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  1. Good morning bw. Possibly a good way to slogan/appeal and intro GW to youngsters. ‘It’s not always cool to be warm’. As always ….
  2. I looked it up, Irish. The pathogen was identified as P. infestans. So many deaths. I wonder how the home land would have developed without the mass emigration. I do know, if it had not have happened, the loss to our nation, of such emigrating talent and developmental strength, woul have been brutal. As always …..
  3. Good afternoon all. CPK, ref: NOAA/NWS, at 15:51, 72 degrees. As always …..
  4. Good morning Irish and Julian and a belated Happy Saint Patricks Day. Sorry fellows but it brings to mind another story I heard in my youth from an old parishioner at Saint Ephrens in Brooklyn. In the mid 19th century and with a sizable Manhattan immigrant Irish population, intolerance was growing. An early Catholic Church, possibly the predecessor to Saint Patricks was planning a feast day service. Word got out that the street gangs, toughs and general anti papists were forming a group to march and destroy the church. As planed the large group of ne’er de wells formed up and started moving towards the church. The pastor was alerted and sent word for the parishioners to stay away and remain safe and he would be waiting for the group. Well word did get out and when the Pastor emerged from the church, there around it was a circle, many deep, of strong able and not very happy sons of the sod. As the raucous March approached and came in sight of the church the protective parishioners holding clubs and other implements of their days labor, started to slowly move. The loud and screaming mob took one look at the approaching determined wave moving towards them and went silent. The biggest leader brigand took a look to his right and left, eyed the clubs and implements of protection, lowered his own and as a wave the mob reversed course and started marching back. The protective parishioners whose blood had reached a boiling point, after hearing the insults of the mob, started moving faster towards the marchers and not really listening to the pastors entreaty to have forbearance. The mobs march, in retreat, became a run and in short order a route. The young group of protective parishioners did not mind ignoring the Pastors plea … there was always the Sacrament of Confession when it was all over. The church was never bothered again. Thank you, Irish/Julian for jogging my memory and for your forbearance in having to read this. Oh and at my age giving anything up for Lent is easy. Stay well, as always …
  5. Good evening Unc. The mid 50’s hurricanes affected me. I lived in a Dyker Heights row house. The power would go out, streets dark, no sound, not even radio. The rooms were lit by candles that did little to dispel the dark. I remember staring out the window, the quiet only broken by the wind and rain, very quiet and frightened. As always …..
  6. Good morning, CPcms, Jrp37. Point well taken. I took a look. Travel from NYC seems more direct. Possible summer/winter retreat? As always.
  7. Good evening. With a good partner Anthony, warmth will always be with you. As to S19’s suggestion, I looked up the area and below is one of the many houses available and a climate abstract. My dream was to live on the Maine coast. When you and your love are established, perhaps you can become reverse snowbirds. My time for dreaming is over. Yours can still come true. Stay well, as always.
  8. Good morning Liberty, pushing the credulity envelope one might think of a hurricane as a gigantic parental tornado with its children hanging from its center. You’ll have to excuse my analogy. I’m only half way through my laxative coffee. Enjoy the sun and warmth, as always ….
  9. Good morning S19. Judging from the number of weeny comments your Eulogy for the cold season garnered …. Anthony’s # 1 Weeny Power Ranking may be in jeopardy. Stay well, as always ….
  10. Good afternoon B5671. The number of Weeny reactions to posts could be the determining factor for Rjays Weeny Power Ranking. As always
  11. Good morning Liberty. The current culture may cancel you for the last sentence. Enjoy the mild week. As always
  12. Gravity you stoked a two decades ago memory. My daughter was in Hunter College and had to do an assignment which involved a visit to the Guggenheim Museum. She did not want to go alone and wanted me to go with her. I worked nights at that time. The exhibit was on TV’s all CRT’s In various artistic setups. The museum as I remember it was set up in a circular stair fashion by which you progressed level to level. Half way through, while my daughter was taking notes, I sat on a stone block next to one of the exhibits. Sleep caught up with me and I nodded off holding the exhibit info material in my hand. I woke, hearing murmuring, opened my eyes and there is a group of folk looking at me, I had been very still. I believe they thought I was a live exhibit. I remember saying, sorry folks I’m just here under parental duress. Some smiles and a little group feigned embarrassment and I moved on. My daughter never noticed this happening and I only informed her on the way home. That’s the closest I came to being part and parcel. At this time the only exhibit I’d qualify for would be titled “The Fall If Western Man” As always …
  13. Good evening S19. Thank you for noticing. We were starting to worry. As always ….
  14. True enough gravity. I often get offers of honorary museum memberships. As always …
  15. He might surprise you around the 4th of July. As always …..
  16. I am and I remember them as the last gasp after we lost the light rail vehicles. I remember them still running behind the downtown (A&S) department store. At least I was able to and remember my one ride on a regular rail trolley. As always ….
  17. Good morning Liberty, Unc. A good point has been made. It may be wise to explore the need in certain areas for a transition via the hybrid. The grid must be able to support the demand. With an all electric future we should be cautious/thorough as to the results/consequences of jumping without seeing clearly our landing spot. I also believe for work related commutes in dense megalopolis areas thought should be given to continued development of one or two person vehicles. Transformation periods can be fascinating, rather than contentious. Be well all, I just remembered to change my clocks. As always …
  18. Good morning Anthony. Your a very good person. On a sunny, beautiful, albeit cold, Sunday morning you gave S19 an early smile/laugh. No matter the extreme of the approaching warm season, the cold will return and open up its seasonal playpen for all of us again. Stay well and dream of May. As always …..
  19. Good morning BW, Liberty. My concern, specifically for the heavily populated coastal plain and inland, is the extreme events that could immediately precede or follow such temperature shifts during a humid very warm season. As always …..
  20. Good afternoon Liberty. It’s amazing to think of how much impact legacy a terminus glacier has had and left. As always ….
  21. Good, some flakes still falling on the postage stamp, afternoon BxE, Rjay. I prefer to think of us as half crocked/cracked but as that cracked crock is half full I think we’ll collectively make it. I will never envy you or any other mods/admins. As always …
  22. I believe S19 is very sad. I believe, rather than ecstatic, he must be and feel very lonely during the warm season. May he and all of us eventually find peace. As always ….
  23. Good morning all. Heavy/moderate rain over the postage stamp. Still 47 degrees at 7:51 at CPK, ref NOAA. I was almost going to say snow or mixed because I was sorta feeling left out of S19’s weeny tally. Stay well and safe, as always …..
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