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  1. I know you have repeatedly said that MA "should" not need cross-polar flow to get snow, but did you really regularly get "workmanlike" snows with pac puke? Using the standard airmass type nomenclature (not sure who defines this) I would equate "pac puke" with "maritime polar", "domestic cold" with "continental polar" and cross-polar flow with "continental arctic". So before was a good bit of MA snow coming with mP airmasses?
  2. So right now, do we care at all what goes on with the SPV? I was under the impression it only mattered (good or bad) if it was tightly coupled with the TPV.
  3. I don't know. therapy bills are pretty expensive.
  4. More a strat stretch. Nothing much to get excited about.
  5. Certainly. Just noting the crappy results for that one model on that one run.
  6. 00z GEPS looks ugly at 384. -PNA, +EPO, +NAO, hints of a Pacific Doom Blob.
  7. 0z CMC give a bit of blue over you guys hours 198 -210.
  8. Seems like 00z GFS was same as 18z in that after the big cutter I counted three short waves going Off The Shore.
  9. Alert the media, all three NC climate sites had below average temps for December.
  10. EPO domain looks nice as well. 50/50 high though. More WAR woes?
  11. Well that's classic Nina climo for one reason. Not sure why Eric Webber was seeming so sure unless part of his campaign to drive NE snow weenies crazy.
  12. I wouldn't say December was punted. More like we kept fumbling. The Arctic blast was like a 98 yard run down to the 1 yard line that yielded no points.
  13. Never mind I misread that as talking about the EPS.
  14. TT only lets us see out to 144 and I'm too cheap to get WB for now. Is it good or bad?
  15. Starting off with a linear regression is not unreasonable even if we suspect that the observations are not IID. I'm not completely sold on the existence of cycles, at least on a decadal scale. Purely random data can show lots of clumps suggestive of patters which are not really there. It would be very interesting to put the data through some sort of Fourier analysis to see if there any real periodicity, but I don't have the tools for that.
  16. I'm assuming everyone saw that Pele has passed away.
  17. Has Ravensrule always made inappropriate posts?
  18. I guess the idea to move statistics discussion here didn't work out. Stats haters can't blame me.
  19. By the way, what is the definition of "Season Length"? First frost to last frost?
  20. The previous raging ++++++AO season was 2019 - 2020, so that is 2 times in four seasons.
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