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  1. Gefs with a big improvement By day7/8, hopefully it stays from run to run
  2. Don’t think we avoid that one unless h5 changes significantly
  3. I don’t miss them drying up on radar crossing the mountains as a kid
  4. Best and last clipper we ever had
  5. Great post. I would’ve thought 03-04 would be up there but I was wrong
  6. Agree. Very difficult in this new climate to get a pattern to set in for that long
  7. I just don’t remember it being very cold but the snow pac was incredible. February 21 was a fun stretch here locally.
  8. To me that was close to 93/94 type winter with systems every few days that had several precipitation types followed by record cold
  9. 09-10 was just cold enough and 10-11 wasn’t very cold either
  10. The gfs is still a horrible model but the gefs have been doing great in the pac this month so far. It has been way better then the eps in that area
  11. Was 13/14 14/15 17/18 close to those cold winters?
  12. December 2017 was the last real cold one we have had. That month was all driven by pac/epo… Please kick this nao to the curb
  13. It was the entire month but not as below as the last week of it. BDR -3.5 5.5 of snow
  14. December 2017 was very cold on the coast. Which was all pna/epo driven
  15. We are starting to loose December as a winter month because of recent warming
  16. This is quickly becoming last December
  17. Close the shades until after the 16th down here
  18. Main problem is we have been drooling over the same 11-15 day maps for a week and half now….at some point let’s move it up
  19. Yes, the deep blues off the west coast
  20. When it’s December 20th and 50 degrees in Brooklyn ny he will Come in this forum posting how all the mets were wrong….
  21. Yeah, those maps posted above are for the 20th now.
  22. Your hesitation into buying in of the Goldilocks pattern ends up being correct. Meanwhile, the rest of us were giving nude high fives
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