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  1. It's 7,000 degrees, there is a cold and sea breeze front all around, and cannot buy a drop. Incredible.
  2. We have been bone dry here, other than the immediate north shore coastline. We had a decent July, but nothing since the last week in July
  3. My dog refuses to go outside. Never seen this before
  4. Loud thunder with the storms just to my north, still sitting at 96/78/115 here
  5. Helluva way to have summers back broken. I’m ready for autumn
  6. Not much of a sea breeze. Up to 96.
  7. 95/78/113 here. crazy high HI for islip! High end stuff for them. Need a warning
  8. HI of 100 at ISP, 99 at FRG
  9. 93/79 here already, this is high end stuff, HI of 112
  10. 92/79/112 here already...low of 77
  11. 88/75/98 at islip.
  12. Beautiful breeze out there, still 90/78. Had a high of 92 earlier. Not bad in the shade
  13. Very light sun shower here, just enough to pump up the dewpoint to 77
  14. Horrific day. It’s my birthday and I just want to stay in the AC
  15. 20th 90 degree day of the year. Racking them up
  16. 90/78 now, 6 days in a row of 90.
  17. 89/76, off a low of 76
  18. Anyone else’s basement flooding from all this rain?
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