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  1. CFS back to +4degs. on next 45 days. This model should be put in chains and locked in a dungeon! Curses, foiled again.
  2. Wow. S.Ireland and S.UK get smashed again in 4 days.
  3. Should we believe the 8" precip. of the OZ GFS or the no inches of the 06Z. She loves me---she loves me not. Lol
  4. Next 8 still averaging 62degs., or +6degs. This would give us a +7.3degs. for the month by the 25th. At that time we would have a surplus of 12 degrees over the record and 7 days to get rid of it. Last week of Oct. must come in under +2degs., I would say to set monthly record. (+6.8degs. or better)
  5. CFSv2 down to (2degs. BN) on next 45-day forecast---with some scary mid-month cold. This is 8 degrees less than it showed a week ago for the next 45. Meanwhile down to 50degs. here right now and maybe this will seem balmy in 30 days. First 40-something reading by midnite, I guess.
  6. Next 45 days down to NORMAL here somehow, while rest of country is AN. This is down 6degs. in a week. Cool down starts in southeastern US., maybe a stratospheric warm-up there?
  7. Next 8 days averaging 62degs. or +6degs. We will be near +7.7degs. by the morning of the 24th for the month.
  8. Cool down not really looking spectacular. Notice how little uncertainty is inherent in forecast till the change near the 24th.:
  9. No change for the next 8 days---averaging 64degs., or about +7 or +8degs. Until you start adding in days after the 25th., the above will be the case. The GFS is not taking its' meds and overnight turned Nov. to BN! We will see.
  10. Well if the 850mb's are right, any day with a 10C or better is a candidate for 70 degrees. But the GFS has been playing ping-pong with the numbers, so who knows.
  11. 18Z GFS is slow with the cold getting here. Another ten 70 degree days are probably possible before Halloween.
  12. In the fantasy range, CFS has snow cover here about 11/19, for a few days-----then NYC, LI and most of NJ have nothing in Dec.---surrounding areas do---down the spine of the Appalachian Mts.
  13. Next 8 days going the wrong way again, averaging 64degs., or +7degs. By the morning of the 22nd., at this rate, the month will be +7.8degs.
  14. According to the 46-day EURO, these are the dates for BN temps. here: 10/24-30 [midwest goes first], 11/09-12, 11/19-26 [wild swing from 20degs. BN to 10degs. AN].
  15. According to 45-day EURO the dates to watch for cold are 10/26---30 [midwest goes first], 11/09---12, 11/19-21 a solid 20degs. BN, fliping to 10degs. AN by 11/26.