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  1. Storms over @winterwarlock
  2. 98 the high. Looks like no 100 this time around
  3. We all should cash in at some point this weekend
  4. Euro 1-2 Friday into Sunday
  5. the Gladstone site has had more errors in Highs then min.
  6. Phl +3.4 for July was the highest in nws Phl area and twice as warm a Wilmington and acy. The uhi warm bias started last November per mt holly met
  7. I could care less….
  8. Phl is running warm with a avg of 2 degrees above the surrounding stations. The nws is looking into it
  9. Haha. It’s the Nam and will be completely diff by its next run.
  10. Euro back to showing good rain amounts
  11. 18z euro 1-2 area wide now Friday into Saturday
  12. @winterwarlock warm Muggies coming
  13. 12z euro pretty wet again for Friday and Saturday
  14. Hopefully. We really need the rain
  15. Any hope of rain threats? Looks like models are drying up for the weekend
  16. Would this mean more dry weather?
  17. Gfs and euro have been way too hot in the medium range. You can’t take those medium range high temps with any confidence
  18. Nice cloudy/misty day after a good soaking overnight. This will help going into the next heatwave
  19. .55 overnight!!!! Very needed
  20. Might be one of those situations where the rains weaken as they move in. Even .25 or something will be better then nothing
  21. .5 to 1.00 hopefully it happens.
  22. All the models have a decent rain event tonight into Monday. Hopefully it happens
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