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  1. The next 8 days are averaging 47degs.(45/50) or +8. Maybe two BN days contained within: Reached 47 here yesterday. Today: 45-48, wind w. to s. to e., variable clouds, 45 tomorrow AM 39*(68%RH)here at 6am. 41* at 9am. 44* at Noon.
  2. HORROR SHOW Continues.....................for those who like snow and cold. If correct, the 27 low from Nov. 21 is quite alive one month later.
  3. The next 8 days are averaging 48degs.(45/51) or +9. Range is tight due to clouds and lots of rain perhaps. Reached 56 here yesterday (really held for entire day time hours) Today: 43-45, wind w., m. sunny, 35 tomorrow AM. 40*(56%RH) here at 6am. 39* at 7am. 41* at 11am. Reached 47* at 3pm. 45* at 5pm. 41* at 10pm.
  4. Why are they continuing to run this model? Its front 7 has been super cold throughout the AN days experienced during late November to the present and has finally shown at least a Normal front 7----but still is super cold (or is that 'stupid cold' for the month.
  5. To make you feel better. This is the mate to the OP T's posted earlier. Maybe we get to 25 for the lowest T. It still only has a slight chance for any snow, however........not shown.
  6. The next 8 days are averaging 48degs.(44/53) or +8. Giving 2015 competition or just another Upside Down Upgrade to the GFS: Comes complete with 4" of Rain and No Snow nearby. Reached 47 here yesterday at 3pm and again 9 hours later at midnight. Today: 53-56, wind s. to w. to nw-breezy, cloudy, rain 8am-4pm, clearing late, 37 tomorrow AM. 52*(82%RH) here at 6am. 56* at 9am. Basically stayed at 56 all day and is still 56* at 7pm. 53* at 8pm. 49* at 9pm.
  7. The GFS keeps T between 32 to 56 with 3" of rain over the next 15 days. Can not even get lower than the 27 of November 21st. Rossby Wave output has just one BN period at mid-month. Sizzles otherwise.
  8. The next 8 days are averaging 45degs.(39/50) or +5. Not pretty and only snow chance is the 10th. Reached 43 here yesterday. Today: 42-45, wind w. to s., p. sunny, 47 tomorrow AM. 34*(60%RH) here at 6am. 39* at 9am. 40* at Noon. Reached 47* at 3:30pm. 43* at 6pm. Up to 46* at 11pm.
  9. November ended at 50.9[+2.9], 10th. Place. The first 8 days of December are averaging 42degs.(36/49) or +2. Not much going on here during the next 15 days. If any falls, the period is 12/08-12 Reached 58 here yesterday. Today: 42-45, wind w. to nw.-breezy, m. sunny, 35 tomorrow AM. 36*(54%RH) here at 6am. 37* at 9pm 40* at Noon. 42* at 2pm. Reached 43* at 3:30pm. 41* at 5pm.
  10. Adding the extra two weeks actually increased the anomaly. Not the way LR works to my mind. How can it know more about the extra two weeks than the previous four. I would think the earlier departures would become muted out in the end. Snow cover perhaps. FWIW The GEFS is just a shell compared to this output---but the departures are in about the same locations, somewhat anyway. Now where did I pack away my North Face Murdo Parka those many years ago? lol.
  11. The last day of November is averaging 51degs.(45/58) or +9. The first week of December is averaging 44degs.(39/50) or +4. Month to date is 51.0[+2.8]. November will end at 51.0[+3.0]. Reached 47 here yesterday. Today: 54-58, wind s. to w.-breezy, cloudy, Rain 10am-7pm., 35 tomorrow AM. A little windy around 1pm from south, quickly goes to west and calms down. 47*(75%RH) here at 6am. 51* at 7am. 52* at 9am. 54* at 10am. 55* at 11am. 56* at Noon. 57* at 2pm. 58* at 4pm. Wind gusts failed here again. 55* at 6pm. 52* at 7pm. 46* at 10pm.
  12. The last two days of November are averaging 45degs.(40/51) or +3. Week 1 of December is averaging 46degs.(39/53) or +6---so no winter till Dec. 08+++++?????? Month to date is 51.4[+3.1]. November should end at 51.0[+3.0]. Reached 51 here yesterday. Today: 44-47, wind s., p. sunny, 46 tomorrow AM. 38*(66%RH) here at 6am. 39* at 8am. 40* at 9am. 42* at 10am. 44* at 11am. 45* at Noon. Reached 47* at 3:30pm. 44* at 6am. 45* at 8am.
  13. .........................with the proviso that it says the next 5 are way BN too. That 5 day BN period has been traveling with the model for days already. FWIW
  14. The last 3 days of November are averaging 47degs.(42/52)or +5. First Week of December averaging 44degs.(38/51) or +4. GFSext says the next BN 7-Day Period is centered on Dec. 10. Month should be BN every 7 day period beyond that. But caution advised as this cold air will not be coming from Hudson Bay---but much further west and could warm and get waylaid at anytime and pop goes the SE Ridge. Month to date is 51.5[+3.0]. November should end at 51.0[+3.0]. Reached 60* here at 10pm! yesterday. Today: High already reached at 56. Falling T's into upper 40's and 39 by tomorrow AM, wind w. to n.-breezy, variable skies. 53*(80%RH) here at 6am. 55* at 8am. 50* at 9am. 51* at Noon. 51* at 3pm. 45* at 8pm.
  15. COUNTDOWN TO WEEK 2 OF DECEMBER BEGINS...........................but even then can't beat the 27 from Nov. Also has some measurable (not memorable) snow Dec 07, 12.
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