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  1. First signs of concern from @CAPE. The signal is degrading?
  2. As a SE weenie, I once had snow melt so fast it subtracted from previous snow totals.
  3. I wouldn't think the LR radiation would be the culprit. It would go through the dry air with little heating, whether the air is moving or not. I would think the factor of moving air would be its ability to carry away the heat being transferred by convection. Sort of like wind-chill for the earth
  4. My new death metal band will be named Perfect Track Rainstorm
  5. I've heard he chills easily because he doesn't have much skin on those bones.
  6. I'm beginning to think @Jebman might be an optimist; ban him from the the Panic Room!!
  7. If you're that picky about your snow, you're behind the eight ball going in.
  8. Survey: am I the only one who finds the aggrieved girlfriend more attractive?
  9. My understanding is that El Nino winters are often backloaded, so this would make sense. My personal goal as a SE weenie is just to have December be seasonable instead of a torch. That would be a huge win. Maybe you guys can get lucky with good timing with marginal temperatures. ETA: I meant lucky with marginal temps in December. Hopefully No luck needed in Jan Feb.
  10. Multiple Ravens/Chargers connections in my fantasy matchup this week. I have Gus Edwards and Justin Tucker. My opponent has Austin Ekeler, Cameron Dickler, and the Ravens D. I guess that means I root for Edwards to dominate on the ground but for Lamar to get sacked back to the 50 yard line and Tucker to hit multiple 60+ yard fields goals. Meanwhile the Ravens D to crush Ekeler and Dickler but let everybody else run wild.
  11. Still too much GOA low pumping most of the CONUS full of pack puke. The NAO is keeping it seasonable in our areas. Hopefully the Pacific continues to improve.
  12. Yeah, but the Pacific truly sucking has been the base state for 7+ years, so we have to at least take that into consideration.
  13. Ah I didn't notice the switch from Gefs to Eps. Carry on.
  14. The continet-wide positive temp anomalies don't concern you?
  15. Honest question: Would a-NAO really be of interest? Didn't we learn last December that it is powerless against a bad PAC?
  16. That didn't work for us last year. We toss.
  17. This board imploded sometime in March of last winter. We're just trapped in the event horizon of the supernova remnant. That's why the PSU inch joke seems to be stretching to infinity.
  18. That would be a 25 yd penalty for tackling a popular QB
  19. Haven't we played that game multiple times the last few years? The cold gets trapped in the west and can't make it over the mountains while we toast. The eastern CONUS loses either way. I enjoyed the Christmas cold shot last year for what it was. I definitely enjoyed it more than the 2015 torch.
  20. I'm loving this ----EPO eye candy, but is it reasonable to be concerned that maybe this is too much of a good thing, especially so early in the NH cold season? Will the air of the source region have even had time to really chill in the polar night? If it discharges before it's had time to "marinate", will we just be left with a marginal early seaon cold outbreak and a depleted source region? Of course this is all just a hypothetical concern assuming the modeling even comes close to verifying.
  21. Shhh, don't let Webb hear that...
  22. I'm too lazy to look at the numbers but last December actually wasn't that warm as averages go. I think it was a actually a bit BN here at RDU. But of course most of that was due to the epic Xmas week cold snap. Every time systems came through the SER flexed and the east coast had a classic warm wet/cold dry. My one bar is NOT being ~80 F on Xmas day like in 2015 at my parents house.. I'm legitimately concerned.
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