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  1. Weeklies kick the can into January now…
  2. 11-15 day looks spot on the mjo 6-7 for Nino December
  3. Not a good sign for the typical back loaded Nino winter response
  4. Thank you @bluewave Those silly emojis don’t bother me, let the metfans of the world keep hitting that button. I learn a lot from your posts and you have been incredibly accurate the last few years. Keeps up the good work!
  5. Going to take a while to flush that pac puke out if/when the pattern flips.
  6. Looks like Sunday and Monday will hit 60 in nyc
  7. Haha. Very true I have G. Wilson and Hall on my fantasy team…it’s been very frustrating year
  8. The cold continues to be on the other side of the globe. The majority of the U.S. is voided of any snow potential. I guess we shall see what happens in January if the Aleutian low can form. Even if it does, it will take a while to flush this pac airmass out
  9. Anywho…close the shade for a while on cold/snow in our location. Hopefully Sunday is interesting with the wind. Looks like another sloppy jets game
  10. I guess my question is what’s the point? A 5 day period that avg near normal for your location…
  11. What are you trying to dispute with these maps?
  12. I was wondering why I didn’t see the weeklies posted all over this site today… 4-7 mjo….enough said
  13. All the warm water feeding convection exactly where you don’t want it
  14. This needs to improve before anyone can start talking snow
  15. Add the euro op to that as well….
  16. Before 19/20 winter it had only happened once in my lifetime which was 97/98. It has now happened twice in 3 years 19-20 and 22-23
  17. Haven’t plowed snow since January 2022. Coming up on two years now
  18. Yup, many will read those silly RMM plots and say convection is moving along quickly. When in the reality the OLR maps are showing convection still in 6/7 as the initial wave weakens in p8
  19. You know things are bad when you read posts in that forum which say.. ”pattern change begins the 15th and completed by the 20th” ”lots of changes in the 11-15 day but the gefs are the coldest” “perhaps we can sneak a event in before things become more hostile” “my winter forecast outline this thaw period perfectly” ”this isn’t last winter, we got a flurry today”
  20. Meanwhile they’re circling the wagons in the sne forum over a dusting while posting the 11-15 day gefs
  21. We still can’t shake that Nina forcing in 4-7. OLR maps keep the mjo in 6-7 into the 11-15 day The RMM charts are chasing convection at the end with the curl Into cod
  22. @bluewave we are being talked about all over this forum because we are taking posters snow away with our mjo talk haha
  23. Congrats. Light snow currently falling here. It’s been hard lately to get a December day to feel like December. Unfortunately, this won’t last as we approach 60 this weekend
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