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  1. Projected low of 51 Friday a.m.; not sure that happens.
  2. It’s very possible the heat could verify, but aren’t 10 day runs looked on with disfavor in the winter months? 240hr runs are usually fantasy land.
  3. Seeing color changes on "sickly" maples down this way as well; also 'burning bush" situated in the BJ's parking lot in Mt. Arlington is well on its way toward the red hues, and I even saw early season golden rod opening down the hill. A bit early, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. Lots of rumbles now, but I think the Flemington cell scoots by to my south East.
  5. Had a gust of wind here, followed by 12-15 minutes of very heavy rain.
  6. Aside from the Montana area a sizable portion of the US could be below average. That’s a welcomed relief/needed short reprieve...
  7. Thunderstorm with some decent rain currently.
  8. Getting rains now from what looks like the front pushing through. Line of storms goes northeast to Maine it looks like.
  9. Decent band of rain now, but limited potential compared to points East. Radar estimates show a lot of precip in Madison/Chatham into Montclair; anyone confirm? I would think the Passaic will come up a bit with this.
  10. Immediate burbs and East for the bulk of the precip it seems. Dry slot here now.
  11. The lightening is awesome. Line is just south of me. Better than fireworks.
  12. The back side of the storm is awesome to look at. Mammoth towers to my south and east. Sun is out here but getting rumbles of thunder.
  13. Just rolled through Chester. Some brief winds, followed by a good drink for the garden. 15-20 minutes in all.
  14. As long as the vest is in the boat and free to access (not clipped to the cross-brace in the canoe), I have not had a problem. I do know a group of long islanders in the camp site next to use got popped one year, but they were also standing in the canoe and funneling for a while.
  15. I hear you; been going up there since 2006. Feet downriver at all times. I am always amazed by some of the stories of how people have drowned on that river. One young lad decided to swim across the river at midnight after drinking all day; there's no cure for stupid.
  16. Headed to Narrowsburg this weekend for two days on the River. Good to hear that it’s moving.
  17. We haven’t received nearly the totals of those further East. Maybe 0.5”. I’ll take it, but we need more.
  18. You’re on vacation for the next 3 weeks; I’d say that’s pretty awesome, regardless of the weather.
  19. 72/70 waiting on some rain...the garden needs a good drink.
  20. Line of storms moving from southwest to northeast. Seeing flashes every so often with rumbles.
  21. Just had a heavy shower come thru round 2 now with wind.
  22. 83/74.. gauge must be broken.
  23. It’s 48 currently; whatever heat comes, so be it. I am enjoying the current weather to the fullest.
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