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  1. Jan. 20-22 Storm System

    Sounds like an early March thunderstorm in west central Ohio.
  2. Irma Remnants Potential

  3. Goes R - is just few hours from launch..

    Very Cool! http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=cenconus-02-24-1
  4. Let's Talk Winter!!

    This stretch of warm weather is quite interesting. ILN put this out a little bit ago.. The records from 1976 appear to include February 29, 1976 ... a leap year, that may have helped the 60+ days.
  5. December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    ^^^Highest Point in Ohio
  6. September 2016 General Discussion

    This was in the "out of the past" column in the local paper yesterday. Must have been quite chilly here in the sub-form! 50 Years Ago October 3, 1966 September in Shelby County was near normal in the matter of precipitation but nearly five degrees cooler than average. David Fette reported today. Fette, the area observer for U.S. Cooperative Weather Bureau Station said the heat shortage was 4 degrees in comparison with the same month in 1965 and 5 degrees below the long time average recorded in Sidney.
  7. February 2016 Discussion

    NWS Wilmington OH ‏@NWSILN 6m6 minutes ago Dayton (DAY) has broken its daily record high temp (69F) this aft. Old record was 68F (1930). CVG record of 72F (1891) may be in jeopardy!
  8. Many leaves will fall!
  9. October 2015 Discussion

    Stu Ostro ‏@StuOstro 32m32 minutes ago Trying to find the words to describe this ...
  10. I always thought that AM Weather had a great program on PBS some 30 years ago. It was a great high level overview of the daily weather for the day, all with less than 30 minutes to work with. Imagine what TWC could do using an approach like this, expanded with today’s technology, in full HD!