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  1. Frustratingly cloudy day so far in the NYC metro. Seems like a streamer of clouds originating in north central PA that has been making a bee line to this area.
  2. We had a top 7 or 8 (?) February in NYC so while not receiving any more snow is a slight disappointment, I'd choose this sort of winter over the past several (even with the numerous March snow events within them) in a heartbeat.
  3. Boom! went from a stray flurry to steady light snow in 2 minutes here in the UWS
  4. Seems like it is near Philly on this radar:
  5. Incoming:
  6. Nice banding over the NYC metro and especially just west into NJ
  7. Moderate to Heavy in the UWS though not sticking yet
  9. Flurries in the UWS edit: which graduated into a steady light snow within minutes
  10. Not that this one is a done deal for snow but it often seems like models show a storm a week out then lose it for a few days before coming back.
  11. Nice echoes developing south of Nassau and heading into the city