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  1. It's definitely wet enough in Southern macon county
  2. Welcome to life in the southern mtns.......
  3. We needed a flood watch instead of a winter storm warning
  4. 39 here with winds ripping out of the southwest!
  5. It's currently 55 at the bottom of balsam on the Jackson County side
  6. We get about 3xs the precipitation as y'all do.
  7. Mud everywhere and slush at the slopes
  8. It's cold and raining here with slush and mud!
  9. That is one of the best spots for snow. They do well will flow snow and Miller A
  10. Probably ended with 5 total but it's so wet and heavy and compacted quickly!
  11. Hope so. Still snowing here but flake size has decreased
  12. Hoping for a couple more before it's all over with!
  13. I went into town earlier to get pizza and noticed we were doing significantly better. Still snowing at a good clip here. Hopefully the 4-6 will verify
  14. Great rates for the past hour almost 2 inches now
  15. I doubt we see a warm nose at this point
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