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  1. Here is month to date as of 7am it was raining pretty good at the time and still light rain now at 10am. I'm a little west of the 9.19" I would guess we end up around 9.50" with a week to go.
  2. I nursed my red maple through the dry and hot and now she's starting to turn...beautiful reds popping! I love fall colors
  3. Right on cue Twins win the division the year after the Vikings won their division...feels like they alternate every year.
  4. I was in Philly the last two days...shithole..taking amtrak home now...heading to Wisconsin...shithole...on Monday wondering if air traffic will be messed up. The train is a great way to travel by the way total low stress way
  5. Nice batch of rain coming through
  6. I'm down in DC today walking around...absolutely perfect weather
  7. I pictured you looking quite different than this
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