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  1. That seems reasonable to me, I wouldn't go above 4" even down there.
  2. Damn, I hope they can get you up and running ASAP
  3. My dry January will cease in about 2 hours now, my wife and I made it long enough LOL
  4. I'm thinking you'll be putting @BxEngine to work. I didn't even look at next week, which had something yesterday I think on the GFS.
  5. Let the whining increase further after that Euro run, LOL
  6. Good storm but also a giant pain in the ass for me, lost power for 4 days with that one and it wasn't nice fluffy powder like this one will be be. Well, it did get fluffy towards the end. First world problems.
  7. Yup, there is something to that. I guess I need to lay the sarcasm on even more. This ain't our storm over this way. @snywx and I overperformed earlier this month so it'll likely be several years before that happens again for us unless we are talking high dews in the warm months...I'm sure we'll crush those for the foreseeable future.
  8. Good Morning! And after reading your post above, thank you for your service.
  9. We have flakes falling...the big ones always start early...something like that LOL
  10. My son got to work on that vehicle a few years ago in his shop...no free weenies though, just a few tchotchkes.
  11. Boomer and Gio talking about the NAM and Euro on WFAN LOL
  12. I’m sure it will be a well written post backed by science that will unfortunately fall on blind eyes. As pointed out, too many can’t help but fall for all the pretty colors. All we can say is…we tried to tell ‘em…
  13. Its interesting that in this day and age there are still people that don't know how to crop their screenshots.
  14. -4 for the low. I noticed the oaks and sycamore trees that still have their leaves this morning....shows you how mild it been...LOL
  15. Forecast was for a low of 2. -3 currently.
  16. Robin Spitz Swallows who works for Dr. Evil?
  17. Yeah, a rock solid 5" this morning for me (shut up @BxEngine). Definitely would love to see something this weekend, I love snowfall on top of an existing pack.
  18. As I've said before here, aim low and you won't be disappointed, AKA how I made it through college. I'd feel a little better in your spot than some of us further north and northwest. Lets see what the rest of todays runs brings. Julian hit it right on the spot though IMO, you have to enjoy what's in front of you. I'll never understand the need for some to have to jackpot.
  19. Agreed, I never got too much into this one. Sure I looked at the models each day but it's been clear for days now to me this isn't our storm. Honestly, if we get anything even plowable I'd consider it a win at this point. Hopefully someone on the east coast gets nailed though.
  20. That’s better than some of the even sharper cutoffs we’ve seen.
  21. But the blue fish swim in the Red Sea
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