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  1. It’s over…nyc will go 0.0 like Philly did
  2. Guys, it’s the nam at hr 80. Cmon
  3. It does get cold into the east after the 25th but it only lasts 2-3 days. Basically December again. The pv lobe dumps cold into the west because of the -pna
  4. The 29th looks like hell now on the gefs
  5. Seattle is having a snowy winter this season
  6. Hopefully we can get a few opportunities with a better airmass after 1/25. Look like it might want to get hostile again later in the 11-15 day
  7. The JB obsession on this forum is ridiculous. I haven’t read something from him since 2008
  8. It’s going into February
  9. Not happening this year…obviously NNe will snow into April
  10. Meh, I think when people bring up march snow they’re secretly rooting for it. Hopefully we torch in march and April
  11. Worst winter of my lifetime currently…didn’t think it could get worst then 19/20
  12. Perhaps a shot at something before the months ends but if not then that’s it’s….
  13. Eps really doesn't like either event for the coast. Pattern breaks down after a few chilly days
  14. Driving down the gsp this morning I saw a convertible with top down enjoying the winter morning lol
  15. Shades of this past December on the gfs. Two interior hits then cold dry before pattern breaks down
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