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  1. Good morning forky. A provocative statement without a question mark. In answer, with no rain, no snow, no sleet, the unforgiving sun will enhance the threat of dry storms, to fill the cracks and bury whatever might have been remembered. ….. And yet in this desolate answer to your question, I find hope. Hope in the belief that even from dust, we still can rise. Stay well and hydrated. As always ….
  2. Good afternoon Rjay, Rtd208. So that’s what an entire sub forum looks like bent over. Stay well, as always ….
  3. Good afternoon forky. Many of us like/appreciate the entire day. It’s reassuring to know we are still here. You can try it or not. Stay well, as always ….
  4. Avatar suggestion for the cold season. As always …..
  5. Good morning BW. Moderate rain over the postage stamp. Gloomy and off season feel but refreshing just the same, stay well, as always ….
  6. Good morning Julian, gravity. I thought, after reading your posts, how fortunate it is for us to have the capacity to go to a local produce store and purchase what we couldn’t enjoy growing. I wondered ‘what if’ we needed what we personally grow to survive. …. And remembered that it has happened before. Stay well, the gardens will green again. As always ….
  7. Good evening Will. Looking at your avatar, forky’s, Lantern fly photos and with Anthony just posting a ‘Winter Cancel in the New England Forum …. These are perilous times we are living in. Stay well and hydrated. As always …
  8. Good afternoon Rob. You didn’t lie. You were just overruled by the atmosphere. As always …..
  9. Good afternoon forky and we’ll done. That should nicely raise the temperature and lower the civility. Stay warm, as always …..
  10. Chronologically I only have two I can count on now. Stay well, as always …
  11. Good morning Hudson. It’s good to be a leg up on everyone else. Stay well.
  12. I can tell by your avatar. Stay well. As always
  13. Good afternoon everyone and finally …. As always IMG_6139.MOV
  14. Good morning Hudson. I know it’s time to turn on the A/C when I see Mr, B Franklin fiddling with a string and metal key in mine. As always…
  15. Good evening Rjay. Sadly so and as they try to speak out of more sides of the mouth than physically possible they become expert at playing both sides against the middle. A space we common folk end up occupying in contention. As always …..
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