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  1. Frying pan tower is currently gusting to 44 kts, sustained at 30 kts The location has been seeing sustained winds between 30-35 for about 3 hours and have a max gust of 46 kts
  2. This looks like a TD/low end TS making landfall. I’ve seen much less classified
  3. Highest temp: 99.7 Lowest temp: 54.2 Monthly Precip: 2.00” The one positive I will say about a very hot and dry month overall is models and forecasts definitely overdid extended periods of heat for both of our heatwaves. 2 weeks ago we did near 100 but we got clouds and some storm complexes that offered much more relief than expected. We had an excessive heat warning issued and didn’t even verify heat advisory conditions. Last weeks heatwave was WAY overdone on models. We had two warm days then a pleasant week with several rain events. Otherwise, just hot and dry summer weather ruled the month
  4. Much better rain coverage in the triangle this morning with a 20% chance of rain than a lot of days this month with 50-70% chances. 0.26” for the day, may get another shower or two. 1.96” for the month now EDIT: picked up and additional 0.04” for a total of 0.30” for the day and an even 2.00” for the month! Did not think we’d hit 2” this month, but we clawed our way there somehow. Makes a very dry month slightly better
  5. Ouch. That corridor along 95 has been exceptionally dry. We’ve caught the edge of a few decaying mcs systems but they did not make it much further east of here. I’m surprised the storms yesterday totally collapsed east of US 1. Models definitely were more bullish for the area than reality. I do wonder if the extremely dry ground and surface condo may actually work to thwart some rain opportunities and storm development
  6. Frustrating watching storms pop up all along the stalled front across South Carolina when just a few days ago most models had the front stalled across North Carolina with multiple days of rain. My backyard was one of the lucky ones yesterday to get a good soaking, but that was our largest rain for the month and only the 4th rain event all month. Being most of our rains were brief showers or storms, it was a heck of a lot of dry for June. Some models look slightly more wet for tomorrow, we will see. 1.70” for the month certainly leaves much to be desired, especially given the heatwaves that seemed to cause flash drought conditions across the area
  7. Recon confirms the trough is still open with no COC. Still finding TS force winds under the deepest convection
  8. PTC2 still looks ragged this morning, though it does look like storms have consolidated some on the northern end of the trough axis. If this apparent center becomes the COC that could be very important as it pertains to intensity down the road. Obviously the further north the system forms, the higher the likelihood it avoids land and has a greater chance to strengthen. Where the COC forms is going to be absolutely critical to this system’s intensity and could be the difference between a cat 2 and a TS when this storm makes landfall in Central America. Signs this morning seem like it is favoring the northern side of the trough axis, which obviously would nudge the track northward if that becomes the center
  9. Hallelujah, we finally got a good soaker. Picked up 0.76” most of which fell from the lead cell, but then enjoyed a couple hours of light rain afterwards. It is beautiful out now. A pleasant 72 degrees with the sun breaking through the clouds. A paltry 1.70” on the month, and this looks likely to stand as our monthly total.
  10. This one has legs. Looks like our first shot at a hurricane this season.
  11. Thankfully we willed ourselves to 0.25” of rain last night. Brings our monthly total to 0.94.” This was only the 3rd rainfall this month.
  12. Really getting worried about falling into a drought this summer. We’re sitting at 0.69” for the month and this hot weather has made it seem even drier than that. Hope storms this afternoon move west enough to get us some relief
  13. Got shafted here, but Raleigh area got slammed. Got a friend with a tree on his house and another with one across the road near Garner. We had some decent gusts with the outflow boundary (40 mph I’m guessing) but only managed 0.14” in the rain department while places west east south and north all got at least 0.75”. I’ll take it though. 0.55” over last 2 days brings us to 0.69” for the month
  14. Great pics! Was eerie when this moved overhead
  15. We’ll we finally got rain. Only 0.41” but it was much needed. Storm still found a way to shaft me, being airport and areas south and east all got probably double what I got. Brings us to 0.55” on the month, within striking distance of not setting our record low rainfall for a month imby
  16. Missed every drop of rain this morning. Still stuck at only 0.14” for the month. Not looking good until maybe the last week of June. Last May we finished with 0.76.” This June may break that record of driest month imby since I’ve been recording (7 years).
  17. We really need rain. Sitting at 0.14” for the month with nothing in sight
  18. Excessive heat warning canceled for triangle. Still miserable, 94.3 HI 99.4 currently
  19. Made it to 98.9 yesterday. Highest HI was 106.3. Pretty dang miserable. Praying one of these storm systems makes it further east. Seems to be more rain than modeled in western piedmont. Hopefully these systems are throwing out some good outflow boundaries for the afternoon heating to take advantage of and give us some storm coverage. We absolutely need the rain and anything to temper the heat today will be appreciated
  20. That cell west of Morrisville is really dumping a lot of rain where it’s training. Over 4” showing up on RadarScope. Pretty solid for those folks for an isolated storm
  21. Only 0.18” today but most of that came after sunset as steady soaking rain so there’s that… Farm up on Louisburg got over an inch of rain
  22. 2022 has ended the streak of years with named storm formations before the official start of hurricane season. This breaks a 7-year streak
  23. 86 degrees at 10:00. Going to be awful out today
  24. Finished with 0.88” over the weekend bringing our monthly total rainfall to 3.53”
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