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  1. Just 73degs. near the beach in CI. Fog, low clouds are alternating with sunny intervals.
  2. Feel like temperatures of 104!? on June 24-25 is indicated on the GFS. It will be cloudy with precipation---so maybe we'll be indoors anyway.
  3. Next 8 days about +3degs. (75 vs. 72) and wet. As of today month is exactly normal, so by the 23rd. we should about +1deg. for the month.
  4. Some year to date fun: Jan. +5.4x31 = +167 Feb. +6.3x28 = +176 Mar. -3.3x31 = -102 Apr. + 4.2x30 = +126 May-1.3x31 = -40 June -0.2x13 = -3 or 324degs/164days = +1.98degs. for the year to date. Record would be +2.5degs. for the whole year, over current 30 year normal.
  5. We better watch out for popup TS's as we are blowing away the predicted "convective T", which was estimated near 92degs.
  6. At any rate, GFSx is +4degs. over the next 8 days (74 vs. 70).
  7. Talk about the short term nature of the coming heat wave continues, but CFS has no BN 5-day period now until July 11. Of course not all 90's, but the normal highs are 80-84 during this 35 day stretch.
  8. 850mb. temperature averages 13C over the next 15 days normally, but they remain above 15C for a full 10 days (11-21). We are going to have 5+ 90deg. days., I think. Precip. has disappeared too. Two days ago I mentioned the 95deg. possibility here.
  9. GFS nears record for 850mb temperatures on the 13th with 22C, and 500mb heights over 5900m. Sounds like a 95 degree day if other factors lineup. Record highs.are 93 to 99 during period.
  10. The next 5-day period with AN average temperature is now centered near June 12. The next 45-day period is now near neutral with a negative bias.
  11. Next 8 days look barely AN, (68 vs. 67)---unless holiday weekend has more sun than it appears it will have. So far this month: -0.5x23 or about a -12degs deficit for the month, which might just be cancelled out with the expected surplus of 8 degs. over the next 8 days. May will finish near NORMAL at any rate, and become the second CFS goof out of a 3 month period.
  12. CPK is an abbreviation tor Central Park. Yes CPK gives you Cheasapeake, VA. weather. In the way it was used here, there could be no confusion. NYC could mean anywhere in the city limits.
  13. Why did LAG beat CPK by 4degs. and JFK by 9degs. during the 3 day heatwave? Doesn't the seabreeze have any effect there? Or does wind from those directions blow over a hot tarmac or something before reaching the instruments? At any rate, next 8 days average out NORMAL (65 ). Month will make or break even depending on the holiday temps., which have increased by 10 degs. from 2 days ago. PS. In an unrelated matter. Runners (the leaders) in the half-marathon have been arriving here in CI for 10mins.
  14. Next 8 days about +4 ( 68 vs. 64). So far -1.9x17 = -32 and this should be erased over the next 8, so back to normal by the 26th. Will be a close call for the month + or -, and possibly the second miss for the CFS in a 3 month period.
  15. With the sea breeze now gone, CI has popped up to 85 right now. I was on beach all day and probably it was only 80 real, but a continuous sunshine made seem hot anyway.