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  1. nice temp drop with incoming rain
  2. I mowed early this year on Saturday, front yard wasn't quite ready but the back was a jungle. If i waited until after this weeks rains I would have been one sad feller. It's funny how you get out of yardwork shape during the winter, those first few times out are a challenge as I get older. That sure sucks to say
  3. time to get my mowing muscle memory revved up i guess
  4. raining pretty good here
  5. Flying out to Anaheim today glad I won't miss any snow
  6. Nice little snow shower 20 minutes ago...3rd heaviest of the season
  7. That's a pretty radar shame it's just rain
  8. I liked that song by Blondie although the Fab Five Freddie part was kind of dumb
  9. Are you sure you aren't out in West Virginia....those look like teeth
  10. Glad this isn't snow I'd be fringed
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