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  1. In no way am I saying the event went as planned for areas to my east. Hopefully we over preform tomorrow but that doesn't look likely at this moment
  2. .78 here…I expect to be over a inch by Tuesday. Nice rain for the lawn and seeded areas.
  3. Ended up being a normal September after all the torch talk to start the month
  4. Pouring under this band that moved in
  5. Pattern flip. The ocean hurricane flipped the pattern and now a strat cold shot could be coming mid month
  6. 18z euro has 2-3 inches for LI by Tuesday
  7. Looks like a long duration 1-150 locally. Wouldn’t be surprised if sundays rain is more impressive…
  8. Euro has lows in the upper 30’s next weekend.
  9. Good football watching weather on Sunday
  10. This looks like a good rain event for the areas that need it the most
  11. Icon was very wet from Saturday into Tuesday. Sharp cutoff just to the north of nyc
  12. Eps is very with a 1.00+ on the mean for Saturday. It lingers rain into next week as the remnants of Ian circulation moves east. Most of the idv have rain here, so it’s not just a few idv skew
  13. Intensity forecast have always been a wildcard for the models. In this case, the dry air won’t come in time to weaken this before landfall. Lately, it seems we have had more hurricanes doing this 48/24 hr rapid intensification to really raise the ceiling.
  14. Close. Amazing how intensity forecast r a crap shoot
  15. Can’t believe how we went from summer to fall in a blink of a eye. This weather is amazing and looks to continue for a while
  16. Euro also has the rain getting further north next weekend into Tuesday
  17. The euro now takes Ian back over the Atlantic while it sits of the Ga/sc boarder by 5pm Friday
  18. Missing all the fun to my north. Glad you guys got crushed
  19. Severe storm warning for LI. Looks like the blocking let up
  20. Nyc and ewr about to get a good burst of rain
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