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  1. 40 here; looks like temp inversion in the lower elevations. Wunderground showing mid-30s.
  2. 45 now. Progged low of 43; might hit the upper 30s. Crystal clear out, no wind, good night to get the temps to drop.
  3. First line had decent winds. Lost power due to it.
  4. 45; crisp start. Colors slowly starting out this way.
  5. Tickled the upper 40s this morning. At 52 now.
  6. 53 currently. Well over 1.5” yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky at the moment.
  7. I live 45 miles west of the city; my ID is deceiving. I lived on Forest Hill road growing up. Maybe I should update.
  8. Wouldn’t open water act as a more efficient heat sink? I believe ice can act as an insulator to a degree.
  9. 80s yes; 90s doubtful outside the warm spot. The averages are in the 70s for temps out this way in western Jersey.
  10. Ragweed pollen is distributed by wind primarily.
  11. The damage in north jersey is major, likely catastrophic once the rivers crest and the clean up bills are totaled. Sad to see the loss of life out of NYC. Just a tremendous amount of rain in an already saturated environment in the most densely populated metro region in the US with storm/sewers systems from the 1800s in some places. Recipe for destruction. Too bad the Garden State no longer has as many farms it was once known for.
  12. But look at the current obs, compared to forecast. The trajectory could easily rival Floyd. I don’t wish that on anyone.
  13. I think NJwx85 makes the best point; the Passaic will back the tributary rivers up; exacerbating the problem. That river meets the Whippany and Rockaway rivers before the Pompton. It’s a tremendous volume of water that drains a large part of northern NJ. And that’s just the Passaic. The Raritan river watershed will be worse in my opinion based on the numbers so far. Downtown Bound Brook is going to be annihilated.
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