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  1. Pouring now. Ground has been soaked for the past few weeks. The leaves have changed earliest than in maybe the past decade. I wonder if the drought played a role? Beautiful colors out there.
  2. This is not correct. It only passed the Senate, not the house. The house not even put this on its calendar.
  3. Beautiful day. 64 and blue bird skies. Top 10 weekend incoming
  4. Yea we had a nice firehouse park in western Suffolk for a 2-3 hours last night, probably 5 miles east of you. Nice training
  5. Not really close to accurate. A good portion of the island got over 2”
  6. Flood advisory for Nassau and Suffolk. Relentless rains out here
  7. Montauk been getting crushed all day. Must be over 5” for the event out there
  8. Massive CTG strike directly overhead. car alarms going off. Wasn’t expecting that.
  9. Very rare to see thunderstorms rolling in from east. I think I have ever seen this before other than in a hurricane/tropical system. But definitely not since I’ve lived here for the past 8 years
  10. Growing season will last another month For the coast, so this rain definitely will help green things up
  11. Windy whipping out there. Good ole fashion nor’easter.
  12. Heat came on this morning for the first time this fall. Right on schedule. First week in October is usually when it happens
  13. You said nowhere east of NJ recorded 100. You were wrong, as usual.
  14. Pretty sure Boston hit 100. And you realize the bar for a “hot summer” is the average temp, not the hottest day or two right? This IS an actual science…your gut feelings or opinions mean nothing, the data speaks for itself.
  15. This would have been an epic bust in the winter lol, 2 feet to 2 inches
  16. Lightning firing in the core which is the remnants of the NW eyewall
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