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  1. Absolutely! We get plenty of storms, plenty of water, but I can’t remember the last time we had quite this much lightning and thunder.
  2. Yes, quite a deluge in Carteret
  3. No breeze. The air just feels heavy and far worse tonight than earlier.
  4. A LOT of lightning, wow.
  5. Yes, I started noticing them around here last week.
  6. Branch blew off and hit house so hard (landed on the gutter) that it opened up a kitchen cabinet.
  7. Dark skies and some thunder here in Carteret. ETA... well that escalated quickly...
  8. Maureen

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    Yes, seeing some in Carteret.
  9. 55442088515__5B8EBB23-AEA4-4E3E-8DF4-DB7B3C6153F1.MOV 55442088515__5B8EBB23-AEA4-4E3E-8DF4-DB7B3C6153F1.MOV
  10. 55442075436__204FDD5B-34E0-44F8-8D73-9D3E2F722C93.MOV
  11. People in kayaks in Carteret right now. This flooding is as bad as I have seen here. And I have raw sewage in my basement so, good times.
  12. Is there ANY sign of a break from this wretched humidity any time soon-ish?
  13. Maureen

    summer banter thread

    I never thought I'd have Weather Anxiety, but this upcoming heat wave at times sounds downright apocalyptic! I have some health issues which doesn't help, but gotta work, gotta live. Is this something we haven't seen before here???! (and sorry if I've posted in the wrong place here)
  14. Garbage cans were floating in the backyard, basement flooding, and flooding in the garage past my ankles. And then suddenly bright sunshine.
  15. Really opened up on us in Carteret. Had been mostly rain/white rain until just a bit ago. Heavy snow and already sticking to the cars.