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  1. Agree, it has slowed down but not done growing yet
  2. Will be the coldest October here since 2009. Crazy to think about
  3. Looks warm for a while after this (coolish) weekend. Weeklies (bun me now) flip the script at the end of the month into December. I don’t mind the warmth now if that means we get something more favorable when climo is better for us in December. November 2019 is a perfect example of having a great pattern to early.
  4. Looks like more rain for the area now then forecasted a few days ago.
  5. Frost everywhere this morning
  6. Growing season ends tonight for some
  7. Foliage really popping now with the colder weather
  8. Radar looks awful. Definitely going to skip a good amount of our location
  9. Another fall like cold front from our yesterday years. From 80 yesterday to 48 currently
  10. Yup, won’t be late this year.
  11. Starting to see some foliage on the trees locally.
  12. Wow, so much for that high pressure
  13. Drought destroyer for Much of the area. Models didn’t handle the dry air and precipitation well with this.
  14. Pouring again as radar echoes come from a diff direction. This is crazy
  15. .85 overnight. Over 5.00 for event total
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