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  1. The next 8 days are averaging 71degs.(63/80) or Normal. Reached 69 here yesterday at 6pm. Today: 71-75, wind nw. to s., increasing clouds, 57 tomorrow AM. Another GasMaskAlert day. 59*(61%RH) here at 7am. 62* at 9am. 64* at 10am. 66* at Noon. 69* at 1pm.
  2. I know the ULL will be in a better position to stop the smoke by Saturday....but when are the fires themselves going to be controlled? CI has 1 mile visibility with a yellowish sky at 2pm. Smells at surface unlike 10 days ago when pungent smoke could be noticed if you were higher up.
  3. The next 8 days are averaging 69degs.(60/78) or -2. Reached 81 here yesterday at 5pm. Today: 76-80, wind nw. to sw., p. sunny, 60 tomorrow AM. 59*(57%RH) here at 7am{was 58 at 6am.} 60* at 8am. 63* at 9am. 70* at Noon. 69* at 1pm---yellow air!---smoke continues. 67* at 2pm.
  4. HERE IT COMES or just a head fake? The middle of the country should get hot at any rate.
  5. Was just another close call here with little action. Everything weakening now.
  6. The next 8 days are averaging 67degs.(59/74) or -4. Reached 78 yesterday at 5:30pm. Today: 74-78, wind w. to nw.-breezy, variable clouds, rain 2pm-6pm?, 60 tomorrow AM. No real rain till June 12/13. 63*(45%RH) here at 7am. 63* at 9am. 64* at 10am. 70* at Noon. 72* at 1pm. 77* at 2pm. 79* at 3pm---minor thunder some rain. 80*(32%RH) at 4pm. 81*(30%RH) at 5pm.
  7. The next 8 days are averaging 68degs.(57/75) or -3. Reached 68 here yesterday at 4pm. Today: 70-75, wind nw., p. cloudy, 60 tomorrow AM. 58*(66%RH) here at 7am{was 56 at 6am} 59* at 8am. 61* at 9pm. 68* at Noon. 70* at 1pm. Reached 78* at 5:30pm. 65* at 8pm.
  8. The next 8 days are averaging 67degs.(57/76) or -3. Reached 73 here yesterday at Noon. Today: 65-70, wind n., variable clouds, 54 tomorrow AM. 53*(71%RH) here at 7am{was 52 at 6am}. 55* at 8am. 57* at 9pm. 58* at 10am. 65* at 1pm. Reached 68* at 4pm. 63* at 7pm. A lot of BN to get through:
  9. The next 8 days are averaging 66degs.(57/74) or -4. Reached 80 here yesterday at 6pm. Today: 64-71, wind e., p. cloudy, 52 tomorrow AM. 68*(81%RH) here at 7am{was 67 at 6am}. 70* at 8am. 71* at 9am. 73* at 11am. 71* at Noon. 69* at 3pm. 62* at 6pm. Near peak T's yesterday:
  10. At the 'peak,' near 7:10pm. Not as bad as it looks. Sun was partially shinning all the while. Some good thunder, no wind and a little rain:
  11. The next 8 days are averaging 68degs.(58/79) or -2. Reached 79 here yesterday at 7pm. Today: 81-86, wind e., p. sunny-rain by midnight, 63 tomorrow AM. 65*(85%RH) here at 7am. 70* at 10am. 72* at Noon. Basically 75* 1pm-4pm. 80* at 6pm.
  12. Just washed-out convection here---except for tomorrow PM---from the north: 384 hours--- but it is all in the next 24 for us.
  13. May ended at 62.7[-0.5]. The first 8 days of June are averaging 66degs.(57/75) or -3. Reached 73 here yesterday at 7pm. Today: 78-83, wind e. to s., m. sunny, 64 tomorrow AM. 63*(84%RH) here at 7am{was 61 at 6am}. 67* at 9am. 68* at Noon. 69* at 1pm. 70* at 2pm. 76* at 5pm. Reached 79* at 6:30pm. Current average for June is 72.0---just 0.6 greater than the 30 Year Normal in the 60's.
  14. The last day of May is averaging 69degs.(56/82) or Normal. Month to date is 62.6[-0.5]. May should end at 62.8[-0.4]. Reached 72 here yesterday. Today: 71-76, wind e. to s., p. sunny, 60 tomorrow AM. 56*(78%RH) here at 7am{ was 55 at 6am}. 57* at 8am. 59* at 9pm. 61* at Noon. 70* at 4pm. Reached 73* at 7pm.
  15. I am in a high rise in CI and can smell this smoke continuously. Visibility is about 6 miles and the Verrazano Bridge is about to white out from my vantage point high up. Almost smells like something in the smoke can make you high after a while---no it is not Mar...........! In the bark of the burning trees perhaps. Ha! Ha! The EURO still can not make it to 80............and it has some rain Saturday. GFS at 95.
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