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  1. Good afternoon Ginx. Your descriptive writing talent is unquestioned ….. just please don’t let it extend to free hand drawing. Walk easy, stay well, as always ….
  2. Good morning Rob. Please don’t tell me that the crossing guards had pitchforks. Stay well and smoke free. As always …..
  3. Judging from his present location, if he’s in need, I’m sure he’ll find a hydrant his size. As always ….
  4. Good afternoon Cletus. Wonderful photo but you bad better notify Will that his pet got loose again. Stay well, as always ….
  5. Good Smokey afternoon Anthony. I’m up on my roof with the I Pad. I had to do a before and after. The smoke photo was taken today at 1:40pm. The clear photo was taken this past December.
  6. Good evening STORMANLI. You had the courage to say it first. I thought of the 1959 Platters hit. “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”. Stay well, as always …
  7. Good afternoon Tip. Forgive my foundation of ignorance. If the Arctic waters are ice free for any period and continue to absorb heat ….. how will that affect the Canadian and Asian land shields regarding frozen precipitation. Would/could there be Arctic Ocean effect snows. Or will the ice free dynamic work differently, as the cold sunless season develops? Stay well, as always ..
  8. Good afternoon Tip. Remembering Soylent Green, I’m sure they’ll find a way. Stay well, as always ……
  9. Happy Birthday Rob. May you and your love be quality active while you enjoy the celebration of the tri-centennial, in the decade of your golden anniversary. Oh, and I have 55 years experience. As always ….
  10. Good morning Anthony. I salute your resilience. Now, I can’t stop humming a certain Rogers and Hammerstein optimism tune. Stay well, as always ….
  11. Good afternoon Anthony. Sounds like you’re working this weekend. Stay well, as always …..
  12. Good evening gravity. A man’s home is his castle. It’s good to hear that your throne is stable. As always….
  13. Her love keeps you warm and so it will extend to your vegetables. As always ….
  14. Good morning Rob. Even in the UHI tropics, I stuck to old family traditions and never planted non salad vegetables before Memorial Day. I remember hearing the refrain that tomatoes shiver when it’s in the 40’s. I’m pretty sure they were talking about the plant. Stay well and I pray your crop is bountiful. As always …..
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