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  1. Yeah, Monday looks to be less then .25 now
  2. And it weakened
  3. Storm coming!!!! Thank you
  4. Drought looks to be worst than last summer. Lawns already becoming dormant
  5. .71 good drink today. Didn’t think we would get half of that
  6. I don’t think we are done from Middlesex county east. More rain along the gsp and just south of acy
  7. Decent rain currently…don’t know how long it’s lasts
  8. 18z euro further west
  9. NWS NYC adjusted everything west
  10. Yup. Once the ridge takes over the country it’s over for rain chances the rest of the month
  11. Euro still east, main rain band from twin forks into southeast mass
  12. Euro east again at 06z. Lawn is definitely on its way to looking like last summer
  13. 18z euro took the rain away…it is getting way to dry way to early
  14. We need rain again! The ridge is to far east to give us much precipitation
  15. Didn’t enjoy all the watering last summer demanded. Hopefully more rain this summer to help the plants/lawns
  16. Sump pump running for the first time since ida in 2021
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