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    Have operated home weather station for over 35 years with records going back to 1977... Current equipment includes Vantage pro, Nimbus digital thermometer, standard nws rain gage, to name a few.

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  1. Can feel the drier air today...been muggy for the last week.
  2. Yeah last several days here with upper 60's lows...big difference from earlier in the month with the cool dry mornings.
  3. Yeah gfs has been consistent with its more eastern drier track...meanwhile last three Euro runs have cut back precip from several inches on Saturday, to a couple of inches yesterday 12z to 0.75 last night...I suspect the 12z run may cut back further.
  4. 0z model runs for rain from Jose range from 3-4 inches from the nam, about 0.75 from the Euro and around 0.10 from the gfs and cmc...this is for nyc metro, so take your pick lol. I'll go with the low amounts.
  5. Latest my station has been to 90+ is 9/27 back in 1998.
  6. Had 0.13" rain after high temp of 82.
  7. Nice weather past two days, hi temps of 72 both days...temp departure first eight days of -5.2 degrees.
  8. 63 here currently, quite a change from yesterdays 87 degrees...Also nowhere near the forecast high in the mid 70's. Looks like the midnight 70 degree reading will be my high.
  9. While everyone is watching Irma, its a warm humid day here today...Temp up to 85 with a 70 dp...Looks like a good soaking with cold front and wave... 1-2 inches looks likely, mainly later tonight thru tomorrow night.
  10. Well looks like a wet midweek period for us with a frontal system...1-2+ inches possible.
  11. Another over performing rain event with total of 1.28" ...0.53" yesterday and 0.75" today.
  12. Raining again...0.47" so far....65 only for the high today.
  13. I think that reading was an error...if you check their 5 min obs., the was a sudden drop around 3 am, then a rise shortly thereafter...I checked because EWR doesn't often drop 3 degrees lower than me.
  14. August finished here with a departure of -2.1 degrees...it was the 8th coolest in 40 years and the mean max temp finished at 2nd coolest. Met summer finished -0.5 degrees and was the coolest since 2009...Precip of 15.37" is about 1.5" above normal. Also it's been a wet 12 months with 54.60" falling.
  15. Ended up with 0.21" and temp drop to 70.