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  1. Not down south .. 39 and mostly cloudy .
  2. Only if the magical unicorn of a miller A ever happen And the magic track happens...
  3. Okay I don’t post much . is it correct I don’t know or care. I am just tracking the storm.
  4. Hence why sterling has this....The Stafford County/Fredericksburg anti snow dome. . I
  5. Never happen down here in Fredericksburg... we always seem to have a mix at some point.
  6. High pressure will make it go right . Euro just realizing how strong the high is. problem it may be too strong and no allow to come up north at all. Let you know Tuesday.
  7. Until Monday's event (rain) is done i do not believe any model has goo handle on this storm , Mother nature will do what it wants.
  8. Down here in North Central Virginia it will be 1/2 inch but we will see.
  9. Just about two inches here in Fredericksburg. Maybe another 1” or so then sleet and the plain rain to wash it away.
  10. 36 / 20 nothing hitting ground according to VA 511 web
  11. down here in North Central VA . or Southern Northern VA 38 / 19 and I even washed my car tonight trying to guarantee it would snow. snip it of radar
  12. Well In the sunny south we are a advisory for 2-4 “ We are usually right on the Line so we will see .