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  1. 89 for the high again today, the wind caught my attention for a few minutes just now, the rain looks to be breaking up just to my west.
  2. Thanks. She’s back to near 100%, still a lingering cough from time to time but that has improved greatly over the past two weeks. I didn’t test positive at any point. Such an odd thing. Anyway, 72/69 here. The son who graduated hit a job down in Texas and is living in Grapevine, near Dallas, where it’s 81/73 already. That’ll be a big adjustment for him and his girl.
  3. We are way behind on the garden this year. My wife takes the lead on it and she had the Rona a couple of weeks ago and then last weekend we were out at Notre Dame for my sons graduation. Maybe this week, hopefully.
  4. Was thinking the same thing, another .75” yesterday, 1.70” or so since Monday here.
  5. If only I owned it, it’s long complicated story but buying it is not a possibility due to NYS law.
  6. Good Evening Rich. Here’s the front half. The older I get the less appealing maintaining a large lawn is but it’s still a good 90-120 minute workout so I have that going for me.
  7. My swamp ass from mowing will argue differently. LOL
  8. I think part of the issue is people think spring is nothing but warmth, flowers and sunshine, and it often isn’t that, at least not as early as people want or to the extent they expect, but every year people forget that.
  9. In your weakened condition I don’t think you oughta be hiking in the woods with a pulled calf muscle
  10. Are you golfing near me today? Earlier I heard a beastly fellow scream “FORE!!!” and instantly thought of you
  11. @BxEngine was there full leaf out in the Keys? It’s moving along here, forsythia just about full green now with many buds on trees, some small leaves depending on tree type.
  12. I was on the Island for a wedding last weekend, first time in a long time, and noticed how crazy the driving was too, ridiculous
  13. @Juliancolton they called it a Fjord! https://midhudsonnews.com/2022/04/22/construction-of-hudson-highlands-fjord-trail-to-start-this-year-2/
  14. Yea, that area got nailed, many still without power. Broome County had a travel ban, not sure of that status this morning. If you click on the map and zoom in you can see just how many outages they are still working through. https://outagemap.nyseg.com
  15. Check that, still some remnants of snow along the woods line.
  16. When I got up at 1am the cars and deck were covered with a coating, all gone this morning. 1.22” through the tipper, low of 33, up to 37 now
  17. Walt posted about it in the NW burbs thread
  18. Thanks for your thoughts Walt, Happy Easter!
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