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  1. Wherever he is and whatever he is doing, I wish him well. He is missed.
  2. Please lower your snow shields.
  3. Completely off topic, but with the passage of time did anything ever come out about why Greg Fisher left? I still miss him.
  4. Oh I'm ashamed of of myself. That storm is legendary in my neck of the woods.
  5. What exactly happened in Jan 2000?
  6. I've been waiting for the collapse. We've been riding too high the last several days.
  7. At first I thought that was the Ensemble mean and got really excited.
  8. It's just a fact that all weenies have to live with that an advertised great pattern can collapse and evaporate at any time. Funny how that never seems to happen to forecasted bad patterns. They can show up at 384 hours and march relentlessly closer day after day. Such is the life.
  9. If those are the kinds of posts he puts out when he is busy I'd hate to see what he does when he has time on his hands.
  10. The Pac base state has been hostile for either the last 5 or 6 winters so its nice to see that take a vacation, hopefully an extended one. If I remember correctly, the Pac jet relaxed somewhat in early/mid Feb of last year and lo and behold there was the historic plains cold outbreak of 2021. Now obviously we didn't get the cold that time, but the point is the Pac jet will just leave us alone, we can still sometimes get cold in this hemisphere.
  11. You know there is an ignore function, right?
  12. But isn't that the scene just before all his plans explode into a roaring ball of flame? What are you implying? Panic!
  13. I just understand how the passion for cold/snow can get very powerful and sometimes unhealthy, like any other passion can sometimes be. Just one of those things that some people have to deal with. Sometimes the unhealthy energy can be harnessed for productive purposes. For example a drive to learn about weather.
  14. Not to mention the lack of any NAO support. The upcoming pattern looks like our old friend cold&dry/warm&wet. I'll take it though over the crap we just passed through.
  15. @Maestrobjwa I understand your feelings. Being a life-long North Carolinian I am used to snowlessness. But long periods of anomalous warmth like what we just went through really get me down. I think its OK to feel that way to some extent, but it's also important to try to fight it some as well. One big rule I think though is never try to share your displeasure when others are trying to enjoy their happiness. It's just not fair to them. Also don't forget that the Panic Room is back up and running. That thread is meant for venting. I'm sincerely rooting for you to cash in on Friday!
  16. At one time it seemed like the NAM was especially good at sniffing out warm noses at the midlevels that would so often crush dreams for us SE weenies. Not sure if that is still true or not.
  17. I was under the impression that the SREF and the HRRR were primarily intended for forecasting warm-season sever weather. Maybe they are more useful there.
  18. Please do not judge all visitors from NC by that post.
  19. Maybe we can call them "muggles".
  20. That wins the thread awards for Most Obscure Historical Reference.
  21. They are talking about the Friday system currently looking way SE on the latest GFS.
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