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    Have operated home weather station for over 35 years with records going back to 1977... Current equipment includes Vantage pro, Nimbus digital thermometer, standard nws rain gage, to name a few.

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  1. Yeah pretty impressive dry spell for these parts, had 0.01" on the first and that's it for a three week period. Of course that will end later on today into tomorrow.
  2. 1.51" for Friday, temp split of 63/55.
  3. Up to 1.10" here on si with heavy batch that just moved thru.
  4. Cooler today here with 71° high, very foggy this am.....Highest temp this week was 83° on Wednesday.
  5. September finished here with a +0.9° temp departure...the first ten days were about +7°, so we made up a lot the last couple weeks. Rainfall of 9.75" which is my 3rd wettest in 42 years.
  6. The rain was much more significant with Irene vs Gloria....About 3.50" for Gloria and 8.01" for Irene here on si.
  7. Small diurnal 59/56 split today.
  8. Astro summer here was wet with 19.09" of rain which is 6th highest in 42 years...last summer saw just 8.50 ".
  9. 1.10" today...Temp split of 61/57.
  10. 0.85"...seems to be going as expected for most so far.
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