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  1. Looking at the local Davis stations...3.50-4.00" looks to be a common event total so far...this is for si and nearby points s and w.
  2. Most of the 1.05" today fell between 1:30 and 3:00 this am.
  3. Wow close to 1" of rain has fallen since midnight here, now 3.50" for event.
  4. 0.60" for day, 2.27" since Saturday.
  5. 1.65" for the two day total so far.
  6. 0.60" so far today....59/53 temp split.
  7. September finished here with a +0.8° departure and 3.87" rain.
  8. Yeah 0.57" here, not surprised by the rain split with the low spinning to the sw and the frontal rains moving nne offshore.
  9. Even in what may be our drier period on avg, most stations still average 3.75" to 4" of rain for the oct- Dec ,months, so barring an absence of synoptic events as the season progresses we should be ok....I hope.
  10. 1.46" since midnight with about 1.20" of that falling in 30 minutes around 4 am.
  11. ^Yeah 0.87" here...too bad for those that really needed it.
  12. Made it to 90° here today with 0.36" rain past 90 minutes.
  13. Final Aug/summer station stats....Aug was 2nd warmest since 1977 just behind 2016....Summer tied for 2nd warmest with 2020, behind 2010. Did wind up with 2.98" rain for Aug, so this summer finishes at 4th driest.
  14. 0.35" here, also 72°, low for day.
  15. Another 89° high here... stuck at 11 for month and 32 for season for 90° temps.
  16. Last year after Ida on 9/1, station rainfall from 7/1 to 9/1 was 29.01".... this year pending what may fall midweek, is 4.39".
  17. 78° here with onshore flow...only managed 72° for am low.
  18. Had winds go onshore here for awhile again to stop me short of 90°. You're ahead of me for Aug. 90's but equal on the seasonal number. I think we've mentioned this before but interesting how we both started our records in 1973...I do consider 1977 though as my "official" beginning, for some reason that I don't remember lol.
  19. Another 89° high here after 70° low...still at ten 90° days for Aug, and 32 for season.
  20. Station warmest August on record is 2016 while warmest met summer is 2010...both are in play.
  21. 88° today before the showers...0.28".
  22. Yeah a small but well placed shower dropped 0.26" here and dropped temp from 88° down to 77°.
  23. Just 1.83" there since 7/1.
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