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  1. Torrential downpour in uws and lots of ctg
  2. What are the odds that this keeps up through at least a part of winter vs. reversing - lets say right around Dec 1?? lol
  3. First time since moving back to NYC from the Persian Gulf (Doha and Dubai) in 2013 that it has felt as nasty as it does in those locations during summer nights.
  4. Crazy lighting and heavy downpours in the UWS
  5. Radar looks terrible (if you are sick of the dreariness), another washout tho at least it’s monday!
  6. ILoveWinter

    4/19 - 4/20 Long-Duration Heavy Rain and Wind Event

    Posted this earlier but moisture feed seems to be moving in a decidedly more NE direction. Some hope now for avoiding an all day washout.
  7. ILoveWinter

    4/19 - 4/20 Long-Duration Heavy Rain and Wind Event

    Plume of moisture beginning offshore in SC heading towards NYC metro. Looks like an all day event on tap.
  8. Fog just off to my west over the river
  9. Wow, feel like that’s unusual but not sure
  10. Wasn’t expecting to wake up to clear blue skies here in the uws, beautiful morning.
  11. ILoveWinter

    March, 2019

    Interesting path too considering the rain expected even in northeast MN. It’s a cutter for those areas that benefit from our cutters.
  12. ILoveWinter

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    From a pure heat perspective Death Valley has the Persian Gulf beat, but from a heat index perspective...it's really incredible (and quite unbearable) over there.
  13. ILoveWinter

    March, 2019

    Was at Disney for presidents day week, upper 80s (some records broken I think) and sunny each day, was awesome.