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  1. radar looks good SW of the city. Looks to pick up again in 60-90 mins
  2. Coming down pretty hard in UWS, visibility quite low. Nice to see it sticking for a change!
  3. Isn't there a mix/rain risk at that time though?
  4. Not to be a pessimist (or maybe a realist), but based on the last several years living in Manhattan during storms hovering at or just above freezing, have my doubts on how much will accumulate over here. Reeeeally hope I'm wrong and that the cold we are experiencing today/overnight provides enough of a countermeasure!
  5. Lol at the gradient: 24” blob in Manhattan next to 0” in Brooklyn
  6. Didn’t we have a snow squall warning? Wonder if that’s possible again tomorrow.
  7. Still having trouble accumulating in midtown but temp down to 33 so that’s a positive
  8. Yea don’t know what it is but my office must be located over some hot springs as it takes very heavy rates to accumulate if temp is above 32!
  9. Def coming down at a pretty good clip in midtown tho not sticking yet
  10. Sucks that I am work in midtown near Times Square and am have a busy day. I’ll say this though, as this is one of the worst places to be for snow to stick, a good sign would be to see this occurring by early to late afternoon.