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  1. Friend in Marlborough New Hampshire
  2. Mulch covered still fairly moderate
  3. Pretty moderate in Aldie
  4. The end is near if not now for my posting here but I have to say the reading is quite entertaining so i will continue doing that....I hope everyone gets what they want and or need from this place...it gave me alot for 20 years. No complaints...peace all. Signed, Leesburg 04
  5. If i was ever in the market to pick up dates my first thought would be to get married have two kids and then play guitar in a church band....those factors are definitely a major draw
  6. Only one massive storm away from nailing this call
  7. Sitting here listening to every sports program heaping praise on the Giants and picking them to win I'm starting to wonder if the Vikings should even show up....maybe just mail it in I suppose. I'm already on to baseball anyway....how about that Correa signing?!?!
  8. seems like it has been wet enough this winter so far that the spring should be quite lush when it arrives.....in a couple of weeks
  9. The Vikings are known to give up 40 pts
  10. I think for me the best case scenario was for both Detroit and Green Bay to not make it in although I don't particularly hate Dan Campbell and the Lions it's just that i would only prefer the Vikings to make it in...way too much familiarity with division foes to want to mess with that in the playoffs. Hoping my Vikings can show up next week against the Giants
  11. Ok i'll do better thank you for the feedback.
  12. awesome response, enjoy your bigness
  13. Ok well you were the ass end of everyone else piling on to the already dumped shit. better?
  14. not really, not sure anyone was saying that all they said was the model showed some blue. Pretty sure most know the temps are an issue and it will probably be just mood flakes that won't stick....is it ok to be ok with that? The snow maps have been properly debunked as not accurate, if anyone thinks that is what is going to happen then that is on them to be disappointed...i suppose i'm just a bit annoyed at the constant need of some (not you) to put others in their place and yes i can be guilty of that as well.....that combined with the fact that my dog just took a massive dump in my office has me on edge.
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