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  1. I'm certainly not part of the OG but I have heard that classic story a few times. Epic.
  2. Would you be willing to show me how to recognize a "supply of cold air" looks like on an H5 chart?
  3. Oh yeah sorry I forgot how west you were. How much did you get this last storm? My inl-aws live in Old Fort and they got 10 beautiful inches.
  4. I was just about to say that the MA forum was dancing because the 18Z was definitely going in the Euro direction, so I assumed that we would be sad, but some surprisingly positive developments inthe NS.
  5. Its amazing how little we hear about the MJO when the pattern is active.
  6. Wow I was looking at that thinking it was the Sat system, but that is the Thursday Friday deal. That would be a surorise.
  7. This surprises me. I would have thought we would be doing better off, it has just felt more seasonable than that.
  8. So I haven't been following the whole afternoon (that pesky work). Who are we rooting for in cent/east NC?
  9. Sometimes that's the only valid thought to have, if there isn't enough data to come to a conclusion.
  10. That's what my mom keeps telling me. Our climate has changed, sadly. But on the plus side we have Chick-fil-a now.
  11. That Jan 2017 bust was legendary. It led to one of the best posts I have ever seen on here: Cold Rains epic " What we learned".
  12. That was tongue in cheek, since you have name, you know, of Mappy.
  13. Jeez who would have thought you would have taken offence at bad mappage.
  14. Wherever he is and whatever he is doing, I wish him well. He is missed.
  15. Please lower your snow shields.
  16. Completely off topic, but with the passage of time did anything ever come out about why Greg Fisher left? I still miss him.
  17. Oh I'm ashamed of of myself. That storm is legendary in my neck of the woods.
  18. What exactly happened in Jan 2000?
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