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  1. Nice morning 67/60...won't have many like this for awhile.
  2. 92° here today...Wow the euro is hot beginning Tues, lasting thru Sun at least...Pretty dry towards the coast also thru it's run...Other guidance is a little wetter however.
  3. ^^And maybe not much rain...just some scattered convection...we'll see how that works out.
  4. Two 90°+ days this month and 6 for season.
  5. Another 89° day...lots of cu around.
  6. Yeah the problem wasn't fixed on the new rollout... They took the UHI and over did it, it seems.... Anyway 1.11" here so far today.
  7. First really warm night with 80° still at this hour.
  8. Finally a 90° hi after several 89's.
  9. Your barometer...you in a hurricane now?
  10. The last dry month ( Less than 2" ) here was Nov 2017...We're due.
  11. Rain had trouble making it east with 0.08" here.
  12. 68° currently...First time to drop below 70° in 6 days.
  13. Bit of lite rain here this am..0.03" so far and 69°.
  14. I really don't even pay attention to the temp forecasts in the point and click...like you said, I often find them off . I'll usually use the Nam and apply my 59 years of living here and take it from there.
  15. 83° hi today...currently sitting at the low for the day at 71°.
  16. 79°/77°... Hi temp 89°.
  17. Got a quick 0.33" on the north shore...0.07" at station...temp down to 80. Didn't hear any thunder, quick burst of wind though.
  18. Another day of onshore flow so 81° was the best we could do here...very humid though, currently 76°/74°.
  19. Lots of clouds, se wind, 77° here, reached 80° earlier.
  20. 86° high today with se wind...still have not hit 90° this month.
  21. Temp leveled out here at 87° as winds went se.
  22. Great glad I could help