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  1. Down to 63 in commack. Fall has arrived.
  2. Shocking. Most of the rain missing to the north and west. My lawn turning brown again quickly
  3. Lots of whales right off the beach in Montauk last weekend. Pretty cool
  4. Westhampton was 40, the park 57. All the major sites went into the 50s
  5. 48 this morning. Winter is Coming…
  6. 52 already, 45 at westhampton
  7. 57 already, definitely hitting the 40s here
  8. Beautiful morning. 60 to start the day and 70 now.
  9. Dewpoint of 75 here and FOK, 74 at ISP
  10. Big surf at the beaches here in Montauk from the fish storm. Top 10 day
  11. 79/54 split today at home in Nw Suffolk. Currently in Montauk on the beach. Beautiful out
  12. Wow, more than I thought we got. Was definitely a nice drink.
  13. Gotta love places in Cali and UT setting all time records in September, what a world we live in
  14. This definitely goes down as a bust for NYC metro and LI. The drought was busted for CT and NW Suffolk, but everywhere else still dry
  15. Yep, that same Greenlawn area getting crushed. Crazy that areas to our south have less than 1/4'
  16. Heaviest rain of the day with this stationary band. Radar doesnt do it justice. Dumping now, closing in on 1"
  17. Up to 3/4" so far. Steady rainfall which is soaking in nicely.
  18. Oof. Been pouring all morning 10 miles to your north. Time to move maybe
  19. Yep. LIE north getting the goods again. Terrain enhancement maybe?
  20. Pouring now. These little cells keep developing overhead. Should see at least an inch. Green things up a bit
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