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    Have operated home weather station for over 35 years with records going back to 1977... Current equipment includes Vantage pro, Nimbus digital thermometer, standard nws rain gage, to name a few.

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  1. Had a quick 0.36" with that cell... Nice shelf cloud preceding. Made it to 89 degrees for the high...Down to 76 after the rain.
  2. Just seems the meso's have really had a problem this summer with the numerous convection threats we've had...rarely agreeing on timing, coverage....and more often than not, underestimating coverage.
  3. Models still don't look too enthused about any widespread shower, t storm activity next couple of days prior to cold frontal passage....kinda surprised with all the heat and humidity this week.
  4. Yeah finally hit 90° this month with a 92° high...83° now ...heard thunder as storms developed to my se but no rain.
  5. 89/73 temp split today....missed all the showers.
  6. Still no 90 degree reading here this month as today topped off at 89...Still a se component to the wind, tomorrow should be more sw.
  7. 88/77 currently ….Hit 89 earlier.
  8. A muggy 86/72 temp split today... Pretty strong onshore flow last couple days.
  9. Is your station on WU or elsewhere?
  10. Month has not been bad at all so far concerning heat...No 90° readings here yet and my station is running a negative temp departure thru today.
  11. Small diurnal temp ranges past two days with the clouds, scattered rain...failed to reach 80° here both days with mins around 70°.
  12. Keeping up the pace with 9.50" rain here past 30 days.