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  1. Drought destroyer for Much of the area. Models didn’t handle the dry air and precipitation well with this.
  2. Pouring again as radar echoes come from a diff direction. This is crazy
  3. .85 overnight. Over 5.00 for event total
  4. Areas in nnj and nyc did better then what the models showed initially. Dry air loss the the fight
  5. The drought monitor will probably remove every shade next week
  6. I might get to 5 if everything pans out today. Cut off low not going anywhere, so it’s definitely a possibility
  7. Fire hose currently directed into the metro
  8. 18z euro 2-3 inches for the area
  9. What’s getting lost in all this rain talk is how below normal we were today
  10. Thrilled for our location as we missed out on every opportunity this summer.
  11. Rain shield now into Yonkers. Congrats nyc and li
  12. 3k Nam is wet into nnj and nyc now
  13. Rain has pushed north of 78 now
  14. .50 so far today 2.43 event total
  15. Yup, model bust with the rain pushing further north then anticipated by many. Looks like nyc and nnj will get in on the rain for a while
  16. Looks like 2-3 inches more of rain down by your location yet to come. Models started picking up on this prolonged storm at the end of last week but I agree, it has definitely been more impactful then originally forecasted
  17. Haha Yeah, I don’t understand it.
  18. Two day total 1.93 will easily be to 3 after Tuesday
  19. You have over a inch with more to come
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