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  1. There's little if anything at CP (maybe a trace fell this morning)
  2. Should we expect advisories for a portion of the region today? I'd assume so considering a 2-4ish type of event...
  3. Still snowing in the UWS. Surprised as would have expected a changeover sooner considering the rain reports from Brooklyn Heights. Prob give it another 20 - 30 or so.
  4. Typically with this sort of lead time, we tend to focus on the ensembles. Is there a reason we are more trusting of the Op runs this time around? Is it due to their consistency with showing the interior/inland track?
  5. Can someone explain how a hurricane can avoid weakening (or only weaken slightly) while over land?
  6. Impressively hazy today! Reminds me of my time in Qatar with those crazy sandstorms
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