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  1. ILoveWinter

    January 20th-22nd Winter Storm Threat

    Certainly not the time to throw in the towel but you would want to see Euro/EPS and GEFS actually making some incremental improvements by Thursday. 100+ mile model errors not as likely as we approach the end of the work week.
  2. ILoveWinter

    January 20th-22nd Winter Storm Threat

    Not a Met or anything but still far enough out where ensembles > operational
  3. That one was pure torture as the cut off was quite extreme and closer to our area than this one will likely be.
  4. ILoveWinter

    Christmas Eve light snowfall discussion/obs

    Glad to be out of the city as I am actually in Armonk right now, was great to wake up to a snowy scene!
  5. ILoveWinter

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    What did the Euro show? Assuming not much since I don't see any chatter about it...
  6. ILoveWinter

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    Based on the storms we had this past March in marginal set ups, I wouldn’t expect much accumulation in Manhattan with this one.
  7. ILoveWinter

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    I know it’s certainly not unprecedented to get snow in mid November but I’ve gotta day, I just can’t believe we are already tracking a potential. Assumed a backloaded winter this year.
  8. Seriously, enough is enough
  9. ILoveWinter

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Guys the very accurate 90 day forecast from accuweather says some snow and rain on Sunday 12/2, should I move my flight?
  10. I am quite sure it’s been far cloudier than average this month. Some stat I saw showing a cloudy day 70% of time when observed at noon for the month thus far. Normal was around 25% I believe.
  11. Lol agree - I think we have more than earned a dry few weeks at this point!
  12. ILoveWinter

    April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Yes volcanoes can cool but you should see what the rest of the globe is doing too. We are just stuck in a cold pattern. Western Europe, for example, has been quite mild (London was around 80 today).
  13. ILoveWinter

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    Models showing a day or night time hit? Makes a big diff for those in the urban jungle.
  14. ILoveWinter

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    yea definitely. Combo of being in the good rates and coming at night.
  15. ILoveWinter

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Snowing hard and accumulating better than in any of the March storms in the UWS