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  1. JB looked at this and just today cancelled the Winter. Last hope for the Mohegans is the CFSv2 which might as well change the F to V and start filling prescriptions online. This looks 10 degrees warmer than when I mentioned it 2 days ago:
  2. The next 8 days are averaging 43degs.(36/51), +4. GFS at 6", is still trying to squeeze a storm in between 60 degree days. Other two models are at a Trace. Key is: L.#1 giving a psuedo -NAO for L.#2(Wed.) which can now be further south. Adding GFS snows for Dec. 08th. and 12th. together---the GFS has had 6" to 15" total, for the last four runs. Today: 46-49, wind n. to e., variable skies, up to 52 by tomorrow AM. Reached 48 here yesterday. 41*(51%RH) here at 6am. 47* at Noon. 48* at 1pm. 49* at 2pm. 48*/49* during PM.
  3. HE WHO SLEEPS WITH BITCOIN WILL AWAKEN AS AN EUNUCH-and have the EURO and CMC as their harem. Other models are in the 60's while the GFS has a major snowstorm.
  4. Let me preface by noting the models are in Silly Season Mode and playing Musical Chairs. The next 8 days are averaging 43degs.(37/49), or +4. Reached 49,{at Midnite} and 48 during the afternoon here, yesterday. Today: 45-48, wind w., cloudy---then breaks of sun. EURO lost the snow and goes to 70 next week. Makes the GFS look normal. CMC goes to 10 next week. As for snow on the 8th., a Trace to 3"---with the EURO at 0". The good news is that the GEFS Extended is strictly 0 to 40 starting the 21st. Get ready to freeze in situ. 42*(50%RH)here at 6am{was 39* at 1am}. 45* at 9am. 47* at Noon. 48* at 1pm. 47*/48* all PM. 45* at 7pm.
  5. We're we weenies born in the wrong state? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10273261/Hawaii-blizzard-warning-12-inches-snow-winds-100-mph-expected.html?ito=push-notification&ci=kGEb5egBlf&cri=s1nTIyrE_9&si=51505497&xi=5a2c9b28-ef82-418e-b681-0ce62b30c195&ai=10273261
  6. The EURO Teaser....... GFS looked like this two days ago.
  7. Meanwhile back at the GFS......... You load 16-Days and what do you get? Six Degrees over and I win my bet............. Dec. 04-19....... 37/51 = 44 = +6
  8. The next 8 days are averaging 45degs.(40/51), or +6. Reached 57 here yesterday. Today: 44-47, wind nw. and breezy till sunset, variable skies. GFS has no 32 for the next 16 days. 44*(50% RH) here at 6am. 43* at 7am. 47* at Noon. 49* at 3pm. 41* at 9pm.
  9. Presented w/o comment: Dec. 03-18..... 43/55 = 49 = +11 nowadays just +8.
  10. The next 8 days are averaging 47degs.(40/54), or +7. Reached 50* here yesterday. Today: 55-58, wind s. to w., breezy late, m. cloudy-breaks. GFS has one 32 in the next 17 days. GFS loses the snow, EURO/CMC have it(Dec. 08---2"). 53*(88%RH)here at 6am, street wet.{was 48 at Midnite}. 52* at 9am. 55* at Noon. 57* at 3pm. 55* at 10pm. 50* at 11pm.
  11. 2" of Snow sandwiched between 60+ days? Looks like it takes about 15mins. lol JB is in on this one.
  12. November ended at 46.2[-1.8]. The first 8 days of December are averaging 44degs.(39/49), or +4. The GFS does not even reach 32 for the next 17 days! Wet snow near the 9th? CAR DEC2015 WHERE R U? Reached 42 here yesterday. Today: 45-48, wind w., m. sunny. 42*(56%RH) here at 6am. 41* at 7am. 44* at 9am. 46* at 10am. 48* at Noon. 50* at 2pm.
  13. Don't Try to Pretty Her Up.......THE UGLY PIG "DecemberNita" comes to the party already dolled up in "Red Rouge" lipstick!
