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  1. Just took a ride to the Chester shoprite; just epic piles of snow. 2014 is a great comparison for how much is on the ground currently. 2001/02 and 2007/8 winters in Albany were the most I’ve lived through. 105-110” those winters. But for NJ, this February has been incredible.
  2. Stopped around 4:00 pm. Measured 5.5” at 3:00 while plowing the driveway. Very close to 6”. That’s over 10” since last Thursday alone.
  3. Per co-worker commute from Watchung to Pequannock via 24/78 and 287 took 1:30; not going above 35-40 mph the entire way; secondary roads are worse.
  4. Plow trucks just made the first passes in front of our home. Snow intensity has dropped off for now, closing in on 4".
  5. Heavy snow now; roads are covered. First snow this winter that is clinging to the pines/spruces; no wind.
  6. That's what I wanted to confirm on the dualpol. We are over 3" and counting here.
  7. Anyone have a quick link to dualpol? That bright banding down by 195 is that rain or snow? Its 30/29 here, dumping snow; roads are covered.
  8. Street is covered; cars are moving slowly. Heavy snow continues. Contemplating calling it a day and letting my day-care go home.
  9. Moderate/heavy snow now. Salt truck went by the house at 10:45 a.m. (secondary road). Road is beginning to show signs of coverage. Early dismissal for my daughter's school is imminent.
  10. Flurries have begun in Chester, NJ. Update: Quickly went to moderate snow, fine flakes. Temp is 32.
  11. WWA for 2-4 with spot chance of 5”. Picked up 5.5-6” last Thursday.
  12. 3-5 out here. Let’s see what happens
  13. Once the sun angle got lower around 5:00 it cooled off quickly. 28/11 now. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
  14. Had snow showers last night. Point and click is showing 3-5 Monday. Does this have legs?
  15. Took a ride up through Byram Township, Netcong/Stanhope to grab some dinner for the family from Dom Jose (a decent meal no doubt) and I was impressed by the amount of snow/piles of snow we’ve got going. This month rivals some of the greats in my opinion.
  16. Mood snow continues. The pack is substantial. Funny watching the dog hit full speed running across the yard, now that the base layer is solid; for weeks he had been following his own path. He’s smarter than he looks (or at least smarter than my wife gives him credit for).
  17. Light snow all morning. Picked up another 1.5” since midnight.
  18. About 4”. Lull now with some pingers. Road hasn’t been plowed once.
  19. Took my first walk outside. Moderate snow. Closing in on 2”. Radar looks pretty solid for the next few hours. Those numbers ISO posted are impressive.
  20. The next wave should push north. We’ve been snowing here for an hour. About 3/4” currently
  21. Yikes. Sorry to hear Walt. Hopefully wood stoves/fireplaces are going.
  22. 30/28. Eta on heavier returns? We can withstand the mist, but heavier precip could be problematic.
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