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  1. The next 8 days are averaging 59degs., or about 3degs.+ AN. Month to date is +2.5[62.5]. Should be near +2.8[61.1] by the 21st. 55.7* here at 6am. Quickly check out the nearly full moon due west a few degrees above horizon! 6:25am. Typical 'Moon Illusion',---when near the horizon it looks enormous sometimes.
  2. Well the T could not wait for 'any stinking ridges' by me. Touched 70* at 4:15pm. The last days of October may still fly in the face of rest of month with a BN finale.
  3. Next 8 days are averaging 59degs., or about 3degs AN. Month to date is +2.5[62.6]. Should be near +2.7[61.0] by the 20th. 55.8* here at 6am. 69.4* by 4pm, all sun, lite breeze. The GFS does go from 80* to 40*, bet. the 22nd-25th. 88* is record(22nd.) in a month that saw the earliest Trace of Snow ever, back on the 10th., 1979!
  4. Next 8 days are averaging 58degs., or about 2degs.+ AN. Month to date is +2.6[62.9]. Should be near +2.4[60.7] by the 18th. 56.1* here at 6am. 60.5* by 11am. Yesterday I got to 72*, rounded off. Warm wind and sun all day. GEFS, GEPS look similar temperature wise on the next 15 days, with the BN air never really reaching the EC fully. The GEPS is much warmer late in period than the GEFS.
  5. On April 16-17 2003, didn't NYC drop from 88 to 37 in 15 hours or something like that.? Was 88 at 4pm and 44, 24hrs. later.
  6. Next 8 days are averaging 59degs., or about 2degs. AN. (used 60/50 for today) Month to date is +2.6[63.0]. Should be near +2.3[61.1] by the 17th. 54.3* here at 6am. 57.2 by 9am, with more sun than clouds. 71.4* by 4pm! -stayed sunny and breezy all day.
  7. Next 8 days averaging 58degs., or maybe 1deg. AN. Month to date is +3.4[64.0]. Should be near +1.9[61.0] by the 16th. 59.1* here at 6am. Both the EURO/GFS are under 0.5" through Sunday.
  8. The next 8 days are averaging 58degs., or just Normal. Month to date is +3.6[64.5]. Should be about +1.6[61.0] near mid-month. 59.9* here at 6am. EURO is 2" thru Sun., and the GFS is 1". GFS does have 3" falling on the 22nd. alone though. Lol. JB warning of hurricane gusts and 5" on central LI on Thurs/Fri. We are a little safer with 50mph gusts and less rain. LI Buoy Swells: Pyramid Building in the 21st. Century. Lol.
  9. CFSv2 actually shows either (weekly averages) Normal 500mb Heights or BN Heights all the way into Jan., for us. This is a rarity, wonder what it sees? Which analog periods is it using --- of course we do not know. Any ideas and opinions?
  10. Next 8 days are averaging 59degs., or about 1deg. AN. 68.7* here at 6am. 73.4* by 11am, with broken cloud cover. 74.4* at Noon. 75.5* by 1pm. . Apparently no more than 2" will fall by next Sunday AM, probably less, as storm stalls at sea on most models/runs, but does not combine with land precipitation directly. Most rain will fall Wed.? Some minor coastal flooding will take place later in the week, eg. Perth Amboy +3'.
  11. Next 8 are averaging 60degs., or about 1deg. AN. 62.9* here at 6am. GFS/EURO more in line now on Total P at about 2",(Tues-Sat) which is down by a factor of 2 for the EURO. The next action-packed thriller after this week's show/no-show, should be from Oct. 19-23.
  12. Next 8 days are averaging 61degs., or about 2degs. AN. 47.1* here at 7am. 46.9* near 7:30pm. was the low. 49.3* by 9am. Back to 50.0* by 9:30am. 51.2* by 10am. 55.0* by Noon. Both the GFS/EURO are 75---80 on Monday but, GFS is 1.5" from Tues-Fri and EURO is 3.5". EURO hooks up with ocean feature on Thurs. PM?
  13. The EURO Control looks super cold late October. and first half of November. 500mb Heights go 300m BN at times. When it catches on to the SSW which has been taking place all summer, blocking will set in. At any rate, you can throw out the EURO according to JB. lol
  14. Next 8 days are averaging 63degs., or about 3degs+ AN. Just one below normal day till maybe the weekend two weeks hence. 60.0* at 6am.
  15. My prediction for the winter is a 'COLD, STORMY ECONOMY'. A Negative Spending Index, A Positive Inflation Index, Low Confidence Voter/Consumer Influx from middle America, Tweeting in Phase 9!, and a Chief Meteorologist with an Omega Block in his head. LOL!