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  1. In other news, finally hit the 30s for the first time of this very warm season, 38 for the low. I’ll post some stats from my records this week, a very exciting post for you all to look forward to…
  2. Top photo is this date in 2015 and the bottom photo is this morning. You can see how many leaves have dropped and the ones remaining are still mostly green. BLAH!
  3. What’s odd here is many leaves dropped early, I’m mostly done in my yard. It’s very odd, photos later this morning.
  4. Legoland has Davis online and is 7 miles due south of me approx 100' higher in elevation, their station is at approx 480'. Yesterday my low was 48 and the low there was 58. This morning I got down to 46 while Legoland had a low of 48. Interesting stuff for weather nerds. Carry on.
  5. Same here, got down to 40 in the middle of the night and then started climbing.
  6. I used to work in that plaza many years ago, after I saw the video posted here I went I Central Hudson’s Outage Map and there were only 2 small outages around Vails Gate, nothing out of the ordinary.
  7. One to the north now. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md1871.html
  8. FWIW, each run if the HRRR becomes less impressive with the line around here.
  9. Yeah, the amount of bugs during the daytime is still ridiculous, not as bad at night around here for some reason. Foliage IMBY is shot, about 50% down, if not more, and very lackluster in color but that’s not unheard of here, it must be the extra humidity from the river/wetlands? I don’t know but I have more meh years here IMBY than not. I don’t remember the last stellar year, maybe 2017? I’d have to try to find photos. The good news for me though is once I get out of this little hollow the foliage can improve but the park isn’t look too great this far. All the rain since 9/1 has to be a factor here I’m guessing. I am sick of the humidity though but that tends to go hand in hand with warmer falls.
  10. I locked in my oil price months ago. Sitting outside now in shorts and a t-shirt, I’m not complaining Ragweed is low around here.
  11. “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything” - Mark Twain
  12. Not gonna lie, I had to Google that LOL
  13. I left my bedroom unit in but didn't use it but maybe should have, probably use it tonight I'm thinking with these dews
  14. Yeah, 63/41 is the normal split for KPMG. I'll actually have to close most of my upstairs windows on Sunday, so weird to have them all just wide open for this long.
  15. I'm more than willing to share...
  16. Might actually need a jacket going into work Monday morning.
  17. And if they like to smoke weed...forget about it.
  18. They’ve had lake effect snow showers all day too
  19. Nothing says Columbus Day like getting tore up by skeeters while trying to keep the yellow jackets out of your beverage as you watch the mostly brown maple leaves drop…at least they are dropping pretty much on schedule for these parts.
  20. I still wonder how many of those folks pick the very pretty red leaves…of poison ivy… to bring home.
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