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  1. Still having trouble accumulating in midtown but temp down to 33 so that’s a positive
  2. Yea don’t know what it is but my office must be located over some hot springs as it takes very heavy rates to accumulate if temp is above 32!
  3. Def coming down at a pretty good clip in midtown tho not sticking yet
  4. Sucks that I am work in midtown near Times Square and am have a busy day. I’ll say this though, as this is one of the worst places to be for snow to stick, a good sign would be to see this occurring by early to late afternoon.
  5. If you mean the board today I concur - it’s half the fun!
  6. So we have the GFS west, NAM and RGEM east and EURO sort of in between. Our climo makes forecasting interesting if nothing else.
  7. Nice little double hedge: ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Rain into Monday morning, changes back to snow Monday afternoon into early evening. There is uncertainty with the exact timing of changeover. These amounts potentially could be higher should the transition to snow occur earlier. In addition, there is the potential for a heavy band of snow just to the west, with snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. Should this band move over the advisory area, snowfall totals would be a few inches higher than forecast.
  8. Is that due to a lack of dynamics or borderline temps?
  9. I seem to recall (could be wrong) that during pleasant or unpleasant surprises, there was usually 1 model that showed a similar outcome. So, if the furthest east outlier by 0z still doesn't get NYC into the heavy action, then it would take a pretty bad error across the board (not impossible but less likely) if such an outcome transpires.
  10. 10-15 mile shift east for the rest of NYC beyond SI (please)
  11. Euro showed around 3.5 for the park so seems reasonable enough