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  1. Naw, we’re getting snow from that bad boy
  2. One last hurrah late next weekend? Yes please!
  3. What you said here and the comment before this was completely uncalled for and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not being a troll. You’re being a dick. There’s a big difference. As somebody who’s been here a long while, his input is far more valued and listened to than yours. I can assure you of that. Come on man. Take your lack of snow misery out on somebody who cares or post your nonsense in the banter thread / panic room. @losetoa6 is a class act and has a plethora of knowledge - which he happily shares with the greater masses. What exactly do you contribute that you feel you can treat a veteran member in such a manner? Besides endless doomsday prediction and plugging your personal webpage that nobody in here has joined. If I’m not mistaken, losetoa6 has roughly 45” of snow on the year - which is what? 4x your annual snowfall to date? It’s not a competition, but the point is that nearly every single storm has gone his way. We’ve watched storm after storm look bad for our area, just to trend our direction around day 5-6. Why would he simply give up on a storm / winter as a whole when it’s been one of the best around our parts since 2010? Over 30” fell here in roughly 20 days. We had over a month of consecutive snow cover. No offense man, but unlike you, we are not mentally exhausted or defeated from chasing digital snow that never came to fruition. It did here. Why not keep tracking until our chances are truly dead in the water? There’s nothing to lose and a 50” season (during a Niña winter nonetheless) to gain. That may not matter much to your miserable self, but here’s a news flash…. he (and the weather) don’t care about your feelings. Loseto is excellent at sniffing out the mid range threat, is solid at evaluating trends, and could literally dance circles around you on the nitty gritty details of a particular storm or pattern. You seem to gather what others have to say, pick the worst case scenario, and then make people pay to read it. Do yourself a giant favor. Grow up a bit, get yourself together, and show some damn respect to somebody who is both a good guy and valued member of this forum. Lashing out at him out of snow jealousy is just plain sad dude.
  4. Let it stay suppressed for another few days and then bring on the NW trend. Come on baby. You’ve got one left in the tank!
  5. Oh it showed up. The TPV location just ruined it for our area and kept it over the plains and upper mid west. Chicago has been very cold for almost 2 months and that cold in Texas that broke their infrastructure was modeled to be ours a week beforehand. The lack of snow in the dc bal metros isn’t that simple however. If that dominating Arctic air did take aim at us instead of the Plains, we wouldn’t have had storm take track after track to our SE. Suppression would have been the name of the game and we would have said congrats to Richmond and the Carolinas all season long. Nothing ever quite timed up correctly this year. It’s a shame - because it had the opportunity to be an epic Niña winter.
  6. 32.8 Heavy snow 1.2” on the board.
  7. Heaviest snow of the event so far. Flakes are just huge.
  8. Definitely 1”+ on the deck / car top. Stickage to all surfaces as well, which surprisingly includes clear view rd (0.25 mile before the UB/taneytown border)
  9. We may be able to squeeze 2” out of this before the flip. Rain snow line isn’t remotely budging our way. Actually, last frame shows it still slowly pushing ESE. Rates and radar are impressive
  10. My brother in west ellicott city just flipped to mainly snow. My buddy in old ellicott city (east) said it’s a rain/snow mix looks like the line is flirting with 70/29. Shocker
  11. I know this won’t last very long, but woof Enormous flakes - bordering heavy snow - 32.8 F
  12. It’s only gonna get better in about ten minutes. Just wait for it!
  13. Incoming Carroll county & northern Baltimore county crew…. It’s about to get real out there. Snow intensity picking up rapidly.
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