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  1. Snowing nicely now in the southern Berks, a few inches would be nice
  2. In Great Barrington for the weekend to ski Butternut. Dusting of snow in town and maybe 1 inch on the grassy areas closer to the mountain. I’ll take what I can get.
  3. Nice January squal line
  4. 54 here. Some of the bulbs are sprouting. Feels like April for sure
  5. My god this winter blows
  6. Holy snow squall. Definitely sound effect snow right now. Echoes popping over the island. Nice dusting now.
  7. Housing prices are very high everywhere, not just Vermont.
  8. Takes a break? A break from what?
  9. 28 in Suffolk now, was 25 this morning.
  10. 67 now! The island is cooking
  11. You know its a bad winter when the main topic of convo is how to let the warm weather warm up your car.
  12. Ready for the torch. My holiday inflatable is ruined. Rain froze it solid and when it went to inflate it ripped
  13. Martha’s Vineyard winter storm warning…up to 10 inches of snow
  14. From 58.5 to 10.5 - quite the drop for the coastal plain.
  15. Squall line just blew through. A few gusts over 30 but not impressive. Looks like some small hail/graupel though, temp still 49
  16. Not too bad outside. 50 and breezy. Wonder what this squall line brings
  17. Looks like the snow blower is staying in the box
  18. Same to you! Hope all is well brother!
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