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  1. I am assuming you meant "We know so little"? I think we know quite a bit. We know that snow is extremely hard to come by in a pattern like this, but obviously not impossible. My area just got lucky today, that is all. I feel grateful and a bit refreshed. Still looking forward to next year (unless its a nina).
  2. Its a pretty low bar, but I'll take it.
  3. Still holding at 33 F. If I could have had one degree, I could have had 6 inches.
  4. Oh come on, no trolling.
  5. Well, I didn't get blanked this year. I am grateful for that.
  6. Checking his garbage cans ain't happening?
  7. Shortening wavelengths, cold dump combined with warm ocean waters leading to enormous baroclinic potential. Could be shenanigans.
  8. I see timestamp is 2020-02-21 03z which is about 10 pm tomorrow night. Is the precip over then or is it still ongoing?
  9. The Great Beethoven just made an appearance in the SE forum. We'll be talking about it in hushed whispers for many years to come.
  10. So I'm in the jackpot zone 48 hours out. What could go wrong?
  11. It's objectively true that the snow shield is migrating north in time. We've been here before. Ignore naysayers at your peril.
  12. Nice eye-candy, but I didn't realize this was the 12k NAM until someone posted the 3k NAM. It still shows a nice event but nothing like this. Is there any rational reason to pay much attention to what it says as opposed to the hi-res version.
  13. Guy's I'm trying not to get emotionally involved on this, but am having trouble right now.
  14. What's going to hurt is when it all goes poof. I am right in the sweet spot for right now. I am trying not to get emotionally involved, but am currently failing.
  15. Man, I don;t like seeing the 540 line so far north.
  16. I am starting to get just a little bit interested in this one. Which means its going to hurt all the more when it goes poof.
  17. So he lives NW of Greensboro NC and you live NW of Greensboro Maryland? Did you guys plan that? NW NC has actually been on a bit of a heater the two previous winters. Two or three random waves really hit a sweet spot in various locations over there.
  18. If I somehow managed to squeeze an inch out of this ridiculous farce of a winter, I would take it to the bank and ride off merrily into the ++++++AO sunset. I honestly don't see it happening though. The Fail is too strong this year.
  19. Sucks to just completely lose a year like this. Perhaps the AO/NAO base state will become less unfriendly soon in the next couple of years.
  20. Who is Bryan Alston, and why has he stolen Maestrobjwa's icon!!!