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  1. Fantastic!!! The LOL Zone !!!! GTFOOH Zone!!!!!!!!
  2. CRAS is AMPED & Juiced!!! https://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/cras/cras45_NA/12/index_ref_m_loop.html
  3. Hey Guys 30 years as a Golf Course Superintendent at Private Clubs if you need a little help with your lawn be glad to give some advice! We can def grow Tall Fescue in your areas just need to change up a couple things, let me know if you need some turf Tips!
  4. 32.5 temp 28.5 dewpoint far NW Cecil County Elevation 450 ft 5 miles from PA line.......should be interesting later what we get up here!
  5. Just crested 5 in Colora NW Cecil County near PA LINE
  6. Beautiful night up here in NW Cecil County....nearing 5 inches just gorgeous outside!!!!
  7. Incoming FROPA will be way more energetic!!! No doubt!
  8. About 1/2 inch in NW Cecil County near PA line...hoping to squeeze out 3 inches here hope all you down south get hammered!!!! 27.1
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