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  1. Considering getting a propane patio heater, anyone have any experience with them? Any recommendations?
  2. One December Night, partly filmed in Goshen, debuts on Hallmark 11/13
  3. 41 for the low IMBY 39 at KMGJ
  4. Got down to 41, 42 now. Looks like some dews heading my way this evening….
  5. Up to .87” in the day with this batch as it moves out.
  6. This second round is a bit more robust, a number of lightning bolts over the past few minutes and heavier rain, no wind.
  7. When do you think was the last time he left Long Island?
  8. They were fast movers, only .01 at home, maybe a touch more in Goshen but not much.
  9. Some loud thunder this morning with these cells, but pretty tame otherwise.
  10. September is the new August, Forky ain’t lyin’
  11. Nobody cares about baseball, Boomer.
  12. You match almost spot on to the Beacon Mesonet. I wondered if mine is light but I match close to KPMG and I just walked through the wet mosquito infested yard and found a couple leaves in my Davis but they had little to no affect as I had .98” in the Stratus.
  13. .95 total, 8.51” for the month. 56/54 now.
  14. I’ve been looking for fake snow but haven’t seen any yet.
  15. Only .40 here so far and I’m perfectly fine with that. DP dropping, down to 65.
  16. Filming for a Hallmark Christmas movie taking place all week in the Village of Goshen... @BxEngine when you watch it can you let me know if you see my office or car in the background? Thanks in advance.
  17. They have been spotted there but no infestation yet https://nysipm.cornell.edu/environment/invasive-species-exotic-pests/spotted-lanternfly/
  18. I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for 44 years now, even anecdotally it’s quite evident and there are plenty of records to back it up, sadly.
  19. Bingo! That’s a nice, well planned, walkable community that’s been developed.
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