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  1. The Champ just became one of the Chimps. The heaviest snowfall area has shifted from Cape May to Eastern LI in two runs. I have been cut in half from yesterday's 18". Could be game over. NWS hardly even mentioned snow and certainly not a blizzard possibility on KWO-35 this morning. This run makes them look like stars.
  2. The last 6 days of January are averaging 26degs.(20/31) or -7. Month to date is 31.8[-2.0]. January should end at 30.6[-3.1]. Reached 44 here yesterday. Today: 27-30, wind nw. and breezy at times, few clouds, 18 by tomorrow AM. EURO still the champ with weekend storm, but is somewhat further ne. of yesterday's runs. 18" for me, but quickly down to 12" for Newark. The chimps are CMC 10", GFS 4". 23*(50%RH) here at 6am. 22* at 7am. 25* at Noon. 28* at 3pm.
  3. EURO still on the beam: Look at the 30" Cape May wipe out or white out. Anyone know what the single storm snow total record is for Cape May? Just trying to judge if this run is legit based on history. Maybe 1899 Blizzard?
  4. The 0Z EURO is a bone crusher, but note on the 48hr. snow totals the E-W gradient. We need tomorrow's 12Z to look like this and we could be set.
  5. The last 7 days of January are averaging 27degs.(22/32) or -6. Month to date is 31.7[-2.1]. January should end at 30.6[-3.1]. Reached 38 at 11:59pm yesterday---most of PM was near 35. Today: 40-42 falling late, 23 by tomorrow AM., wind w. to nw., cloudy then clearing. Today its the EURO[968mb, BM Low] that has picked up the fumble---as it has the 20" and 40mph winds. The other two clumbzies have 2". This combination changes every day. 37*(71%RH) here at 6am. 38* at 9am. 44* at 2pm. 35* at 8pm. 30* at 11pm.
  6. The last 8 days of January are averaging 26degs.(21/31) or -7. Month to date is 31.7[-2.1]. January should end at 30.5[-3.2]. Reached 38 here yesterday. Today: T's pretty steady in mid 30's. Wind n. to s. late, m. cloudy. CMC {0Z}has the end of month storm today. {06Z}GFS looks similar. The football is still loose on the field. 31*(80%RH) here at 6am. 30* at 6:30am. 29* at 8am. 35* at Noon.
  7. Even given the full 16 days, 1" total is not even at 100%: The same for 12":
  8. This run it was the CMC with the Hail Mary. Great football action as the numericals pass and fumble the ball among each other.
  9. The next 8 days are averaging 26degs.(20/32) or -7. Month to date is 31.8[-2.1]. Should be 31.2[-3.4] by the 31st. Reached 34 here yesterday. Today: 33-36, wind w. to n., variable skies to overcast late. End of month storm gone? All models with the snow into New England and Maine now. 25*(48%RH) here at 6am. 30* at 10am. 32* at Noon. 38* at 4pm.
  10. The next 8 days are averaging 26degs. (21/32], or -7. Month to date is 32.3[-1.6]. Should be 30.8[-2.9] by the 30th. Reached 23 here yesterday. Today: 27-30, wind n. and light, m. clear. GFS has the end of month storm again. 15*(48%RH) here at 6am. 19* at 9am. 24* at Noon.....but suddenly 27* at 12:30pm. 34* at 4pm. 28* at 8pm.
  11. Some GEFS Members start hitting 60 by the second week of February. SD gives winter till the 10th. The Sun-Angle-Boys will join the fray soon too. But of course we still have that CFSv2 I posted yesterday. That climate model messed up December I believe---but got January right. Our end of month storm has shifted 500 miles to the west from two runs ago and is Sigma -4 overhead---unfortunately with the warm sector on board--- cause it shows no snow and a lot of rain:
  12. The next 8 days are averaging 26degs.(21/30) or -7. Month to date is 33.0[-0.9]. Should be 31.0[-2.6] by the 29th. Reached 44 yesterday (at midnight) and T fell during the day to 24 this midnight. Today: 23-25, wind n., cloudy, then clearing. No tangible 10-Day snows, just BN T's till early February. 17*(46%RH) here at 6am. 16* at 7am. 19* at Noon. 23* at 2pm. 24* at 3:30pm. 22* at 9pm.
  13. CFSv2 not getting enough attention with its February forecast? WARMUP? What, Me Worry? but yes, the end of month blizzard is already OTS
  14. THE BIG KISSOFF ----- BEFORE THE BIG WARMUP ----- in February??? 20" and 35mph winds+any gusts. Never gonna hold up till the 29th/30th. Gone Already? We hardly knew you. Above derived from 12Z but already useless.................. 18Z
  15. The next 8 days are averaging 29degs.(24/33) or -4. Month to date is 32.9[-1.1]. Should be 31.6[-2.0] by the 28th. Reached 49 here yesterday. Today: Falling T's to 19 by tomorrow AM. Precip. till 2pm when T may have reached 32---so little white. Next 10 days BN and dry? Jan. 30 with 15"+ is next, and only, date to follow? 41*(85%RH5) here at 6am,Rain{was 46* at midnite} 40* at 7am, snow line back by Morristown now. 39* at 8am, snow approaching Newark area. 36* at 9am and snow into most of SI. Approaching Jersey City vicinity. 35* and wet snow here at 10am. 33* and wet snow, not sticking anywhere at 11am, moderate snow over and maybe 3hrs. of nothing to go. Just about over at Noon, still 33*, no snow coverage. Went back up to 35 and finally reached 32 at 6pm.
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