. And here I thought the storm threads were all about psych issues. As always …..
  3. Good evening Liberty. Well qualified as an urban area only the hardiest (read weeds) flora can survive in my postage stamps native/original soil. I have built up a plant box and pots to grow vegetables with store bought soil. I’d send in a soil sample but I’d rather keep my postage stamp off the toxic site map. As always ……
  4. 6’2/3” 250+ MBA candidate. Blessed family. Well done. A video of that would have been fantastic. Now I just have to figure out how to stop humming the fight song. As always ….
  5. Good morning Irish. Only the flag salvages the current photo. As always …
  6. Good afternoon G S 1717. I’m an 8th decade inner city power walker. The urban scenery has its own charm and depending on the time and exact locale, it’s best to keep a brisk pace. I enjoyed dawn power walks but I’m getting to old to play kick the rat. That wing chair does look comfortable. As always ….
  7. The pot stirrers rejoice. As always…..
  8. Good morning Rjay. Please stay well. Entering the cold season our sub-forum needs 2 moderators to keep us in line/happy. As always …
  9. Good morning, Anthony. In the great NNE it’s a strong probability. In our area it may be a fantasy. As always …..
  10. “For whom the bell tolls”? “It tolls for thee”. As always …..
  11. Good evening WxW. The Sweeper over performed in the inaugural year. As always …
  12. Implants also if you want movie stardom. As always ….
  13. Obviously so considering the well the tree spread. As always ….
  14. Good evening Will. My biological thermometer hasn’t gone up in quite a awhile, global warming notwithstanding. As always ……
  15. Liberty I came across an item I purchased at a fair about twenty years ago. It was a Nov 1937 issue of Startling Stories, the cover story seems topical. Nearly 85 years ago it sold for 15 cents. Expensive for that early post depression era. The volume is mostly print with few a few ink illustrations. As always ….
  16. Good morning Will, Liberty, Long Beach. The ailanthus, tree of heaven grew like a weed. You found it growing out of sewer grates, subway air shafts, your roof. As a kid in the early 50’s because of the pungent odor, when you broke a branch, we called it the Brooklyn stink tree. Even though the ailanthus seemed to rarely reach hard wide trunk adulthood it never seemed to lose its ability to multiply. My young opinion of it changed when I watched the movie ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’ I never thought of it as a stink tree after that. Battered, bruised, cut, maligned and it still continued to struggle to grow. As always ……
  17. That means my honesty quotient is soaring.stay well, Irish. As always ….
  18. Your an honest man. I did also for the spelling. As always ……
  19. Good afternoon, Julian, Irish. One of the personal benefits of being a septuagenarian is that when you get horizontal what blood supply you have left, can only do so much to keep you body temp. comfortable. That might change if I ever become social again. The horizontal part will remain though. As always …
  20. Good morning Tip and thank you, in print, for a fine thought provoking post. I believe/wish we, being wrapped in self thought Godhood, could arrive at the sensible solution of screaming “Do Over” while pressing the cosmic re-start button. In lieu of that we are left with the very shot tale. ‘Once upon a time, we lived happily ever after’. As always …..
  21. Good evening RE. Autumn is probably hanging out in the same place you can find spring when we’ve all had enough of winter. As always ….
  22. Good morning Will. I would caution such a move as the main attraction often does not end well. Many of us, on occasion, use four letter words to express ourselves …. Love. Hate. @##@. &$#%, amongst others that we hold onto and then let go. I’m no stranger to them. I have been looked at by fate and kindly left the one four letter word that will always stay with me. Hope. This forum is one, an example of a kindness given to me. No matter how dire the future, in probability, as shown by our fine board members, I will not wish cast, however I will never stop hope casting. And before I get five posted for the good of all, I will leave you with this thought. ‘Even from dust humanity can rise’. As always …..
  23. Good evening Will. I believe that your wielding the power of creativity. Besides the juxtaposition of your Lantern fly post with forky’s frigid one makes removal impossible. As always ….
  24. Even though it’s years past I offer my deepest sympathy. A good person whose dreams stayed with, comforted and left with him, as he passed. What you said to your father was right and true and if you look carefully again, you, as he did, will see them also. As always ….
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