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    Have operated home weather station for over 35 years with records going back to 1977... Current equipment includes Vantage pro, Nimbus digital thermometer, standard nws rain gage, to name a few.

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  1. No Seabreeze today....77/62 currently.
  2. ^^ Been a back and forth pattern with temps...Nov below, Dec above, Jan normal, Feb above, Mar below, April above.
  3. Same here 66° high....Models are really all over the place with the placement of any heavy rains for tomorrow night- Sat.
  4. I've posted this stat before but I think it's pretty impressive....My station has had only one below normal precip month during the past 14....Running about normal so far this month at 2.28"....another couple inches would put it above.
  5. Remember this time in 2002? Today was the second day of a very early 4 day heat wave....From the 16th thru 19th, temps hit 91, 96, 91 and 91 at my station.
  6. Gusting 45+ now....Had 1.01" rain.
  7. 59° and 56° Lows here Sat and Sun. Normal is around 40°.
  8. Yes it was coldest at my station for 40 years of record.
  9. First week of this April averaged about 6° warmer than last April...You can see the difference in growth this year vs last.
  10. It probably will be dry if it doesn't rain .
  11. Last 20 days just 0.60" precip here...prior 15 months had been very wet. Won't be surprised if we still wind up with normal rainfall for April though.
  12. Temp back down five degrees in one hour to 47° as some fog moved in.
  13. Biggest hourly drop here was 14° in one hour...Temp was 60° at midnight, will probably be today's high.
  14. Still 74° here, coming off a high of 79°.
  15. Nam usually does do best with these springtime backdoors.