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  1. I can’t remember the last time we had one of these fall fronts. This was very well forecasted from last week on the guidance
  2. Chilly this morning. Definitely a fall feel
  3. Eps has a wet signal from the 1st to 6th along the east coast. All you can ask for at this point in time
  4. Looks like Monday will be the warmest of the week. What a change from what was forecasted a few days ago
  5. Decent cool shots coming after mid week. The heat might finally be over until next year
  6. Yeah, finally a legit cold front passage that we use to get
  7. The days of 90’s on the gfs was just the gfs doing gfs things. It will be warm, probably a day or two of 90 at ewr
  8. Yup, nice dent in the drought here but looks dry now for a while. I won’t bank on any phantom tropical event until it gets closer
  9. 2.24. Models did a great job with this around 3.50 in the last two weeks. I will most certainly take that after our parched summer
  10. I think the further west you’re on the island the better
  11. Radar filling in now over northern and central nj
  12. .50 now. Nice gentle soaking for the lawns which badly need it around here
  13. Models look decent for a good drink of water for the metro.
  14. Euro pretty wet from Sunday into Tuesday
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