  14. The last day of November is averaging 37degs.(33/41), or -3. Dec. 01-16 too embarassing to calculate---10/16 days in the 50's though----today the lowest of the next 16 too??? Month to date is 46.6[-1.6]. November will end at 46.3[-1.7]. Reached 42 here yesterday. Some wet snow fell about 1pm. Today: 41-43, wind w., cloudy, small chance again of a snow shower. 34*(63%RH) here at 6am. 35* at 7am. 39* at 9am. 40* at 10am. 41* at 11am. 40* at Noon. 41* again by 3pm. 42* at 6pm.
  15. AND AS THEY COME AROUND THE FAR TURN......ITS 'EURO' IN THE LEAD WITH 'GFS' WIPING UP THE REAR: C O M E O N "70*F" Y O U C A N D O I T B O Y !!!! Dec. 01-15 is 39/53 = 46, or +7 by Old Style Almanac, maybe just +4 by today's standards. Lol
  16. Here are your snow flurries:
  17. The last 2 days of November are averaging 37degs.(33/41), or -5. Month to date is 46.9[-1.4]. November will end at 46.0[-2.0]. Reached 46 here yesterday. SSTA must be keeping me warmer. Today: 41-43, wind w., breezy late, some sun. First 10 days of December now 36/47 = 41, or +2---Old Style Almanac. Lol. GEFS Extended is more Gung-Ho on the 60's than the 20's, for the whole month of December. 39*(63%RH) here at 6am. 38* at 8am. 40* at 9am. 42* at Noon. 35* at 10pm.
  18. The last 3 days of November are averaging 39degs.(34/44), or -3. Month to date is 47.2[-1.3]. November will end at 46.4[-1.6]. Reached 40 here yesterday. Today: 42-45, wind w., wet snow ending early, clearing late. First 10 days of December 35/51 = 43, or +3. 36*(72%RH) here at 6am., wet snow, street wet, cars some white showing.{was 34 a few hours ago}. 39* at 9am. 40* at 10am. 42* at Noon. 45* at 3pm. 47* at 4pm. 42* at 9pm.
  19. The last 4 days of November are averaging 39(34/44), or -3. Month to date is 47.6[-1.0]. November should end at 46.5[-1.5]. Reached 50 here yesterday, but that was at Midnite---47 during the daytime. Today: 40-43, wind nw.-breezy, m. sunny. First 10 days of December are looking like 37/50 = 43, or +3, att. 36*(55%RH) here at 6am. 37* at 9pm. 38* at Noon. Reached 40* near 3pm.
  20. Will the Real Forecast Please Stand Up! Changes again..........
  21. The last 5 days of November are averaging 40degs.(35/44), or -3. Month to date is 47.9[-0.9]. November should end at 46.5[-1.5]. Reached 59 here yesterday. Today: Little T change early, 45-47, falling late, drizzle till Noon, wind w., some clearing and 33 tomorrow AM. Models are back to the 60's(Assassinations, Government Cover-Ups, Un-popular wars, drugs, crime....etc.)lol again. The first 12 days of December are showing up as 41/54 = 47 or +7. Car 2015DEC Where R U? 46*(85%RH) here at 6am.{was 50* at Midnight} 47* at Noon. 42* at 3pm. 41* at 5pm. 38* at 8pm.
  22. The GFS, 'AssWipe' of a model it is, has changed again!!!! Dec. 01-10 now 39/54 = 46 or as much as +6 on an Old Style Almanac for NYC. The 7" on the 6th. is now 10" on the 11th. No graphic this time. Mind your Turkey instead. Happy Holiday
  23. The last 6 days of November are averaging 40degs.(35/45), or -3. Month to date is 47.9[-1.0]. November should end near 46.3[-1.7]. Reached 49 briefly yesterday. Today: 50-54, wind w., clear early, clouding up later. Trace of Snow late weekend. Big show is Dec. 06, the GFS claims. Girlfriend shifts cold again and brings the snow{no sniffing}, I mean no kidding-----a 7" line. Lol! 40*(57%RH) here at 6am. 43* at 9am. 50* at Noon. 54* at 1pm. 56* at 2pm. 59* at 3pm.
  24. Like a bad girl friend, the GFS has changed its mind again. This is a model with no control or self-respect. It belongs in the oven with your Thanksgiving Day's turkey. Locking in an AN December now, as above.
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