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  1. He is surgical every year. The man never ages or skips a beat. Glad you guys aren't filled with the stereotypical Brady hate. We are witnessing the greatest to ever do it. Take it in and respect what he's done.
  2. Yep. Have to admit even though I am Cardinals fan since birth, I love Brady. He's surgical this year.
  3. The very end of the 0z GFS. Ruh roh. Thank god that'll be gone on the 6z...
  4. I am just patiently waiting for the Panic Room to get up and running
  5. BWI: 14.6 DCA: 9.8 IAD: 15.2 RIC: 2.4 SBY: 4.2
  6. Don’t have wxbell, atm. How does the GEFS snow mean change before and after that window? Curious.
  7. Well, the end of the 12z Euro is an enticing look to say the least.
  8. Hey guys, So glad to be back for the winter! Here's to another great season! Can't say I am not a little worried though. Will be spending the majority of winter in College Park. Ruh Roh . Can't wait to see Bob Chill and all the Moco crew posting about 2"+ hour rates in their backyard while I sleet here. Oh well. Someone's gotta win! Let's make this a winter remember eh? It can't be worse than last year. LET'S GO!
  9. Big fat F
  10. Can someone make an all inclusive post showing anger from NYC, Philly, and Boston threads? If I can't get 5", no one can.
  11. So when do we think this switches back to snow? The sooner the better.
  12. Jinxed myself. Mostly sleet now in NW Rockville.
  13. I guess at this point we should specify where we are in some of these towns
  14. Well, I am a few miles northwest of you. Could be the difference right now. Sleet mixing for sure, but plenty of flakes flying.
  15. Not sure it matters but where? NW side or SE? Im right near the Montgomery Exit on to 275