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  1. Warmer than I thought today...already 76° even with lots of clouds.
  2. Briefly made it to 76 here now back down to 72 degrees.
  3. Se winds everyday...a little cooler by you, couple degrees warmer by me, and into the 80's to our west.
  4. 74° here today, still with onshore flow now for 10 straight days.
  5. 72° high here today with clouds finally clearing out.
  6. Even 70° has been hard to come by, only reaching it once past eight days here.
  7. At my station, a general onshore flow now since around 4pm on the 16th.
  8. Temp down ten degrees in past hour to 58°...0.50" rain today.
  9. Had twelve 90°+ days here with three of them in May so yeah a relatively cool summer.
  10. This date in 1996...99° Station record for May!
  11. 66 for high today...Just 1.10" rain for month.
  12. Super duper wet out this way...62.25" last year and 69.71" in 2018...So far this year at 15" which is a couple inches below normal.
  13. With any rain this week now looking very iffy...Been rather dry here with 1.08" so far.
  14. Yeah 66° now with that sea breeze, coming off a high of 78°.
  15. Another below normal day but still nice.... 63/39 temp split.
  16. At my station this has been the 4th coolest opening 13 days of May...since 1977.
  17. 38° low currently...maybe last 30's till ?
  18. Still looks like a couple more mornings in the 30's this week before the warm up.