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  1. Had a shower here with 0.06", dropped temp to 54°.
  2. 79° high today...currently 58° with 0.25" of post frontal rain so far.
  3. 80° high here today...record is 81°.
  4. Yeah another similar day here, socked in with stratus...69/58 split... +4.2° departure mtd.
  5. 69/59 temp split today...Last four days saw highs between 65-70 and only getting down to near 60 at night...avg. lows here are in the upper 40's by this date. Rainfall to date of 0.53".
  6. Picked up 0.34" with the band of showers that moved in from the se.
  7. Running a +3.5° departure thru first nine days....just 0.22" rain.
  8. 0.13" here with some loud thunder earlier...10.37" for month.
  9. 1.40" for event... mtd of 10.22" here on si. Last three months... July 11.13" , Aug 9.85", Sept 10.22" . An amazingly wet period.
  10. ASTRO summer here came in at 13th warmest past 44 years...Rain of 30.27" beats out 2011 to become wettest.
  11. Guidance currently looking pretty wet with next week's system...8.85" here this month so far.
  12. 0.67" rain past two weeks but 16.70" past 29 days. Was there some kind of storm in the middle there?
  13. Wow sad...I've been watching some of his routines lately.
  14. As far as 70+ degree mins so far... my station has recorded 39 days...record is 41 days last set last year, none so far in Sept.
  15. 78/54 split today...thru today a -0.9° temp departure.
  16. Yeah just poorly written...failing to mention that the heavy rain tornado threat is from a separate system. Again as with most journalists nowadays, no effort to investigate and get the facts right.
  17. Met summer here came in at 9th warmest in 44 years. Precip of 24.17" was 2nd to 2011. Of course one day later came Ida.
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