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    Have operated home weather station for over 35 years with records going back to 1977... Current equipment includes Vantage pro, Nimbus digital thermometer, standard nws rain gage, to name a few.

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  1. Nice cold day today 34/23 temp split...Already back down to 28°.
  2. That euro temp map says "apparent temperature" so that's wind chill I would think...Still actual temps are still extremely cold.
  3. My wife is Filipina so of course she was used to warm weather...she's been here 20 years now so she's pretty much acclimated. She enjoys the weather and my fascination with it...loves to hear my weather stories. She's the best.
  4. Wish people would stop using the term "non event" for every storm that doesn't give significant snows for certain areas. I'm picky as I get older.
  5. I didn't know about the story of Stephan Baltz...Wow so sad...I was 11 months old when that accident occured.
  6. 23° here this am...Notice pressure at 30.74" my friends?
  7. I'd hardly call it "horrible"....Sure we'd like more snow, but from an excitement and forecasting viewpoint...I think its pretty good
  8. Yes true...I was speaking for my station where the LE was less than seen further east.
  9. 1.0" here...Not a temp thing here, just less precip fell.
  10. Couple more inches and I'll hit 60" for the year...last year had 69.55".
  11. I like it stormy too...rather have snow of course but like the rain also.
  12. Yeah gotta say I was disappointed with the overnight runs concerning winter weather...will be wet though next ten days with several precip chances. Today's rain along with tomorrow's rain/snow may approach 2"...Already 0.50" has fallen here this am.
  13. Cant understand why people are always so fixated on whats gonna accumulate and where in nyc proper....when many of them live 10's of miles away in a totally different environment. If I get 3" at my location, I really don't care if the streets in Manhattan are only wet. If you live in the urban areas...different story.