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  1. I guess convection keeps firing on the sea breeze front for the past few weeks
  2. Flood advisory now. Backyard under water again. massive CTG strike just shook the house
  3. We are in the watch
  4. Monsoon like rains here now
  5. LIE north getting drenched again. Starting to rain here with constant thunder. Torrential rain about to move in
  6. Hicksville area about to clocked again. Very strong downburst signature on the velocity scans. storm looks really nasty with a hook
  7. 79/76, dewy night on the island
  8. At the Mets game and LgA is now 94 degrees. No wind here. Absolutely unbearable
  9. 96 in Suffolk now 93. beautiful on the sound
  10. 94/67 in commack.
  11. I haven’t been below 70 since July 16. That’s impressive for out here.
  12. Warmer on the north shore this morning because winds from SW and not the north. taking the boat to citifield today, should be toasty
  13. 2010 was insanely hot summer. Remember following Phish around the northeast. Brutal
  14. Confirmed soil moisture is pretty good here. Was worried about my newly planted arborvitae but the soil is nice a wet without watering
  15. 89 at 10 am…100 in reach?
  16. Topped out at 96.5 here, dropping off a bit so sea breeze on the door step. pool party time.
  17. June was cooler than the last few years. But July is warmer than last year and that’s not even what I’m referring to… when is the last time newark hit 100 4 days in a row? You’re just wrong man.
  18. Very cool! You can see SW Nassau roasting.
  19. It doesn’t matter what you feel, the facts and records prove you’re wrong.
  20. What’s your agenda? Climate change denier or something?
  21. Westhampton is 91/68 with a heat index of 95.
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