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  1. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    We still have a good 10 days to go just to get to the chance of a true Normal/BN day. Many +10 or better AN days in 'store to secure the bore some more'. Bettor's money says Mar. 09 before a true BN day arrives.
  2. Remember the average age of each of the 12 warmest months is less than 30 years---while the coldest 12 months average 120 years. Only when recording first started, could a monthly record fall so easily.
  3. Last 7 days of Feb. averaging 48degs., or 12degs. AN. Month to date is +6.0. Should end @ +7.3 Next 8 days also averaging 47deg. I got to 75 yesterday, and I am less than a 1000 feet from the ocean. There was no sea breeze, but maybe a conductive effect with the 45deg. water, knocked a few degrees off.
  4. We must be getting Adiabatic, Downsloping Heating of the atmosphere. Strong wind here in CI, but temperature is 72.
  5. Add Tampa Bay for hottest Feb. day ever yesterday at 89. Records start 1890. I saw 76 at Toms River, but I don't know how significant it was.
  6. Next 8 days averaging 48degs., or +12degs. Month to date is +4.8. Target is +6.7. Month should end at a record +6.9. Just making it with an extra positive surplus of 6 degrees to spare. We will see if the next 8 days go as shown today. With the above Feb. finish, the Winter would end at +1.0., making the correct call last Nov.---Near Normal with a Positive Bias. LR Ensembles are not showing March as BN. CFS or the EURO .
  7. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Meanwhile if you missed it, the JMA Seasonal Projection was issued last week and shows BN temps., BN precip., BN coastal water surface temps. along the EC this Spring. More immediately, the NAEFS has this for us. But just as temps drop,(after the 26th) the precip. dries up too, though some members go pop around the Mar. 05. Not show here.
  8. JB still has all his eggs in the basket of the 'Ash Wed. analog 1962' to our setup in early March. SDiM is not on board with this.
  9. Visibility here under 300'. Temp. is 50. From a distance away inside the room, the spaces in the vertical blinds, seem to be hiding a whiteout blizzard! Should be so lucky. Up close the truth is laid bare. Visibility quickly up to 3-5miles, temp. 52 9AM
  10. Next 8 days averaging 50degs., or +14degs. Month to date is +4.0. Should be +7.0 by the 28th. Target is to end month @+6.7 or more.. So with these numbers, the 28th will have to be 9degs. BN in order to stop a new monthly record.
  11. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Was listening to the Tampa station WFLA on iHEART radio this morning, and the prediction was for 84 today, with a record of 86 for the date. Normal high is 73 or so. I am starting to think that the Cold Air will be 'Returned To Sender' for insufficient PNA. lol All I see Week 1 of March is normal temps. at best.
  12. Next 8 days averaging 51degs., or about 16degs. AN. Month to date is +3.8. Should be +7.5 by the 27th.
  13. I like the dates Mar. 3-4 Mar. 7-8 and Mar. 21 for snow events. This is from the CFS. JMA seasonal outlook has a cold spring, as of last week.
  14. Next 8 days averaging 49degs., or 14degs. AN. Month to date temporarily lower at +3.9. This should be +7.1 by the 26th. We want to finish at +6.7, or better to best last Feb. It had more snow [9.4"] and sported a 70 Degree Day. Our snow is over, but 70 is in the running. I see no cold till the 28th.***** *****Actually like the dog chasing its own tail around town, I just said that to make you feel good. Once again, real lasting cold, has lept ahead to Mar. 20th. Sporadic cold before then. Meanwhile everyone who called for a cold winter, or who called the Jan. Thaw temporary, were wrong.
  15. Winter 2017-18 banter thread