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  1. We’re still in prime season for snow. All of February is wide open. Lets get through the next 4 weeks first, which appears to have at least 2 windows for snow chances.
  2. Pretty confident we’ll get one nice storm to hang our hats on this winter over the next 4-5 weeks, even if it’s been a disappointing season wholistically. If BWI sees a foot of snow between now and April, it’d end up 8” shy of its annual average. In 2010, BWI saw 70+” of snow on the season. BWI only averages around 20” because shitty winters happen with a fair amount of regularity in these parts. Yeah yeah. It’s not been “this bad”, but it’s been awfully close plenty of times. Perhaps we do get shutout the rest of the winter, but to pretend like we know that because we’re salty about how December & January unfolded is a bit ridiculous. If the base state begins to turn less hostile toward mid to late month, as is being forecasted, we could certainly score a win or two on the backend of what’s been an otherwise awful winter. Weirder things have happened than getting a snowstorm or two in an overall shitty winter. See January 2016 for reference.
  3. Sure is. I’m really not trying to be a dick, but that’s exactly what this thread is for. Analyzing the mid to LR pattern… good or bad. We all have the same feelings about this god awful winter, and we have a banter and an end of snow forever thread so that people can vent their frustrations about it. I honestly don’t get why some people come in here just to complain if they’re so certain it won’t snow again. It’s annoying to parse through all of that BS when attempting to read posts made by CAPE and others analyzing the LR.
  4. That’s 9 days out too. Yeah, I know, “it’ll likely fade as we approach” but no one cares to hear seventeen people say the same thing or that it’ll never snow again every time a possible threat pops up. And I don’t mean PSU, who gives us well thought out posts about WHY and the meteorology behind it, but all of the other banter.
  5. Made this point the other day. I get it’s been a shitty winter but it’s annoying as shit to come in to LR thread to see analysis and all you see is “it’s the end of snow as we know it” banter. For fucks sake. We have multiple other threads for that. Thank you for continuing to analyze every day, as painful as it’s been. .
  6. So was January 2016. It was 80 on Christmas and it was quite warm after too. You’re telling me you wouldn’t jump for joy if we scored a nice storm during a shit pattern?
  7. It’s the first day of February. It didn’t barely avoid anything quite yet lol .
  8. Fat flakes starting to fall. Mulch, car tops, and deck caving. Gotta love it. .
  9. Precip in and around DC right now (SW of downtown) looks like it means business. .
  10. No sheer from the Apps yet. Game on. Bring that precip over here sucka
  11. We’re supposed to get 1” of snow, and this looks meh? I’m confused. What exactly were your expectations for the radar given forecasted totals? The radar actually looks pretty good for a dusting to 1”
  12. Bullshit lol. The days of KUs aren’t over, give me a break. .
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