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  1. GFS exploding on the MA peeps. They're going bonkers over there.
  2. Just curious, what are you up to in San Juan. My wife and I honeymooned there. Great town. Good food. Not good for snow.
  3. The MA weenies are dragging this N with sheer will power.
  4. Well it actually looked quite similar between the two time stamps, with the exception of the glaringly obvious snow shield. I would love to know the details of what happened in the math of the model.
  5. Probably the favorite weather event of my life so far. Had shore ice developing at the Outer Banks. Lakes froze over in Wilson which is in the NC coastal plain. Hit 0F at my house one night after a snow.
  6. So history lesson time. What is the beef between PSU and Vice-Regent?
  7. He's still digging out at Mt. PSU from last year.
  8. Selfishly spending time with his family instead of obsessing over model runs. Disgraceful.
  9. The potential storm aside, any thoughts about the mid-long term pattern? Seems as if the GEFS was maybe backing away from the ledge a bit on an immediate return to the "Arctic Low" regime perhaps?
  10. It's just not right without the reaper.
  11. Just for educational purposes, what is the mechanism for the warm air in the conus with that look? I assume that there is a AK vortex and I know that "cuts off the cold air" but how? As someone else mentioned the streamlines are straight from the Northwest Territories. Not questioning the model's math, just seeking to understand the mechanics.
  12. Sigh; GFS on an island. Can it score a coup?
  13. Chuck, I have to ask where you get your plots. Its like you tap directly into the GFS mainframe or something.
  14. I always thought that theove was a bad idea for them. I guess the siren song of the $$$ was too much to resist.
  15. I have started following 3 of the twitterati lately who seem knowledgeable and not too hypish: Griteater, Webberweather, and Dr. Simon Lee. Grit and Webber still see some reason for hope. Dr Lee seems neutral right now.
  16. I believe it was Dec 30th of 2019 when PSU made his famous post. It was a doozy, and it turned out to be 100% accurate. I have bad dreams about that post.
  17. Do I sense it's getting close to a "towel time" post?
  18. @WxWatcher007 Need to come out of retirement for a special event.
  19. The GEFS just got mean today. The "Alaskan Ridge" signal greatly diminished since yesterday. A majority of the members banking on continued domination of the "Arctic Low" regime, which is the mess we are in right now. https://simonleewx.com/gefs-35-day-north-american-regimes/
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