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  1. Freeze warning tonight ugh. Can’t wait for the 80’s
  2. Yup. 24 hour mild down then it’s back to above normal
  3. Why the disconnect between ideal winter patterns not occurring inside DJF? It’s nice to see we can still get h5 looks like this but would be better during winter and not April
  4. Absolutely amazing out currently
  5. How does tomorrow look?
  6. Definitely going to get some decent rain tonight
  7. Yup. AK can’t loose in this new climate. Tomorrow looks beautiful…NYC hit 80 again?
  8. Enjoy the warmth Monday as the end of the week got uglier. More rain coming
  9. 1.03 total models had a difficult time with the convection
  10. Yeah, @bluewave had a good post about the potential issues with next weeks warmth. Hopefully, we can really torch on Tuesday.
  11. Looks like another shot at 80 next Tuesday before we back door the rest of the week
  12. Party is over, down to 59 now with wind
  13. Enjoy the weekend. Yes, after Saturday looks like we get a decent stretch until the following weekend
  14. Pouring! More rain coming up from PHL
  15. Yup. Muggy morning. Taste of things to come
  16. .62 overnight. Radar says we make it to a inch this morning
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