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  1. jaf316

    March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    5-7 feet of snow (yes, I did the math) with 100 mph winds? That's some serious drifting. I'd take it any day...
  2. jaf316

    March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    And rgem has it right over columbus
  3. jaf316

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    12z euro looks a little less impressive to me - hope it's a blip and not a trend...
  4. jaf316

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Yeah, it looks nice - - but not sticking here at all
  5. jaf316

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Nice! Yeah, I'm enjoying this little surprise refresher coating. It's a sweet Sunday morning treat...
  6. jaf316

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    My 6-year-old son measured 3.5 inches here in bexley (gotta train 'em young). But take that measurement with a grain of salt...
  7. jaf316

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    pixie dust here in bexley pretty much all day. but looks like it finally might be starting to pick up...
  8. jaf316

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    hey guys -- just moved to columbus from nyc this past year. more of a lurker than a poster, but just wanted to say hi. light snow falling in here in bexley. radar shows a heavier band to the south -- is that heavier snow or a mix? looking forward to a snowy winter here in central ohio... (last winter in nyc we had our biggest snowstorm ever -- 27.5 inches -- i'm hoping to bring some of that luck here to columbus...) j
  9. jaf316

    Continued Winter Banter.

    I used to call that number religiously every hour when I was a kid. My parents thought I was having an affair with the weather lady...
  10. jaf316

    Jan 23/24 Major Coastal Storm Discussion

    how do winds look on the euro? also, did the euro have the same double-barreled look as the GFS and GGEM?
  11. jaf316

    January 23-24 2015 Storm Observations

    snow has begun in brooklyn--right on time...
  12. jaf316

    Potential coastal storm 1/26-28

    i should have known from the lack of posts about it...
  13. jaf316

    Potential coastal storm 1/26-28

    how does monday look on the euro?
  14. jaf316

    February 13-14 Potential Snowstorm II

    does the precip flip back to snow on the backside for the city and east?
  15. a couple more: 4:50pm: Someone says throw out the 18z GFS--the off runs aren't reliable and are based on old data. 4:51pm: 17 different people post to say that's not true. 5:20pm: The "sun angle" conversation begins.