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  1. I'm currently on the far eastern end of LI and so far not much of anything though the wind has picked up slightly.
  2. Yea I mean haven't you seen the 4,200 hour GFS? Wall to wall Miller A's!
  3. Their all time record high is 97 so this is remarkable. Ottawa is currently at 97 and their all time record high is 100. Even crazier is that their low temps during the weekend may drop to upper 30s.
  4. Yea, just another notch to our sort of odd Spring we have had
  5. lol - NYC and LI are nearly the coldest spots in this entire view which is pretty remarkable considering this includes northern Maine and areas well north and west of Montreal and Toronto. At least it's the end of May and we are at least getting into the 70s!
  6. yea seeing that here too, thought I was hallucinating, lol don't really keep records or have the best memory but this would def be up there for latest I've seen snow fall (with or without accumulations)
  7. Haven’t forecasted cold or snow shots >10d been somewhat or completely reversed between 5-10d? Do you see something here any different? Not a met so genuine question.
  8. Still too early of course but nice to see a D6/7 threat amongst the globals with many tracks just or further offshore for a change. A nicely placed HP would be helpful though.
  9. radar looks good SW of the city. Looks to pick up again in 60-90 mins
  10. Coming down pretty hard in UWS, visibility quite low. Nice to see it sticking for a change!
  11. Isn't there a mix/rain risk at that time though?
  12. Not to be a pessimist (or maybe a realist), but based on the last several years living in Manhattan during storms hovering at or just above freezing, have my doubts on how much will accumulate over here. Reeeeally hope I'm wrong and that the cold we are experiencing today/overnight provides enough of a countermeasure!