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  1. Brief shower here about 30 minutes ago ( just a T) Dropped temp down to 71, now back up to 74°.
  2. Rained again over nite with 0.07"....Were some showers around late yesterday also but missed my station.
  3. It's like a daughter, only different...
  4. 2.48" here for last 3 days....1.42", 0.79", and 0.27".
  5. Out of the last 21 days, only one had 0 precip...Two had a trace.... 18 had measurable.
  6. Average high temps will soon be into the mid 70's....Another day with precip, 0.04" since midnight.
  7. 2.20" event total, still a bit more to go, hi temp of 48°....Another rain storm that didn't disappoint.
  8. Raining moderately here...up to 0.61" for day to go with 1.43" yesterday.
  9. 1.42" rain yesterday...With the rain last few hours, already approaching 4" for the month.
  10. doncat

    90 Degree Days

    I noticed you started this thread 8 years ago....That's heat dedication
  11. Up to 1.00" for the day...cant remember last time a precip event has underperformed.
  12. 47 degrees with 0.62" rain so far... Midnight temp of 56 will be todays high...Monthly temps should show a solid negative departure after Tuesday.
  13. Had 0.02" rain early this am, along with 0.04" yesterday.
  14. Models in better agreement for significant rains in the Sun-Mon period.
  15. Raining...another day with measurable precip.
  16. Yeah about a -0.8 degree departure here after today.... We're either having high temps in the 70's or 50's.
  17. Another day to add to our rain streak.
  18. A very brief high of 73° today, quickly back down to 57°.
  19. Nice you know my Davis gage got clogged with all this tree crap...Good thing for the manual gage.
  20. Up to 2.00" for the day...It's just been continuous for the most part at varying rates since 1am.
  21. 1.22" today...56/53 temp split. Three of the five days this month have had similar diurnal ranges.