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  1. Yup, was just going to post that
  2. Reminds me of those winter snow maps in years when it just doesn’t want to snow here lolz
  3. Looks dry now next week.
  4. Odd seeing bos hit 100 before nyc,JFK and lga
  5. When will a major station in the area hit 100 other then ewr?
  6. All the models now miss the area early next week
  7. Meh. Let’s see what happens in the coming days. Models have been advertising these much needed rain events only to go poof inside 72 hours
  8. Models very meh with rainfall amounts the next two days
  9. 06z euro starts the trend of drier front for Wednesday
  10. Just light rain and thunder here meh. Not even enough yet to get under the trees
  11. Odd…not getting much rain when the radar shows differently
  12. Hearing thunder in the distance
  13. The front already drying up on the models for Wednesday
  14. Huge fail on the rain this weekend
  15. 89 at the park today. Did they even have a official heatwave this week? Lol
  16. Absolutely nothing today. It’s amazing how we can’t get anything to form in our area. Once again mid Atlantic gets crushed
  17. Euro/hrrr pretty dry now for today. We shall see what happens
  18. RadarScope has a spot of 1-150 of rain over Staten Island
  19. @uncle W getting crushed
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