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  1. In the eye sir........Of course !!!!!
  2. screen grab from web cam
  3. Canadians........ get no love at all..... 980.mb ..swirl of greatness run the loop ..... yeah... that swirl is making the SPC work overtime on their severe products in the North East today but no one will notice or give a rat's azz get a life weather nerds p.s. hope you get smoked FORKY
  4. From Christopher Hollis---Tropical Atlantic NOAA recon through 6:31pm CDT. NHC track and position as of 4pm CDT. SSEC RealEarth satellite imagery, Mesoscale Floater 1, Band 13, color, at 6:37pm CDT.
  5. Gulf water looks just about ready to breach street level take a look regardless
  7. please stop now.......
  8. "Saint Mary's Prayers....Houdini's Hands and a Barman who always -UNDERSTANDS!"
  9. NLT.....thanks for the confirmation. isn't the Outflow Channel on Direct TV?????
  10. You have been in rare form my friend.....laffin me ass off.... keep it up....king of sarcasm .. u rolling dm Somebody get me the CRASS model ASAP we need to nail this down
  11. Speak to me of that Typhoon Rule that teleconnects to Laura a Cat 5 is on the table?????
  12. Cat 5 ANNULAR-----book it I will show myself out
  13. Just asking for some friends....when do you take the blindfold off ???
  14. 6:00pm EDT
  15. the point here is 9ft seas and greater till landfall.....