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  1. Winter cancel? Get the garden prepped early this year. (Some sarc as it’s mid-January).
  2. Eyeballing 3”; dense stuff. Can hear some pings, so the change is upon us. Decent winds. What a shame, could have been a monster with some decent blocking.
  3. It’s legit ripping down this way, not sure how long we will hold out.
  4. 19 currently…almost noon. I see a few clouds, but otherwise nice and sunny. Still in amazement that aside from a few flurries we are staring down the barrel of a windswept rainstorm.
  5. To chime in, we do have a storm with impressive dynamics that is more than worthy of a dedicated thread; however we are not getting the end result that we all desire. Walt, it’s always a pleasure. Personally, I am glad you in are in the north/west thread as well.
  6. Was just about to post about the Tonga eruption. One link I found (I have no idea how to post) caught audio from Fiji. Sounds incredible; no doubt scary for the islanders. Tsunami warnings up, photos of flooding into the Fijian capital already. Just an awesome display of nature’s power.
  7. 4 currently. Isn’t bad until the wind blows. Wood stove is pumping.
  8. That is pretty incredible re:temp spike with the wind shift on LI. 15 here currently; the overnight low was 6. In the area lower spots its still in the single digits per wunderground; not sure on accuracy.
  9. Down to 6. It has that “feel” in the lungs when taking a deep breath.
  10. In the tri-state? I think 20s yes, but teens for highs is a tall order due to the proximity to the ocean. Meaning, has it happened, yes, but you seem to imply those type of temps used to happen with regularity, which is not the case. In any event the projected hi temp for my area tomorrow is 17.
  11. Could be banter, but 94/95 and 95/96 were the best winters in North Jersey as a kid growing up. The mountains of snow piled at the end of the road (grew up on a dead end) were epic for neighborhood battles of king of the hill.
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