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    Have operated home weather station for over 35 years with records going back to 1977... Current equipment includes Vantage pro, Nimbus digital thermometer, standard nws rain gage, to name a few.

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  1. Still 40° at this hour...not alot of snow melt with the icy top layer... you can see the street lights shining on the snow.
  2. Snowfall here past 23 days totaled 32.8".... Season total at 42.6".
  3. And just like that it turned to rain here on SI, but still picked up 1.5" which accumulated on all surfaces... highest of course on top of old snow. Temp was 36° when snow began at around 11am and dropped to 33°.
  4. Finally down to very light snow after nice couple hour burst...1.3" fell today, 5.0" for storm, 27.3" for month, 31.3" past 19 days and 41.1" for season.
  5. Freezing rain here last hour or so...temp 27°. Temp range today was 29/23. Yesterday 29/16.
  6. Nice cold 27/14 split today.
  7. Nice job by the nws and some others with their snow amount predictions...I think the model huggers who suddenly lowered their expectations late last night...not so much.
  8. My station was 34° when the snow first began but quickly lowered and spent most of the storm at around 31.5°.
  9. 6.0" total here on si with additional inch over past two hours.
  10. Disagree about Joe Cioffi...he's still one of the best. Doesn't flip flop with every model run.