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  1. Ring of Fire eclipse in Manhattan
  2. This pic was from my root almost directly under the shelf cloud.
  3. We had pea size and slightly bigger hail in the UES and an absolute deluge. Now some lightening and thunder.
  4. 2 points of rotation in North NJ
  5. Pea size hail for a few minutes in UES with nice thunder.. I'd upload a pic but I can't seem to ever get it to work on here.
  6. Still snowing in UES. A lot heavier than I was expecting.
  7. Pouring snow here in the Upper East Side. Unless there is a dramatic difference within 3 miles in Manhattan, it's likely a camera or building illusion in the coverage down in Madison Square Park.
  8. Here’s a pic from UES of the cell over Yonkers. We are getting a little thunder and a gorgeous view.
  9. Yea they are looking good down there. Hoping for something interesting up this way, we'll see...
  10. Sun completely out now with some blue skies here in the UES