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  1. Watch now issued for central New York.
  2. Hi Guys, I don't post often and if this doesn't belong on the thread no hurt feelings mods if you delete it. I've been following the tornadoes down in FL associated with our mess tomorrow. I don't recall seeing such a pronounced tornado signature in central FL ever.. This storm is a an incredibly dynamic and dangerous situation.
  3. I'm normally just a lurker on here but have to say, this literally made me LOL! ...now back to your regularly scheduled east/west track debate
  4. Still incredibly uncomfortable out. Turned off the air and opened the windows to listen to the storm about 20 minutes ago. So unbearably sticky and warm, everything is getting closed up again. It's so nice to have a stormy afternoon like this. Reminds me of when I lived in Tampa.
  5. Very dark in UES. Frequent thunder and the rain has just started again.
  6. Torrential rain and thunder in the UES. It is very bright, sun reflecting off the rain. Really cool.
  7. I'm down in the northern Philly burbs today. Mix of clouds and sun and now in the 80s. Hope the clearing makes it up your way soon.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm currently in a suburb immediately north of Philly (the philly forum is dead) anyway all the way up here we have the sun and blue skies breaking through the clouds. Current temp- 80.