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  1. People only remember the good years. 11-12 was a bad year 08-09 was the worst I can remember! There was a few other bad winters in the early 2000's as well as the 90's.
  2. That's what I'm looking for. We can overcome a -pna with a strong -nao. See December 2010 and January 11 for example. That was a nina following a moderate nino winter.
  3. You won't have to worry about temps with that one
  4. Don't sweat them. You made a great call from 5 days out, pointing out the potential long before most mets and even the models showed much of anything. Above 3500' your call was good in Macon county. Below that we couldn't get below freezing. We would have easily had 6" if all of what fell could have accumulated. Please keep sharing your thoughts!
  5. We always track. It's a weather board, that's what we do!
  6. Gotta give you props. Even tho we didn't get the accumulations expected with the meager rates and above freezing temps. This was still a great call when models were showing close to nothing. Great pattern recognition!
  7. Was hoping to get enough to try out the new tube but unfortunately we did not.
  8. Guy I work with lives in Highlands says they have 5 inches there. Makes sense as they had the best qpf and temps below freezing.
  9. Hard to believe there is an 800mb warm nose with such a meager system. Usually only see that with amped up golf lows.
  10. We got really good rates for about 2 hours and got about an inch on cars and elevated surfaces. Temps and rates just didn't cooperate. Probably would have been at 6 inches easily if we would have been below freezing. Oh well, on to the next one...
  11. I think what went wrong was we had a due west to east orientation of moisture. A true sw to NE flow would have been better. Then then mtns could have enhanced the totals.
  12. Hopefully we can do this for another 4-5 hours! Would be happy with 3-4 inches.
  13. Its really been coming down the past 15 mins. Everything is white now.
  14. Snow has really picked up here the last 15 mins. Hopefully we can start accumulating now.
  15. Slowly starting to pickup here. You can see the moisture overcoming the dry air in NGA and the NC/GA state line. Hopefully it starts hammering here soon.
  16. Watching the radar loop you can tell there is a lot of dry air filtering in.
  17. Not sure right now I'm at the office. Airport says 39, but take that with a grain of salt.
  18. I was worried about temps here but that looks good now. The rap was correct with temps. Now let's hope we get almost 1" of qpf!!