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  1. Good evening, G L, Hitman, Rob. CPK 90, 89, Sat & Sun. Newark 95 both days. It’s early in the season but so far the box score regarding CPK is trees 2, accuracy 0. Stay well, as always ….
  2. Good evening Don. CPK reached 90, EWR 95. I wonder how many CPK high temperature records were lost to the forest? Stay well, as always ….
  3. Good afternoon all. Ref NOAA/NWS CPK, 87 degrees at 12:51pm, dew point 68. Winds calm, the sky condition clear. As always ….
  4. Taking your temperature the good old fashioned way can do that. As always ….
  5. Good morning Anthony and congratulations. “Per cent’ anni”. As always …
  6. Good morning Liberty. When I hear their call I’m assured that the night will soon end. A bird singing, arriving on a light breeze, is the atmospheres gift. Accept it with gratitude. The alternative, unthinkable. Stay well, as always ….
  7. Good evening forky. Sacrificing your avatar might also work. As always ….
  8. A blessed home of pristine beauty. I cannot imagine what it took/takes to get it to this point and keep it there. Forget the check; grass stains in your case are not only expected but also worthwhile. Stay well my good friend, as always …
  9. Good evening Irish. I tried to envision what you described, in your post, mowing a lawn. I was finally successful in suppressing it. Stay well and try to avoid grass stain check. As always …..
  10. Good morning Will. Reading the first sentence, I feared someone had hacked your ID. By the last word of the last sentence I knew it was really you. I did take your advice on the milk and bread; as for the last item …. Well where I’m concerned it would be like putting a muzzle on a chihuahua. As always …
  11. Good evening gravity. forky is practicing to be a presidential debate moderator. It’s also possible that our own CPK ASOS could manage a 78 degree low in combination with a 74 degree high. Stay well and north, as always ….
  12. Good morning BW. Likely the same could be said about about the number of times 80 was reached in meteorological Spring/Fall and 70 in Winter. The base trend is to warmer, the atmosphere governs the extremes on the journey. Thank you for the graph, it is an example of the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Stay well, as always …..
  13. Good evening Will. I’ll wait for your lips to heal; I should, by that time, work up enough courage to ask about the 2 for 1 special. Stay well and hydrated, as always ….
  14. Good morning Julian. Ref: NOAA/NWS CPK between 3 and 7 am bottomed out at 47 degrees with a fair sky observation, We can always depend on ocean and urban warmth, nil radiational cooling and a temperate rain forest cuddling with the parks ASOS. My Long Island fishing buddy always told me he’d wait for Memorial Day before live planting tomatoes. I follow that to this day with the three or four I do plant. Stay well and hope you have a bumper crop. As always ….
  15. Good morning Don, BW. NOAA/NWS at CPK, recorded .01 of rain falling in the hour ending 16:51 Saturday with an observation of light rain. Afterwords ending at 08:51 Sunday 10 of the next 16 hours had observations of light rain with no additional volume recorded. See below. As of the 16:51 hour yesterday 1.61 inches had been recorded beginning the hour ending 07:51 Saturday morning. Could so many observation of light rain be made with no additional measure? As always ….
  16. Good evening Lee59. I’m not sure myself but I see your point/concern. Ref, NOAA/NWS at Central Park, 20:51, 46 degrees and 1.61 inches of rain recorded. Stay well, as always ..
  17. Good morning all. Ref NOAA/NWS at Central Park. 07:51, 50 degrees and .92 inches of rain recorded. Presently moderate rain falling on the postage stamp. Stay well and dry, as always ….
  18. Good afternoon BW. I must confess, without thinking of the proper etiquette, I did attach a screen shot of your post in my letter to Mr Boutin. I have attached two screen shots to show my rather wordy letter. I even mentioned how some of our members had volunteered to do the pruning. I could just imagine Will showing up with a chain saw in a hockey mask. The way things are going lately, he might not even stand out. Thank you BW for the okay on the good to share forum post data. Mr. Boutin gave me the office number and a cell phone number. Perhaps, if he ever has the time, he may peruse the forums. As always, here’s hoping ….
  19. Good afternoon BW, Liberty. After reading all the discussion on the CPK ASOS, I decided to reach out again to the ASOS group of the NWS. I mentioned the Board and the ongoing data concerns of our professional, well qualified/versed and regular members. To his credit Mr Boutin answered within a half hour. Below is his reply. Stay well all, as always ….
  20. Good evening Rmine1. It would be a record in the New England sub forum if the fine folks there went 10 minutes without posting. As always …
  21. Good morning all, the photo below was received from a local news outlet. Even though it was from a previous strike. The booming woke me and much of my neighborhood also. Stay well, as always ….
  22. Good morning Liberty. It might be a bit simplistic but what if you did a years ratio comparison, pre ASOS, to other Metropolitan sites than moved it forward in time? Not sure if all Metro or only select sites would be best. I keep thinking that Don and/or BW may have done projections at times. Stay well, as always …
  23. Good morning forky, BxE. Well said. As always …..
  24. Good morning BW. An amazing graphic. If this reflected the precipitation amounts after an extremely cold January, It would qualify as the final exam for the weather forums Coastal Plain anger management course. As always ….
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