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  1. @winterwarlock the rain is back
  2. Same. Probably get the mow in later
  3. Wanted to cut the grass so I won’t be disappointed if it does miss my location. Plenty of more opportunities the next few days
  4. Going to get skipped here as storms are forming to my west
  5. Same here…thunder and lightning
  6. Hrrr forecasted this well as it should slide nw into the metro
  7. Enjoy the game! Need to win a game like this to be considered legitimate
  8. Today feels worst then the past few days
  9. HRRR really gets action going in northeast jersey and nyc this afternoon
  10. Teterboro should check it’s instruments haha
  11. Ha We aren’t getting anything today
  12. Especially when the verification site has a proper setup
  13. Either way you slice it, this is the hottest week of the summer and it does feel like July
  14. Per Rainshadow (retired NWS met) “generally speaking center city should be hotter than the airport but the verification point is the airport. The USCG site in center Philly reached 95 yesterday. The Franklin institute has their instrument shelter on the roof. That is the wrong exposure. The wegmans parking lot is hotter if the instrument was on a grassy median. The euro is broad brushing upper 90’s up and down 95 when in reality that isn’t the case”
  15. The rain the next few days looks to be nw of the the coast. Similar set up to last July when the focus was eastern Pa and nw jersey
  16. That hurricane next week is for the fish. All the hype is click bait
  17. The 101 is safe haha… EWR will break 2015 by noon
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