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  1. Yea people are losing their minds over the lack of sunshine. This has been a truly horrific month.
  2. Congrats guys, another NW event. Cashing in this winter
  3. Ha i spoke too soon. Steady snow now over the island. Sound effect snow in full effect now. Will add up to noting haha.
  4. December 2027
  5. 12 has been my low here. Nothing suggests we get colder by seasons end.
  6. Just checked my records, it’s been 6 days since we dropped below freezing in late January. Pretty awful
  7. Sign of a garbage winter: arguing about WHY the pattern sucks lol. Who cares
  8. Can’t remember the last time we went below freezing. Maybe a week ago?
  9. January 27 and 5” of snow for the season. Based on this board I should have had 4 feet of snow by now. People need to realize a good pattern on paper doesn’t mean it will snow. Once people get that concept the overhyping will stop. It’s the overhyping that kills weather boards these days more than anything.
  10. Good for Boston! I’d prefer this cloudy and misty weather over a moderate snowfall event in peak climo…
  11. Thank you. It has been a terrible 9 months for clouds/smoke sky.
  12. No sun tomorrow now. So no sun until Tuesday now. this has to be one of the cloudiest winters ever? @donsutherland1
  13. 56 right now. Was 55 last year this date.
  14. You know you are again chasing ghosts right? This has New England written all over it, not south Brooklyn
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