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  1. Good storm here in Rockville. Caught some nice CG lightning before the rain came!
  2. Interesting weather in North Dakota today. Apparently there is some lake effect coming off of Lake Sakakawea!
  3. @WxUSAF sorry if I missed it, are you still down near DC for this storm? Can’t see on mobile.
  4. Light snow in College Park. Looks like maybe an hour more of snow here.
  5. Interesting to see the divergence between LWX and most of the guidance. Seems like most guidance places a general 2-4” around 95, whereas LWX more bullish with 4-8”’.
  6. Did anyone ever doubt that when Brady got the ball with 2 minutes left they wouldn’t win?
  7. JB saying the weeklies are cold through 45-60.
  8. Absolutely ripping in west Rockville. Should have held off shoveling till later...