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  1. Can’t believe we haven’t even seen a snow shower yet. When I was kid by early September we at least had some daytime snow flurries in late November early December
  2. 57 degrees at 9 am on December 7. Helluva way to run a pattern change
  3. Why is the GFS even run? What’s the point?
  4. Finally caved a bought a snowblower. Will be here next week. Let it snow
  5. One of my holiday lights came loose...my son was very upset
  6. Pouring. These bands popped up out of nowhere.
  7. 56 today, a great day to put up the holiday/Hannukah lights lol
  8. 28 this morning, colder than forecast. Already 51.
  9. 53 today. Was very nice out there
  10. 28 here. Looks like the park finally below 32 at 31.
  11. 24.8 overnight. Forecast low was 29
  12. 26 this morning, coldest of the season
  13. Oh god, way too early for snow
  14. Supposed to fly out to Vegas Friday afternoon. Oh well
  15. Sunning myself like a turtle. This is glorious
  16. 79 for the high here will probably do it, crazy 80 at islip
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