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  1. Meanwhile, at my alma mater in the NE buffalo suburbs, they received 13” last night. Hey, at least winter is here! Bring it on! Just moved to the “snow belt” west of Westminster in early September.
  2. We have a better shot at snow from that next coastal than we do from this front lmao
  3. Forecasted high of 30 on 11/13 in central md. Sheesh. Seems so pre industrial.
  4. Lol. Nope. I’m looking for it to be 65 degrees and sunny. I’m good on more snow. Unless it’s on the weekend. No more damn snow days for the kids.
  5. PS - this storm hitting the plains is a monster. 60-80mph winds with a foot of snow for the northeastern plains of Colorado and points NE. Good for them. It’s been a crap winter for the northern plains. Really the entire northern tier of the country minus the Pacific Northwest. Looks like there will be tornadoes on the southern flank. A good ole March monster forming between an insane temperature gradient. This is why the 22nd needs to be watched. March, as we all know from 1993 and other years, produces some of the deepest / strongest low pressure systems we see all year. If we can get that western ridge to setup far enough west and get that cold push from Quebec to make its way here in a timely fashion, we have a shot at one last hurrah before the pattern flips for good.
  6. Welp... it’s going to be a grueling next 9 days as we wait this thing out. People will commit weenie suicide and come back to life a good 4 or 5 times over various model runs before the 22nd arrives. We’ll see people post about how they are done with this winter, are ready for spring, and three hours later they’ll be on here dissecting the 00z JMA if it shows a snowstorm. The setup isn’t perfect by any means. That being said... if things do end up lining up, this would be a monster storm. Unsure if it has the markings of a significant winter storm for our area though; rather than the likes of New York and Boston. My gut feeling is that this thing ends up being either too progressive or bombs out well to our NE... but this winter has certainly had some surprises for us. I definitely won’t be committing either way until we are at least 3-4 days out. This pattern has volatility written all over it
  7. Snow hasn’t stopped. Looks like west EC, clarksburg and west Columbia are seeing decent rates / stickage. About a half inch out there. Was expecting 0.0” and white rain
  8. Moderate snow at the EC / Columbia border along 108. Sticking to mulch and colder grassy areas
  9. We are at 30. I trust leesburg wx. Now I want to get over 30 Welp... some models have 1-3” for Friday. The small threat needs to be watched now that last nights low is headed toward the gulf of Maine. I know the vag’s on here who need 6+ every storm will brush it off, but snow is snow. Especially if you want to get over 30 for the season.
  10. But hey, any winter where we see a good 5+ events and end up with over 30” is a success in my book. Certainly not the types of winters I’m used to from my time up in the Hudson valley and my college days in buffalo, but it’s been a fairly decent winter. I think one big hurrah KU to end the season would leave people with a much better impression of the winter. Lots of close calls, nail biters, etc. Most ended up going our way, so when yesterday happens we need to get over it and realize it’s March and we live in VA, MD, WV, etc. An area wide 1+ footer would make this a solid winter now.... onto that March 8th-14th timeframe.
  11. NYC schools closed... so they must have seen more than 2-4”. That being said... that happens frequently. I lived in the lower Hudson valley for 24 years. The north shore of Long Island and the Hudson valley will get 6+, south shore of Long Island and NYC see a few inches, maybe even plain rain. The urban heat island effect is insane in New York. On a a side note... places near Boston saw 16-18”! Wow.
  12. My folks up in new city, New York have 6” and it is still absolutely ripping up there. Places in interior CT will see over a foot.
  13. See you all for the March 12-14th storm to end winter.
  14. Meanwhile here in Ellicott City, big, wet, fat raindrops with the occasional ping.