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  1. ILoveWinter

    March, 2019

    Interesting path too considering the rain expected even in northeast MN. It’s a cutter for those areas that benefit from our cutters.
  2. ILoveWinter

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    From a pure heat perspective Death Valley has the Persian Gulf beat, but from a heat index perspective...it's really incredible (and quite unbearable) over there.
  3. ILoveWinter

    March, 2019

    Was at Disney for presidents day week, upper 80s (some records broken I think) and sunny each day, was awesome.
  4. ILoveWinter

    March, 2019

    Where were you for last weekend's stormS?
  5. ILoveWinter

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Haha true. But whatever the max possible temp NYC can reach pales to several other cities. I spent some time in Persian Gulf (Dubai and Doha) in summer and I can tell you that the heat was incredible. 115 easily and some days with excessive humidity (espec in Dubai though I think the world record heat index of 178 was at Dhahran Saudi Arabia with 108 at 95%). It was downright dangerous to be active outside for more than 10 mins - I of course was intrigued by all of it and did force myself to walk around just for the experience. So hot that I had to cover my cheeks with my hands due to the burn.
  6. A lot of this is perception. It technically was on the low end of the range but when there is little impact to the streets and only for a short while, it just takes away from the overall "wintry" scene that we all enjoy. The 4 inch storm overnight Friday was better on this front.
  7. The signs were there once the storm began but most models did not see the warm layer persisting so long on the coast. I certainly had my doubts here on the UWS once we were several hours in and I didn’t even see snow accumulate on car tops - just like many events last March where areas just to the N&W cashed in big time.
  8. Anyone know what the liquid equivalent was at CPK?
  9. It can happen, overnight Friday into Sat morning looked far more wintry with only 4 inches. Just needs to be 30/31 max.
  10. 2 kids at home (5 year old and 10 month old) = non productive work at home day which will have to be made up during the rest of the week. I probably would have been happier if it actually snowed a decent amount, sledding would have been more fun.
  11. Did any model show the warmer thermals on the coast other than the NAM?
  12. Couldn't agree more. What's the harm in waiting till the overnight hours? Now I have to stay with my kid and work from home which will never be as productive as heading into the office. I am one of the lucky ones that can do that, others don't have that luxury.
  13. It’s what I was saying last night as things were playing out. March storms in borderline thermals in the immediate nyc metro are never a sure thing for accumulations. Multiple March 2018 events were clear examples of that. No harm in waiting till the early hours to make a decision like they used to do.
  14. Absolute rippage in UWS, flake size increased so could be a sign of sleet encroachment. Regardless it’s quite a sight right now
  15. Yes very heavy now and streets covered quite quickly, visibility also dropped a bunch.