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  1. Rare to see a Philly special with nearly nothing in DC and a bit in NYC
  2. Moderate snow in the UWS though not not quite indicative if you looked at the radar
  3. Truthfully I fell asleep so I missed the 1-6AM period but I took a walk at around 630 last night and it was insane!
  4. I think we'll get there and if it verifies, I wouldn't call this storm a bust
  5. Yea I agree, here in the UWS it only sleeted for an hour, so I think we would have done quite well if we maintained the heavy rates that we had earlier in the evening
  6. Actually coming down at a decent clip now in the UWS, maybe we can squeeze another .5-1" until this all ends
  7. I’d guess CPK will end up over 8 with the final measurement so it would be within guidance albeit on the lower end of the range.
  8. Yea it's ripping in the UWS and has been at least moderate for several hours now with no pingers. Maybe the intensity has helped to keep us all snow.
  9. Crazy heavy snow in the UWS, just took my 7 year old daughter out for a jeb and she loved it (gotta get them hooked early!)
  10. Been flurrying now for 15 mins near Lincoln Center so should be up your way in a bit Edit: all of a sudden transitioned to a steadier light snow